The centre of Waterfoot was pretty well cleared of litter in April 2016 and again in March 2017 by 6 volunteers from outside the village when 38 bags full were collected in 2 hours, although there’s still plenty to do. Waterfoot has some great architecture and the potential to replicate what is being achieved in so many other areas of the valley.  It just needs vision, a strong leader and a JDI attitude with local people getting out there and doing it.  Could this be you?

The jewel in the crown is the work being undertaken by dedicated workers around the Mill End area (the Heys, Turnpike, Booth Road and Burnley Road East).  Not only has the litter been cleared but the old setted track through the Heys, the steps leading up to it and the footpath on Turnpike with years of rotting foliage and weeds were cleared last year and are receiving the same treatment again, transforming them from neglected eyesores to areas to be proud of.

Since then a small team have been at work in the Memorial Gardens, weeding, litter picking, pruning, planting, balsam bashing it’s starting to look like again like the beautiful area it used to be.

The council have repainted the bus shelter, mown the grass,  cut the hedges and removed bags and bags of waste generated by our volunteers work, so thank you them as well!