A 10 Weeks into Lockdown Wittering

Lovely to see our Lone Rangers and Secret Gardeners out and (socially distanced) about. There are lots of posts on our Quick Topic site demonstrating who is doing what and where, but if you are ready and able to get back out there and not sure where to start, then please contact [email protected] regarding our community gardens, or [email protected] if you want to pick up litter. As ever, we are sticking with Government guidelines and medical advice by not recommencing our group sessions for the foreseeable future.

We want to make sure you can work safely whatever you choose to do. If there is a particular garden you may like to be involved with, please let Anne know so she can add your name to her rota.

Thank you to everyone who has given up their time since lockdown restrictions were eased, but spare a thought for those who remain in the vulnerable or shielded categories, and therefore unable to resume any normal activities. CPR will still be here whenever you can return.

Now, it’s almost time for the Grand Mowing of the Bypass……really, OK, it isn’t that exciting, but a very necessary undertaking by RBC and makes a huge difference to the entrance to the Valley as you drive into Rawtenstall. As usual, CPR Lone Rangers, and assorted volunteers of the more horticultural persuasion, will be collecting litter in a very responsible manner from the verges before the mowers ride into town on 8th June. This will prevent the shredding of litter into a million un-pick-up-able pieces by the workers and their machines. Our Gardens Officer, Anne, in liaison with the Council, is also experimenting with the seeding of wildflower meadows on areas of the spur road which will really enhance the environment for local wildlife.

If you aren’t ready to get involved with any outdoor activities just yet, then don’t worry, under the circumstances of Covid-19, that’s quite understandable and there is no pressure to return. You can still keep your eye on our website and social media; there are more of your gardens featured on the It’s Your Garden page, and yet more rambling advice from our resident Gardener with Find Yourself in a Garden.

You can still let us know about any thoughts or ideas for Britain in Bloom 2021, because we have the determination and the skills to aim for Gold. Mother Nature may have embellished our CPR gardens with a myriad of weeds whilst neglecting to rain on the hanging baskets and planters, but given a little time and hard work any garden can be brought back into the fold.