Let’s Witter On About Pancake Day ….

Dear Santa, Elves and Volunteers

We’ve been assaulted by Christmas ads since July : well here’s another shocker for you. Pancake Day doesn’t happen for another thirteen weeks and already the supermarkets are flogging flour eggs and milk …….. But, back to the current season – THANK YOU to
• all the little elves ‘n’ fairies who’ve been magicking litter off our streets
• gardeners still at it during some ghastly weather
• Sue ‘n’ Pete for a bazzin’ Gluhwein n Mince Pies party yesterday. Was it good? The Gluhwein supply disappeared very early on and reinforcements had to be rushed in – so judge for y’self! Big hugs to our hosts!
• The Woolpack – (Haslingden) : they’re giving a free seasonal lunch to a wonderful local voluntary organisation and they’ve nominated – – – – Hassy & Helmshore Civic Pride! Just saying. No, sorry, no places left – but just had to tell y’all!
• The gang who turned up for yesterday’s site clearance job (it was in last week’s Witterings!). Still much to do but a great start made.
1. Hassy/Helmshore and the Bacup crews are doing their regular thing – see last week’s Witterings for details.
2. Weds 12th 7.30pm Casked Quiz Night – bless ’em they’re organising it in aid of Civic Pride, so please go along if you possibly can and support Casked’s effort. Anything up to 6 people per team, £1 per person entry fee. Half the entry fees go to the winning team and t’other half to us. How luvly is that?? Unfortunately it clashes with the kids’ school carol service so I’m not quizzing – but cos I know nowt and remember even less, no-one’d have me on their team so not much harm done, really…… Will be there in spirit!
3. Thurs 13th 10am Civic Pride Thursday Team on Phipps Car Park (access Phipps from the north [Do-dahs] end of Bank St …. does that makes sense?? [unlikely …]). Bring your coffee mug!
4. Fri 14th 8pm Buffers – join the social crew!
5. Brief? Ey-oop ‘e weren’t kiddin’ …………..
Winter Interregnum …. Please note that the Amazing Trickett’s Memorial Ground crew are taking a break from their regular Monday morning sessions. What a year they’ve had ; and watch out 2019!

Happy Shopping. And Picking. And Card-writing …

Chris PS Gettit in thi diary! Mass End-Of Year Litterpick 28th December, probably 10am, details to follow.

Yo-ho-ho Season starts here – good evening CP Santas everywhere!

Congrats ….. to the Weir Pride crew for excellent Lights Switch-On last Sunday. You guys are goin’ great guns in that delightful village!
Marvellous …. support from our new young Lone Ranger volunteers, pickin’ up masses of litter every week AND putting the results of their efforts on QT (hint-hint to all you mother LR’s!)
Hint-hint Pt 2 …. We hear the occasional “I don’t know what’s going on …..” so please help us out by recording your doings plus general comments/queries on QT Litter and/or QT Gardeners. ‘Tis dead easy – link via the box below! It really helps to keep us all informed. Thanx!
Fly-tipping ….. ordinarily, our fly-tipping hotline to RBC works extremely well. It ain’t perfect though so if you see fly-tipping please keep reporting it to us ’til it’s dealt with ….. details as previous weeks : roger@civic-pride.org.uk
Litter Officer ….. our excellent young Litter Officer is relinquishing his duties after the AGM ; young family, work, (he actually has a job as well as all this CP stuff!), business ….. all a bit much when being harangued with daily CP stuff. Thank you Ben for some fine enterprises!
Mass Litterpick …. young Ben ain’t got away yet – he’s organising a mass litterpick over the Christmas/New Year period. Wotta way to start 2019!!
Another social or two…. they’re comin’ thick ‘n’ fast atm ; Buffers Friday; Sue & Pete’s Gluhwein ‘n’ Mince Pies this Sunday. Details below! Christmas Bash on 21st – how does a body cope with all this??

Your Civic Pride Week
Weds 5th Bacup Crew meet 10am at the lockup behind Bacup Market – or look for BP hi-viz around the town centre after that
Thurs 6th CPR Thursday Crew meet 10am at Hassy Rd Gardens . Last week, 2″ of rain wafted along by a howlin’ gale put an early end to proceedings. So we’re back there this week possibly replenished with McD’s victuals again. They were splendidly hospitable last week so …. umm, let’s see. Bring the mug just in case. ALL new volunteers get a lovely welcome from our amazingly friendly and seriously over-worked (they say …) gang – do please try us!
Fri 7th Hassy and Helmshore Civic Pride 10am at the market – look for their hi-viz, they’d love to see you!
Fri 7th 8pm onwards Buffers – undaunted by the ongoing downpours, a happy quartet assembled last week, enhanced this week by absence of Yours Truly.
Sun 9th CPR meet 10.30am (NB slightly later-than-usual start) at the CP store behind Rawtenstall Market. We’re clearing the site of our soon-to-be-erected greenhouse. Another new enterprise for yo’ CP crew!
Sun 9th 1.30pm onwards Sue ‘n’ Pete’s Gluhwein ‘n’ Home-made Mincers! Feel free to bring along your own gin/ale/other tipple. Address 26 Hurst Platt, Waingate Rd BB4 7RG. Easy directions – from R’stall Mkt go UP Newchurch Rd, Waingate’s the 5th on the left, goes off at an obtuse angle (“Obtuse? Who’s he callin’ obtuse??”) immediately after the Spiritualist Church.
Mon 10th 9.30am CPR’s TMG crew, Burnley Rd East Waterfoot
Mon 10th 10am H&HCP details as Fri 7th
Mon 10th all day & all week PANIC cos you’ve not even started the card-writing, pressy purchasing, cake-making ……

Not much goin’ on, then …. really really hope you’ll get out there! One large much-deserved hug to us all ….

Chris PS any questions? any of the above a bit confusing?? info@civic-pride.org.uk has all the answers…. well, some of ’em anyway

To see what other volunteers are up to please select the relevant link to take you through to the QT pages.

Feel free to add your own relevant messages
Click ‘Get Email’ to be notified of new posts

If you’re asked for a password it’s: RBC

Lone Rangers (Litter Pickers)
Gardeners (including Secret Gardeners)

Wonderful (??) Weekly Witterin’s

Good Morning Campers

It’s been a crazy week. But – hey, how d’you like the Civic Pride Christmas Tree on Rawtenstall Town Square?? Apart from that we’ve got just one or three messages for you …..
1. To volunteers who took part in the Ketso event, please stand by your beds …. further opinions will be sought from you THIS WEEK
2. Our excellent Litter Officer Ben Parkin won’t be available for re-election at the next AGM. Replacement needed …. if you fancy the Litter Officer post, really want to continue CP making a serious difference, please get someone to propose you and another to second you at the AGM. Discuss details with me or Roger G if you so desire.
3. More details on next year’s management structure for CP will be sent to you next month for discussion at the AGM. Now then, izzit in your diary?? The AGM, that is. And if it ain’t, just why not? The top item in Rossendale’s social calendar, the CP AGM, is Tuesday 12th Feb 2019, 6.30pm start at Rawtenstall Cricket Club.
4. Please remember that CP is an apolitical organisation. Our info details never offer support to any one political group. Why? Because we want to, have to, work with all of ’em to make CP as all-inclusive as we possibly can.
5. Did you read last week’s piece about palm oil? Have you followed it up? Just google palm oil deforestation. Do nothing, say nothing, and …….
6. Huge huge thank you to those wonderful folk at Waterfoot Co-op for the final donation to us for the year. Last Saturday (24th), a cheque for over £3000. Thanks due to our TMG team (Liz, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Ian, the main guys) for making it happen.
YOUR CIVIC PRIDE WEEK …. get them sleeves rolled up …. because …..
Weds 28th 10am Bacup Pride meet at the lockup
Thurs 29th 10am Civic Pride’s Thursday Crew meet at Haslingden Rd Garden (same place as last week!). Bring thi’ mug – oh, and come along for Aunty Lynn’s social coffee at 11am even if you’re not working with us at the time (SOME people do, n’est-ce pas,Grimmers??!)
Fri 30th 10am H&HCP* meet at Haslingden Market (* = Haslingden and Helmshore Civic Pride, innit??)
Fri 30th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops, mellowing in social chit-chat and a glass of your favourite in front of a nice log fire!
Sat 1st Dec Bacup Pride meet 9am for a tidy-up before the Bacup Christmas market kicks off (complete wi’ Brittannia Coconutters!!)
Sun 2nd Dec it’s what’s not happening! – the usual CP First-Sunday-Of-The-Month will happen NEXT Sunday, 9th (ummm – just don’t ask!) ; and Bacup Pride did their Sunday thing yesterday (oh DO keep up!!)
Mon 3rd Dec 9.30 Trickett’s Memorial Ground Waterfoot – the excellent TMG crew would love your help!
Mon 3rd 10am H&HCP details as per Friday 30th

All sent to you by your ever-loving correspondent

Chris PS there’s a price to pay : all them theer who say they don’t know about this ‘n’ that cos they’ve not read the carefully crafted (?) Witterings, will have to pay the price, to wit, a glass of seasonal ale to yours truly. Izzat fair??

Sooo much goin’ on in this week’s Witterin’s ….

Good Evening Volunteers All (especially the new guys, yet to experience the weekly dose of ol’ tripe ….)

Sorry – starting with a lecture … diatribe … bangin’ on about stuff. Just google Greenpeace palm oil. The palm oil industry is destroying huge swathes of untouched rainforest. Greenpeace’s campaign centres on the cuddly orangutan but – this utterly ruthless industry is wiping out entire ecosystems on a gargantuan scale. Orangutans are just one tiny part of it. Please look at it and add your voice.
I’d like to say “And now onto more local matters ….” but palm oil is an unnecessary additive in vast amounts of stuff on your supermarket shelves here in Rossendale – – and everywhere else, in fact ……

Weds 21st Bacup Pride meet 10am at the lockup behind Bacup Market
Thurs 22nd Civic Pride’s Thursday Crew meet 10am at Haslingden Rd Gardens (in front of St Mary’s Chambers) – start there but Aunty Pam sez there’s lots to do across that end of Rawtenstall. Bring yer mug!
Friday 23rd 10am Haslingden and Helmshore Civic Pride (H&HCP) meet at Hassy Market regular litter and gardening session. Check H&HCP’s Facebook page for any last minute changes
Friday 23rd 8pm onwards Buffer Stops. I believe last week’s gathering was – um – entertaining! (did Buffers light the fire for you??). Lashings of banter and beer … ‘n’ gin ‘n’ merlot ‘n’ – all sorts!
Saturday 24th November it’s a BIG day – loads goin’ on across the Civic Pride Nation!
• Sat 24th 10am Weir Pride’s Monthly at The Doal’s Centre (how did the Christmas Fair go on, folks??)
• Sat 24th 1pm onwards Waterfoot Co-op Those LOVELY people at t’Co-op have been hugely supportive of CP this year and today will be the Community Payout. Please go and voice your appreciation of them and of our super TMG team.
• ***Sat 24th all day ; Christmas Market on the Town Square – including the Christmas Lights Switch-On at approx 4pm. Civic Pride have provided the Christmas Tree – the preliminary groundwork went in today (19th), tree delivered tomorrow (20th), electrics connected Weds (21st), the latter thanks to Lee at RBC.
Sunday 25th H&HCP occasional-but-fairly-frequent litterpicking session – no details to hand atm – please check their Facebook page beforehand
Mon 26th 9.30 Civic Pride’s Trickett’s Memorial Ground team are back again – please help if you can spare a half hour or two.
Mon 26th H&HCP – see Weds 23rd for details. It’s wonderful to see those guys really goin’ at it!!

And that’s it – well, almost :

11th Dec 7pm Weir and Bacup Pride teams joint Christmas Bash , venue, Rose and Bowl Stacksteads – contact our Julie to book and for info. Email oldcloughstables@sky.com
21st Dec Civic Pride Christmas Bash at The Whitaker – contact Aunty Lynn to book – but be quick!! Email lynnmsmith70@gmail.com

That’s deffo “it” – see y’all out there during the week!

Chris PS LOADS of youngsters currently helping us for the volunteering part of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – thanx Sue & Barry for co-ordinating. Lovely to see!

Civic Pride’s Witterings Are Remembering Remembrance …..

Good Evening Volunteers,

To start on an unusually restrained note …… if (?) you read last week’s Witterings you’ll know Civic Pride Rossendale attended three of the local Remembrance Sunday/Armistice Day events yesterday, 11/11/2018. Wonderful occasions attended by big crowds of local folk. The ambience was appreciably enhanced by beautifully-tended gardens and clean litter-free streets, the direct result of real hard work from CP’s volunteers right up to the start of each event. We received a lot of appreciation from many many members of the community for this, which I’m now most gladly passing on to you all. You did it, not me. Thank you.

After that, we’re keeping the organised sessions to a minimum this week :
Weds 14 Nov 10am Bacup Pride meet at the cabin, behind Forget-Me-Not florists
Thurs 15th Civic Pride Thursday Crew 10am on the Embankment opposite Asda – sweeping, trimming, weeding, a big litterpick amongst the trees above the embankment ; and if we’ve time, back to the Town Square for a final leaf-sweep.
Fri 16th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops Your correspondent was Billy No Mates there last week. Lashing rain coming horizontally along Bury Rd kept all but the daftest at home. A pity, really – there was a cosy fire, flowers, decorations, cushions – yup, really! This week? – I’m elsewhere but some folk’ll turn up!
Sun 18th 2pm – 4pm Weir Pride Christmas Craft Fair, Doals Centre, Weir.

Other dates f’r thi diary :

Sun 9th December 1.30 onwards : Sue ‘n’ Pete are having a Civic Pride Christmas Gluhwein ‘n’ Mince Pies “Do” at their house, 26 Hurst Platt, Waingate Rd Rawtenstall. suereah@yahoo.co.uk
Fri 21st December 7.30pm Civic Pride Christmas Dinner at The Whitaker. Email lynnmsmith70@gmail.com
Tues 12th Feb (yeah, really!) 6.30pm Civic Pride AGM Venue Rawtenstall Cricket Club. We really need your participation!

Other Vital Bitz …. (c’mon. isn’t ALL of this vital??)
OVB (1) Asda/Tesco Tokens – PLEASE NOTE, it’s ASDA currently running a token voting scheme. Please collect green tokens whenever you shop there and pop ’em into our slot at the voting station. Details as last week. It’s worth vital £££ to us!!
N.B. THERE ISN’T any current voting involving Civic Pride at Tesco Rawtenstall OR Tesco Haslingden.
OVB (2) Did you watch the TV prog celebrating HRH’s 70th birthday last week? I didn’t see it but it had lots of attention for his litterpicking mania and concern for plastic waste YEARS before the latter hit the headlines. Good on ‘im!
OVB (3) Fly-tipping?? You CAN report it to Rossie Council yourself but – we’ve a hotline to them which is definitely working at the moment, so report fly-tipping to us. Email ben@civic-pride.org.uk with a copy to info@civic-pride.org.uk
OVB(4) A rather splendid Civic Pride newsletter from Publicity Grimshaw last week. If it’s not crashed into your inbox, please let him know. Email roger@civic-pride.org.uk It’s got some really good stuff in it (and that bit of flattery’ll cost him beer later this week ….)
OVB (5) Oooh you lucky lucky reader – just go to our website’s homepage www.civic-pride.org.uk Why? They’re on there – the newsletter AND these amazing Weekly Witterings. Getcha literary fix every morning before breakfast – it’ll set you up for the day!!

That, lovely people, is it.

Until next week …….. keeeep gardening and keeeep picking!


An “Ooops” Wittering!

Dear Subscribers to Ol’ Tosh (delivered weekly, at no charge, to your inbox or possibly your spam box….)

The heading of “Ooops” is due, possibly overdue ; not, we trust, on account of this week’s missive but because of last week’s which had a Silly Boy Error : to wit, that next Sunday’s Remembrance event at Trickett’s is the first for a generation. It ain’t. TMG hosts one every year. Multiple and humble apologies to everyone. More on this later. There was a positive on this, though : two people got in touch to point out the error which suggests that Your Witterings is in fact read by someone. Not many, but someone.

Before we rabbit on about dates, a pair of notices :

Notice Uno : HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Weir Pride and Bacup Pride for their multi-award-winning success at last week’s RHS Award Bash ; including an “Outstanding” for one of Bacup’s entries. Richly-deserved results, we say. Their 2019 efforts have already started in production. Marvellous!
Notice Duo : ASDA TOKENS! Thanks to Laura Saxton, we’ve been entered into the current round of Asda customer voting. Whenever you shop in Rawtenstall Asda please pick up a green token from the checkout point and pop it into the the Civic Pride slot of the voting station which is located against the wall facing the exit from the middle portion of the checkout line. It’s worth £££ to us so do please vote.

This week in brief (“Brief? Makes a change ….”) :
Weds 7th Nov 10am Bacup Pride meet at Market Cabin – not resting on their laurels, then, but right out there and at it!
Thurs 8th Nov 10am the Civic Pride Thursday Crew are on the Town Square for a final spit ‘n’ polish before next Sunday. Three excellent recent sessions, including a fine turnout yesterday (Sunday) have brought the place back to standard!
Friday 9th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops, to include badinage and viticultural hurlings (eh???). Thank you to Casked for being bold enough to host us last week. Reet good “do” !
Sunday 11th Bacup Pride 10am final cleanup before Remembrance Sunday events. Market Cabin, the meeting point?? Sorry, I’m not sure! Just go into the town centre if not sure, look for the BP hi-viz jackets.
Sunday 11th Civic Pride Rossendale are attending 3 separate Remembrance Day/Armistice Day events. 12.30pm at Trickett’s Memorial Ground ; 3pm in Rawtenstall Memorial Gardens (next to the library) ; 7pm at the Rawtenstall Cemetery Memorial (it’s 100 yards inside the cemetery gates). The 7pm one will include lighting of one of Rossendale’s beacons as our part in a national chain of them. Please note that
• these are start times for the Remembrance events so please arrive beforehand ;
• there are many more Remembrance/Armistice Day events happening across Rossendale. For a full list please see RBC’s website.
Everyone’s aware it’ll be precisely 100 years since the WW1 Armistice ; and that by wonderful co-incidence, Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday occur on the same day this year Very fitting.

Hope to see you.


Your own, your very own, Weekly Wittering

Good Evening Oh-So-Lovely Volunteers

To take your mind away from Brexit Barminess, to soothe your soul, just read on ……
• one of our Rogers (we’ve got several ; this is an attempt to retain partial anonymity) went to Turkey on a classic holiday recently ; ended up taking photos of …. noble historic ruins? Nope, ‘fraid not. The piks featured – Turkish litter bins. Really. Clear demonstration, once again, that sanity and volunteering for Civic Pride do not make good bedfellows …..
• Aunty Lynn has contacted YOU (should the Kitchener pointy finger be included here?) on the subject of the Civic Pride Christmas Nosh, 21st December. Have you responded promptly? (“Oh there’s loads of time I’ll do it tomorrow ….”). No, lovely reader, now please. Thank you.
• we’ll never see Grimmers get his hands dirty again. Because? He’s in – ooooh! – Lancashire Life this month and wearing a posh jacket (note to self – pop into the dentists – usually a copy in the waiting room!) Actually, it’s a fine article. Well done, sirrah!
• thank you lovely Sharon, duty manager at McD’s, for willingly supplying the Thursday crew with tea, coffee and huge chokky biks last week. The crew were slaving away (that’s how it is with Pam in charge …) on the bypass. Good session!
• brilliantly creative Facebook postings on the subject of Trickett’s Memorial Ground, by CP’s media giant aka Jackie T. – it’s worth logging into F’b just to see and read it!
Tues 23rd Oct 7.30pm Bacup Pride AGM at the Natural History Museum, bottom of Todmorden Rd, Bacup. Hope it’s a good ‘un, BP.
Weds 24th 10am BP weekly session, meet at their store behind the market
Thurs 25th Civic Pride Rossendale’s Thursday Crew 10am on the Town Square. It’s the assembling point for the 11/11/18 Remembrance Parade so we want to get it looking its best. ALSO please meet at the store 9.20am if you give Pam a hand getting the gear together and loading the van . Thank you!
Fri 26th Could it be Buffer Stops 8pm onwards? For the 2nd consecutive week it’ll be a civilised session. Why? Go, find out ….
Sat 27th Weir Pride monthly meet 10am at the Doals Centre.
Sun 28th 02.00 hours – the clocks go back – what will you do with your 25 hour day?? (Farmers/Artisan Mkt on Town Square, mayhap? Get out the litterpicker, even better …..)
Mon 29th 9.30am Tricketts Memorial Ground – further work on revitalising a once-neglected, now utterly-delightful piece of Waterfoot history. It has particular relevance with the centenary of the end of WW1 being so very near. TMG will feature in one of the commemoration events so please help here this and next Monday if you can.
Tues 30th 6.30pm Civic Pride Ketso event at Rawtenstall Cricket Club. Please remember to contact Jackie if you’ve not yet done that! (jackie@civic-pride.org.uk)

You read all of this? Without falling asleep? A unique feat ……



Wittering on about who loves us baby

Your scribe Witters that this’d better work ………

Evenin’ All (typed in my best Dixon of Dock Green* voice)

It’d better work? Weird title?? Ok agreed – but the medium for broadcasting this Witter nonsense, to wit, MailChimp, changes its modus operandus (ie its layout) every week. So once again I’m battling tekky incomprehension. Will it be worth it ???

Weds 10th Oct Bacup crew meet at their cabin 10am – to do what? Go there, find out, help out! Brew ‘n’ biscuits involved!
Weds 17th Oct meet 10am Waterfoot Co-op – their lovely staff are helping us with a Grand Litter Pick. Show your love of W’foot by giving ’em a hand for a while – ’tis amazing just how much a larger group can do in an hour.
Thurs 18th Oct 10am start – Civic Pride Rossendale’s excellent and vibrant Thursday crew are gathering together on the inbound layby of the bypass. That’s the one near McD’s – (McD’s, who might just be providing the coffee this week!) We’ve got a serious amount to do, including collecting and emptying ALL the barrier baskets – have we any big strong folks out there to assist with this particular labour?
Fri 19th Oct 8pm onwards Buffer Stops – the absence of your current correspondent therefrom may assure you of a civilised evening …
Mon 22nd 9.30am TMG – our small but perfectly formed Trickett’s Crew are on the last lap of getting the place into optimum condition for the “Battle’s Over” events of 11.11.2018 but – as ever – would lurv to have some extra assistance – preferably your wonderful assistance (Blom’s Casual Flattery will propel you to Trickett’s – n’est-ce pas??)

1. One of Jackie T’s brill Civic Pride F’book postings last week featured The HOG (Civic Pride acronym for the garden at the bottom of Hassy Old Rd). The posting’s got multiple hundreds of likes and so-appreciative comments thus far – might just possibly’ve made Sue C-R blush. Nice work, Sue, richly deserved!
2. Bacup Pride AGM Tues 23rd Oct 7pm at the Nats (= Natural History Museum, bottom of Todmorden Rd)
3. Casked – bless ’em – another wad of money given to us ; go in there for one and thank ’em if you possibly can!
Have you got this far without falling asleep? Really? More of this antidote to sleeplessness next week …..

Chris PS re * above : don’t, just don’t, tell me you’ve never heard of him.

Sort of Fortieth Witter ….

Dearest Adherents

40th? Sort of 40th? What’s that about? Well – it’s me little lad’s 40th birthday today. Thus, one is feeling one’s age isn’t one? So having parked up me zimmer frame, I’ll begin …..
Weds 10th Oct Bacup Pride meet 10am at the lockup – should that read “at the market cabin”?? – sounds better than lockup, when you think where Freddie Pargetter is (who??). Anyhow, it’s behind Forget Me Not florists
Thurs 11th Civic Pride Rossie Thursday Crew meet 10am on the Town Square – a really good start on getting it back into shape last Sunday. More of the same today, mayhap??
Thurs 11th Rawtenstall Community Partnership 6.30pm at St Anne’s Church Edgeside (excellent coffee and biscuits!)
Fri 12th 8pm onwards meet Buffer Stops for delightful nattering – guaranteed a warm welcome cos we were even allowed to light the fire last week. True! Thanks to Chris The Bar Manager for a touch of hospitable liberalism …. But we intend to head to Casked afterwards this week (because why? – read on for more info …)
Sun 14th Bacup Pride 10am meet as per Weds 10th ; and on round town digging out bedding plants (we only planted ’em last month, we reckon ….. what’s goin’ on??). This is from intelligence given to us last week, herewith faithfully reproduced. Possibly.
Mon 15th Trickett’s Team 9.30am, TMG Waterfoot. All help gratefully received with this huge project!

More Witterings (MW) now follow …..
MW (1) – Glory Hallelujah – we have, finally and at last, the permission of Rossie Council to build our greenhouse. Grimmers tells me that verbal restraint is needed on this issue so ….
MW(2) – Trees! Free trees! You want to plant trees? Do you have somewhere to pop in 50 of ’em – or know someone who has? The Conservation Volunteers are offering us batches of 50. You don’t need to go thru Civic Pride – go direct to TCV website and head for the My Community Digs Trees section. (PS have you got the landowner’s permission before sticking trees there?? – oh, and get the neighbours at it as well!)
MW(3) – Riverside Walk – have you seen the glorious new paintwork on the Riverside Walk railings and archway? Thank you Civic Pride, thank you Steve for such an excellent job!
MW(4) – Hassy Pride – wow – during the creation of yet another Hassy Pride garden on Regent St, a historically fascinating flooring mural was unearthed. Historical/Archeological Genii are involved (genii = plural of genius – oh do keep up ….) – more revelations will follow, I’m sure.
MW(5) – Casked – probably the smallest bar in Rawtenstall are also our biggest supporters from this particular business sector. Owners Mike & Amanda have sent yet more of their profits in our direction. Please call in and support them.

Can you wait another 7 days for more revelations (“Yes” ?? Oh, ok then ….)



PS last week’s Thursday Crew – 16 of us. Sixteen. A record. Lynn’s running out of flasks …..DO come and join in this merry bunch! – bring your own coffee mug …

An Equinoctal Witter

Equinoctal Witterings
Dear Fellow Eccentrics
Oh the joys of being a part of the Civic Pride Eccentrics …. well, don’t you just have to be slightly odd to do what we do??
Oh – and Equinoctal? Regretfully, this is to remind you that yesterday, 23rd Sept (at 02.54hrs, to be punctiliously exact) was the Autumn Equinox. So – Autumn’s officially here. Enjoy!

The week’s oddities ….
***Tues 25th, probably 9.30am onwards, the bypass mowing begins. Now, dear reader, if you’d like to clear the bypass of whatever’s been chucked down between Monday’s crew finishing (see below) and Tuesday’s mowing starting, then – we’d love you forever. XXX
***Weds 26th join the Bacup Crew – 10am at the lockup behind Bacup market. Or email bacuppride@gmail.com for info which, unlike T’Witters, makes a bit of sense!
***Thurs 27th 10am Hassy Rd Gardens – oh please support your Thursday gang! Numbers of our regulars have given their excuses for this week, complete with absence notes from their mums and dads, so we’ll be few in number. New recruits are given the warmest of welcomes – just ask Elaine.
***Fri 28th 8pm Oh it’s Buffers, beer ‘n’ badinage. The “beer” thing’s not compulsory, by the way. We hope to go on to Casked afterwards. Just to emphasise the Autumnal thing, Buffers had the fire lit for us last week – and we had waiter service. Will it happen this week?
***Mon 1st Oct 9.30am Trickett’s Memorial Ground. On-on-on!
***Tues 2nd Oct, time to be announced, RBC’s Development Control Committee decide the fate of our wannabe greenhouse. Venue Futures Park. And – all the RHS gardens are open all day, free of charge. Not to be missed, gardening fans.
Miscellany …..
(1) Sue and Barry, our Outreach Team, need help! They get youngsters involved in things Civic Pridian by working with Schools, uniformed organisations etc etc. Requests for their services exceed their available time, particularly on Monday nights. They’ve got a number of excellent programmes all ready to roll so no need to wonder what to do. Email sueflint57@gmail.com if you could possibly help.
(2) Farewell Ian for a few months – bon voyage an’ all that. The big Q now is – in his absence, who’s going to volunteer to look after the gorgeous planting on St Mary’s Way central reservation? Email Gardening Guru Pam with offers pam@civic-pride.org.uk
(3) Save your onion skins (this ain’t a wind-up!). Anne’s doing eco printing and dying using many strange media, of which these are one such. It’s the dry outer skin from any colour of onion. Deliver to her at the Thurs morning crew (see above). Ta!
(4) Trust for Conservation Volunteers – a national organisation, to which we’re affiliated, of groups doing what we do. Not quite as well as we do, naturally but … Anyhow, CP is featured in their latest newsletter. Ask Roger for the link – really interesting stuff! roger@civic-pride.org.uk
(5) Thank you!! – to the crew who not only actually read last week’s Supplementary Witterings (how’s that for weird?) but did it … Roger G, Keith, Sue Shutt, Roger R – a massive bypass clear-up job before the mowers go in tmz. Marvellous (an’ thanks, McD’s, for supplying the coffee!).

That’s the lot for this week ….. oh, no it ain’t – just to continue the Autumnal theme, I had to scrape the ice from my car windscreen this morning. Yup, actual frost last night – it made a proper mess of me begonias ….



The Weekly Witterings from Civic Pride Rossendale (CPR) are back – as bad as they’ve ever bin …..

Good Evening Campers

Thank you to the stand-in team for the last couple of weeks’  Witter production. They came complete with nice colour piks. I can’t compete with that so this [as ever] relies on grammatical genius (eh??) – oh – and brevity (thank the lord ….)

Thurs 6th Sept meet 10.00am Haslingden Rd Gardens   (adjacent to St Mary’s Chambers) – more CPR tlc on this renovated and reclaimed entry-point to Rawtenstall. Bring your mug for 11am coffee-time. Really.
Fri 7th meet 5.30pm (or whenever Aunty Lynn’s told you to appear) for the CPR jaunt to Holmes Mill. Delish nosh and oooohh beer. If you missed previous weeks’ notices about this and haven’t booked then sadly you’ve missed out this time. Watch out for future jaunts which are always great fun and the epitome of conviviality. (who’s he?)
Sun 9th any time – we may need the watering team out again feeding the glorious floral baskets. Pam’s in charge. Await her command, people!
Mon 10th Trickett’s Memorial Ground Waterfoot 9.30am  the reclamation goes on.  Can u spare an hour? Equipment provided.

AND …..
This weekend ….. google Rossendale 60’s weekend for info about this delightful well-established series of events in our area.
And don’t miss The Flying Scotsman on East Lancs Railway 5th to 8th Sept. – yup, THAT Flying Scotsman. Nowhere else in the UK. It’s here.
And – thanks, as ever, to the solo litterpickers ‘n’ gardeners who go out in their own time to do their own bit. It all helps. It really does. It’s why the lovely events (see above!) now happen here. www.civic-pride.org.uk  –  the how-to-do-it-guide on doing your  patch!).



Croeso i Witterings

Why I hear you ask, is the title in Welsh?
Whether it’s the correct grammar I have no idea but that doesn’t seem to worry the regular editor of this load of old tosh so why should it worry me? Yes, but why is it in Welsh? Because dear reader, our revered chair is currently in Welsh Wales (maybe he’s being reupholstered – chair – get it?

Accolades this week in no particular order:
• T’ oardings have gone from below Hollymount House on St Mary’s Way. Thank you RBC for reacting to a H&S issue raised by a member of the public
• At a meeting last week with senior RBC managers we were told that there are currently 25 outstanding fly tipping incidents which will have been cleared by last Friday. They really seem to be getting on top of this menace so please report incidents to flytipping@civic-pride.org.uk
• Fantastic support from McD in providing the troops with elevenses during Auntie Lynn’s absence last Thursday. Thanks guys but we may be calling on you again this week please!
Now for this week:
Monday 20th 9.30 am Trickett’s Memorial Ground . Liz, Charlotte and Elisabeth (with an ‘s’!) need help in their ongoing quest to return the gardens to their former glory.
Wednesday 22nd 9.30am to 11.30am Doal Centre Weir Pride. Knit & Natter
Thursday 23rd 10.00am Haslingden Road Gardens. I understand Pamela will be running it but Auntie Lynn may not be there (see above)
Friday 24th 8.00pm Buffers for some pleasant relaxing chat over a pint of foaming ale
Saturday 25th 10am Doal Centre, Weir Pride monthly meeting
Sunday 26th 10am to 12noon Stacksteads Country Park Group. Meet main car park for ‘a tidy up’.
Sunday 26th 2pm to 9pm Fun, frolics and free music for the whole family at the Firepit, Rawtenstall. What’s more it’s in aid of CPR! We’ve got our own table but we need volunteers to come down and support it (the event, not the table!). Bring the family even if it’s only for half an hour but do come and be part of it. Find us in the cocktail bar (posh huh, good job Blom’s away!). Come ta think of it, why not visit the restaurant fo’ yus tea?
Haslingden CP aren’t sure what or when as yet but they’ll be doing something! Visit Facebook for details.

Having just listed the ‘goings on’ in the different groups in just one week, it brings it home just why the valley is looking so much better. It’s marvellous that so many people are prepared to help but let’s not forget the organisers! Well done everyone!

Roger G
ps it seems to be obligatory to have at least one ps so here it is!
pps I’ll be doing it again next week so prime your spam filters!

Weekly Witterings just soooo make me 😏

Witters Arrive Again ……… (now where’s that delete button gone, then?)

Dear Wittering Fan

Will the Wittering program behave this week? Or will it disappear in a puff of tekky weirdness like it did last week? We know what you’re hoping for …….

Unfortunately you’ve got two weeks-worth of stuff to wade through first ….some of it of direct interest for you ….???
1. St Mary’s Way : if you’ve not done it recently, go there, stop, admire. Embankment and central res look utterly wunderbar thanks to some graftin’ hard work by Secret Gardeners and Watering Teams. Thanx to Jackie for posting on Facebook where it’s attracted huge numbers of compliments from locals. Could one or two of you take some piks of the embankment and send ’em to jackie@civic-pride.org.uk and to Mr Publicity himself – roger@civic-pride.org.uk
2. There wasn’t a specific “first Sunday of the Month” event last Sunday cos every Sunday for many weeks has been large-scale plant-watering. As it’s holiday season we’re short of teams on this so if you can help please email Pam on pam@civic-pride.org.uk Ta!
3. Free drinks (1) – if you’ve been out wi’ your Civic Pride hi-viz doing a litterpick or gardening, there’re 3 places which’ll offer free drinks : Fitzpatrick’s, Buffer Stop (soft drinks!) and The Hut. Thanks to these lovely supportive businesses!
4. Free drinks (2) – you should’ve been at our regular Friday nite at Buffers on 28th July – free drinks – yup, anything you wanted – cos it was their 5th birthday and they lurv Civic Pride folk! You missed it? Some of us didn’t ….
5. THANK YOU B & E Boys for their work opening up the abandoned toilet block in Trickett’s Memorial Ground (TMG). Our TMG crew now have a secure place to store all their gear ….. no, we’ve not actually got the loos working yet but we’ll work towards that!
This week (as brief as poss ….)
WEDS 8TH AUG Bacup Pride 10am meet at their lockup. They’re having a fantastic year ; but could sooo do with some extra volunteers!
THURS 9TH AUG meet 10am on The Gyro (opposite the library) – weeding strimming sweeping and possibly moving over to Hassy Rd Gardens after, if we finish Gyro quickly
FRIDAY 10TH – the usual!!
MON 13TH meet 9.30am at TMG to brighten up Waterfoot

That’s the lot f’r this week, folks (well, it ain’t, actually, but you’re probably asleep now if you’ve read all that lot)


PS happy ***th birthday, Mr Smith – not telling you what *** stands for!

Hot-hot-hot Witterin’s !

Good Evening Swelterin’ Troops

Hottest day of the year today, sez the weatherman. And forecast is for …… hotter. And swelterier (Wot?). So :
• First, thank you again to the Watering Teams who totalled an 8 hour shift yesterday (Sun 22nd) taking turns on a rota with our van-based watering system. Yup, eight hours.
• Second – please sign up to help this huge effort to keep at least some of our many plantings from desiccation. Contact Gardening Boss Pam on pam@civic-pride.org.uk More details below. Thank you!
This week in brief :

THURSDAY 26TH JULY MEET 10AM ON BYPASS, INBOUND LAYBY – it’ll be watering generally and further tlc to the layby gardens, which’ll possibly include renewing the woodchip mulch. The venue’s on the bypass adjacent to McDonalds, for any not sure …. Please bring a pair of scissors as well as the usual stuff – has that gotcha intrigued? Wotsit about? Guess you’ll just HAVE to turn up! Oh – and don’t forget the coffee mug …
FRIDAY 27TH 8PM ONWARDS BUFFER STOPS for jollities ‘n’ libations with C Pride comrades
SAT 28TH 10AM WEIR PRIDE meet Doals Centre for the monthly meet and action session thru’out the village (how did the fete go, anyone? Sorree I missed it.)
SUN 29TH WATERING – it’s just bound to happen unless the forecasters’ve got it utterly wrong (no laughing, perleeeze). Kindly contact Pam (see above) and offer a time-slot, letting her know when you can help. “Anytime” is a great answer to that one!!
MON 30TH TRICKETTS MEMORIAL GROUND 9.30AM Some of it will inevitably be watering, thanks to a public-spirited neighbour (sorry, I don’t have a name here) for giving us access to an outdoor tap.

Other Stuff :
1. Huge thanks to Bob Killelea and his fellahs at the Killelea garage for service MOT new clutch new radiator on the van, all free of charge. …… very generous and totally appreciated extra support from them, on top of Bob’s ongoing commitment to us.
2. Royal Horticultural Society’s judges – in Weir, Bacup and Hassy last week. Hope it went well and RHS’s It’s Your Neighbourhood ceremony heaps due awards upon y’all!
3. Free Drinks – if you’re out doing your Civic Pride thing, there are now 3 premises offering a free brew : Fitzpatricks, The Hut and Buffer Stops. The latter has been arranged with Buffers chapee in charge Chris (another one, not me!) but – well – it’s for soft drinks, not gallons of gin!! Make sure you’re wearing your CP hi-viz and look suitably work-stained ….
4. Bacup Pride are asking for any help on their latest project : The View, Bankside Lane. Offers to bacuppride@gmail.com or ring Pat on 07751 380392. Thanks – and bestest from us guys to BP for yet another grand Bacupian effort.
5. Saturday night – some disappointing vandalism to one of Simon’s triangular beds near The Queens and to newly-installed watering systems on the Town square planters. All quickly cleared up. Two thoughts : we never ever ever give up/give in ; and thankfully, vandalism to our work is pretty rare these days. Smile, chin up and get on with it. That’s yer Civic Pride. You lovely people.
And that, as thi’ say is it. No more ’til next week …..

Chris PS and now, yet someone else (no names here!) has found T’Witterings going straight into his Junk Mail. Oh how wounding to Your Correspondent …..



Hello Lovelies

Our Social Media Guru Jackie posted a Civic Pride Facebook item last week. ‘Twas all about our ingenious watering methodology (getcha self into F’b, even if it’s just to see this one thing!). The public response was wonderful – an avalanche, nay a paean, of fulsome thanks and praise for our volunteers (that’s you, innit?) and for the clean and blossoming town we’ve created. WOW!

Anyhow, this’ll be a fairly brief Witter. Only one topic, really. Watering. We know how the Ancient Mariner felt …… Watering teams were out on 3 days last week but – lots and lots of our plants are desiccating, hanging on by their drying roots. We’ve not got enough waterers! Please get in touch with Pam if you can help (pam@civic-pride.org.uk).

THURS 19TH JULY meet 10am on the Town Square. It’ll be a massive watering effort – big containers, watering trollies, watering cans – The van’s watering system will be employed putting a few hundred gallons on Haslingden Rd Gardens so everyone else, please, to t’Square. There may be the odd weed pulled as well but mostly – well, it’s THAT job, initt??

FRI 20TH We’re watering ourselves at Civic Pride’s traditional watering hole Buffer Stops 8pm onwards

SUN 22ND Once again we suspect we’ll get no significant rain this week, so there may well be a call for watering teams. Please contact Pam if you can help – only 6 of us last Sunday …. hmmmm!

MON 23RD 9.30AM Trickett’s Memorial Ground Gang need help from YOU (picture the pointy finger??). They’d love to see you.

OH, IT’S NOT QUITE A ONE TOPIC WITTER BECAUSE ….. – our brothers ‘n’ sisters in Haslingden Bacup and Weir groups are in the RHS comp again this year. Judgement Day is this Thurs (19th). There’s a huge amount of work gone in and we wish ’em all success, a lovely day and – a bit of FUN as well! (PS yer owd Civic Pride’ll be back in it next year!)

Happy Gardening, Picking – and (oh – – nearly forgot) Watering!

Chris PS ok, that watering word’s almost written itself this week. And the result is – – it’s started raining. But be ye not deceived …. it won’t be enough to Save Our Plants!
PPS please note the van’s not available today/tomorrow (Mon and Tuesday).

Will It, Won’t It Witterings

Welcome, Weather Watchers

Well? Will it? Won’t It? Rain, that is. Monday 5pm, some lovely black clouds showed promise but – not a drop! Add that to ten previous rain-free weeks. Result : soil moisture levels very low (that’s official) and plants parched. You’ll pardon us if this week’s ramblings go on a bit about WATERIN’ PLANTS!
Mon 9th July – you’ve probably missed it : we’re out watering, 4pm ’til it goes dark!
Tues 10th – Pam is organising watering teams throughout today, either using the van or carting containers or wielding watering cans. However you can do it will do! If you can help at all, please ring her on 07811 735926 or pam@civic-pride.org.uk
Weds 11th – another watering session, especially for those who want to avoid a certain football match. Start 6pm, keep going ’til you’re fed up or ’til you’re sure you’ve missed the footy. It’ll all be over for sure by 9.30pm. Ring me, I’ll confirm where needs doing (give Pam a break from it – I’m on 07877211314). NB I will be watching the footy so phone’ll be switched off after 7pm!
Thurs 12th – our lovely Thursday Crew are on the bypass inbound layby (near McD’s) meet 10am. Never mind the drought, the weeds are thriving. We need to give Mother Nature a hand, d’you think? That includes getting at a handful of Himalayan Balsam which are sneakily trying a comeback.
Fri 13th – we’ll brave the ominous date and have another Buffers meet, 8pm onwards. Not forgetting a call-in at Casked to say thank you.
Sat 14th – who’s for a litterpick? Hv U been out recently? No? Please do your Lone Ranger thing!
Sun 15th – if we’ve not been blessed with mighty amounts of rain, we’re organising a team. No no, not footy (World Cup Final today – oooh!) – a Watering Team. NB we’ve no van 16th and 17th so today’s the last chance to distribute water for a while.
Mon 16th – the TMG crew are out, 9.30am onwards. Trickett’s Memorial Ground. It’s on the Burnley Rd East/Turnpike/Booth Rd crossroads.

Just one thing : who’s pulled up me sunflowers? Eight of ’em, either end of the famous Gyro Train. C’mon then, who thought they were weeds?? More will be planted. Please leave ’em to – well – flower!

Big hugs to you all

Your Witterings at the start of Flaming June (well, it is at the moment!)

Good evening Fellow Volunteer Nuts
Thanks ………. ​

To the Daisy Group for working so hard for us last Weds (30th). Your guys have been a wonderful help
To the waterers keeping our planters and baskets moist ‘n’ growing throughout this dry (ish) spell! It’s a lot of work right now.
To our SG’s and LR’s (whaaat??) for ploughing steadily onwards keeping gardens gardened and streets clear (can anyone do the bypass again please??)
This week …..
Thurs 7th June meet 10am Town Square – we aim to complete CP tlc labourings started last Sunday. Watering big planters will be a part of it
Fri 8th 8pm onwards : Buffering
Mon 11th 9.30am onwards join the Tricketts Memorial Ground (TMG) crew plus Co-op Waterfoot staff (bless ’em!) at TMG

Last but not least …..
Any gardeners out there who are splitting plants which have grown too big for your garden, let us know please : we could probably use them.

I’ve been away for a few days, just got back, so ain’t caught up yet – hence, the briefest Weekly Witterings on record. You lucky people!!



Mid-May Witter

Evenin’ All

We’ve sooo many reports comin’ in from CP troops, out in ones and twos making the town look marvellous, so – diary dates this week are minimalist whilst everyone’s doing their own thing

THURS 17TH MEET 10AM Haslingden Rd Garden (adjacent to St Mary’s Chambers) a vast weeding job needed to follow on from last week’s excellent start by some of the Thursday crew.
FRI 18TH BUFFERS 8PM ONWARDS the PB is back (which’ll mean summat to the diehards!)
MON 21ST BYPASS LITTERPICK – whole length of the R’stall section before the mowers go in on 22nd. Mowers shred litter and scatter it everywhere, hence the picking beforehand. Meet 10.30am outside Hardman’s Mill. It’s a loooong stretch of road so all possible help very very welcome even if it’s only for a half hour. Latecomers can ring 07877211314 to find us.
MON 21ST TRICKETT’S MEMORIAL GROUND – not sure if this’ll happen this week as our two leaders mayn’t be available. Send queries to info@civic-pride.org.uk and we’ll pass ’em on to our resident geniuses (or is the plural “genii”??)

The PLEASE NOTE section …..
1. Workshops/Courses at Trafford Hall, Ince Lane, Chester, 22nd May. C.Pride-relevant workshops are Beginners Gardening and Grants/Fundraising. Bike Restoration workshop as well – you’re given a bike, shown how to restore it and can keep it afterwards!! Details h.kaira@traffordhall.com
2. Social “Do”?? The topic of Holmes Mill Clitheroe raised its head at last Friday’s Buffers. Aunty Lynn has volunteered to organise a social trip there (does she remember that??). 80 (eighty!) different beers for sale. Not sure what else!!
3. Grotspot clearance – sorry missed last week that Taylor St/Greenfield St have been cleared of the worst of it but there’s always more to do in that area so ….. how’re u feeling??
4. Just Giving – again, a lot of backroom admin to set up for this potentially vital source of funds. Please check out C.P’s latest newsletter for the link OR look at our website (www.civic-pride.org.uk) : the purple box “Donate With Just Giving” is near the top of the Home page. I’ve tried (and failed!) to include the link here but access is dead easy via newsletter or website.
5. One of many grants Charlotte secured is from Living Well Living Better (LWLB). There’s a LWLB Awards evening at The Riverside 20th June 6pm-9pm. We’ve been asked to send nominations for (1)group/organisation of the year (2)most innovative project (3)volunteer of the year (4)project making the most lasting contribution. Nominations don’t have to be CP-related but we can self-nominate. LWLB’s criteria are about promoting social cohesion & reducing isolation/loneliness. Ideas for nominations and/or wishing to attend the Awards event to charlotte@civic-pride.org.uk asap please.
6. Siphon (new coffee shop on Bank St) have lots of used coffee grounds (o’course!) which they think make good compost and/or slug repellent. Can someone pop in there twice weekly to collect them? Email info@civic-pride.org.uk if that’s you.
That, as they say, might be too much information – but hey c’mon, some of it’s useful!
More Witters next week. Whoopee, eh??


Slightly belated MAY-TIME Witter

Beautiful Good Morning Civic Pride Troops everywhere
A Tuesday Weekly Wittering : my poor little laptop got heatstroke yesterday, curled up in a corner, died. This morning it’s deliciously cooler so your weekly dose of ol’ cobblers is now winging its way to you.
After last week’s rather full programme, it’s a bit quieter on the organisational front. To wit :-
Weds 9th May meet 10am Bacup Pride lockup. 2 good BP sessions last week but, like us, always need more volunteers. Email bacuppride@gmail.com for details
Thurs 10th meet 10am on The Gyro : some diggin/plantin to finish, with multiple jobs in the shop and on the Haslingden Rd gardens to add to the list. Bring a mug for Aunty Lynn’s coffee break.
Fri 11th meet 9.30am outbound layby on the bypass (back of the railway station) to join super Daisy Group crew. Main task is fence painting plus bramble blastin’ (nearly finished) and balsam bashin’ . We’re winning on the himalayan balsam front, turning the tide back (quote from some bloke called Canute). Litterpickin’ as well. ALL CP folks are very welcome for some or all of today’s session, finishing 3pm-ish. Can we lure you with free morning coffee AND lunch? Good eh! And huge thanks to McD’s for willingly supplying same.
Fri 11th Oh Lordy it’s Buffer Stops again. 8pm onwards.
Mon 14th 9.30am, Trickett’s Memorial Ground (TMG) for the next stage of CP guys’ inspired regeneration marathon.
Mon 14th 9.30am Whitewell Bottom Community Centre, Burnley Rd East : Stormin’ Norman’s gathering locals together to make progress in that part of Rossie. Bring your ideas along!! Possibly on to TMG after??


  • TO ALL LONE RANGERS!! – we ask our brilliant lone litterpicker volunteers to post their latest “pick” onto our QT site (we all then know where has/hasn’t been picked). The QT site’s being invaded by hackers so we’ve now inserted a password which you need to use prior to posting your info. The password is RBC. Don’t worry mother, hackers haven’t got access to these Witterings so popping’ password on here is pretty risk-free. (tho’ actually, if these barmy Witters got into a hacker’s system it’d probably scramble its brains). NB this doesn’t apply to the Secret Gardeners QT.
  • Bypass mowing 22nd/23rd May so, as per, we’ll be doing a big litterpick along the whole length of it 24hrs beforehand. Gettit in thi’ diary please!
  • Waterfoot Co-op Supermarket – two things here : (1) t’Co-op in W’foot donate a big lump of money from their own-brand sales to Civic Pride. Please get in there ‘n’ shop & encourage neighbours likewise. (2)Charlotte’s organised C. Pride money-raising and info sessions 10.30am onwards on 29th & 30th JUNE and would like help (charlotte@civic-pride.org.uk) and also donations of plants, cakes, jewelry to sell. Stellar work!
  • Grotspot – no update on last week’s entry, so no info to pass on 2 U. Wotch this space. And my spelling.

Glorious glorious May – is it everyone’s favourite time of year?? The town’s lookin’ fab – largely thanks to Civic Pride dedicated volunteers. Yes, really.



It’s May-time (almost…)

Good Afternoon Environmental Enthusiasts Everywhere

Daffs in full bloom, bluebells peekin’ through, tulips looking marvellous – who cares what the weather’s like?? Everywhere’s gorgeous, thank you Civic Priders.  …

First – something new – get this …. We get lots of ideas for areas in dire need of Civic Pride’s tlc so we’re starting a GrotSpot Of The Week!! Litter Master Ben’s been out doing a reccy and identified … (wait f’r it ….)

  1. if you’ve a spare few minutes nip over there with picker and bags, get litter from those 2 streets, steps, embankment and – if you’ve a brush p’raps give it a sweep
  2. leave full bags at the bottom of the steps
  3. leave the mattress for RBC to collect (some deadhead’s dumped one there)
  4. let us know what you’ve done, either on the Lone Rangers QT site or email ben@civic-pride.org.uk
  5. let the local residents know what’s happening – make sure they see you, and how about recruiting them?
  6. target completion date : 7th May. Can we do it?

MON 30TH APRIL 9.30AM START – TMG team would  love some help (=Trickett’s Memorial Ground, Burnley Rd East, Waterfoot))
TUES 1ST MAY – ooohh it’s May Day. Hey-nonny-noh! Where shall I stick the maypole? (no fruity suggestions, thank you)
WEDS 2ND MAY – 9.30AM all day effort with the Daisy Group – various pieces of bypass beautification with free lunch at McD’s thrown in! Any help appreciated – don’t have to do the whole day ; ring me if you’re lost! 07877 211314
WEDS 2ND MAY 10AM BACUP PRIDE meet at their market cabin, backs onto Market St – or find Forget Me Nots which is at the side of t’cabin (or at least, that’s what Aunty Pat sez an’ she’s never wrong….).
THURS 3RD MAY – 10AM on The Gyro (opposite R’stall Library). Sue Shutt knows what needs doing – dontcha, Sue?? – so we’re taking orders from herself this week. Bring your own mug to sample Aunty Lynn’s coffee.
FRI 4TH MAY – having a Bank Hol Weekend Staycation? Start off your avoiding-the-bank-hol-traffic with 8pm meet at Buffers. Excellent gatherings these past many Fridays. A further delightful dose of Pride Conviviality for Priders from anywhere ‘n’ everywhere
SUNDAY 6TH MAY 10AM the joint gets crowded with ….(3 sessions happenin’) ….

  1. Bacup Pride’s 1st-Sunday-of-the-month bash – meeting place as per Weds 2nd (above). If you can’t find ’em ring Pat Smith 07751 380392
  2. Civic Pride Rossendale’s ditto – meet on the Town Square Rawtenstall which is in need of your magical touch – and if you didn’t know you’d got one of those, acquire one via our amazing on-site tutelage ‘n’ tips!
  3. Civic Pride Haslingden – you’ll find details of their weekly wonder-litter-pick on their Facebook page, no doubt (how was the AGM, Hassy crew??)

MON 7TH MAY go ooon – spare a bit of your May Bank Holiday – help the team beautify TMG (as per 30 April – see above). Charlotte/Liz please let me know if there’s any Bank Hol change of plan ; everyone, check via our Civic Pride phone on 07955 110199. Ta!

All the above supplemented by the wonderful Secret Gardeners and Lone Rangers doing solo taskings all over the place. Ay-maze-ing!

Last thing – has anyone seen 3 banners for a pre-school/nursery which’ve mysteriously disappeared from outside Sykeside and Bankside? Let me know if you have! (chris@civic-pride.org.uk).

Cheers! – and have a luverly Bank Hol Weekend


That was the summer Witter

Evenin’ All,

We had two days almost perfect sunshine : put it in thi diary cos the doomsayers are saying that’s it for 2018!

But we’re perenially optimistic, out there regardless, so c’mon boys an’ girls, this is where we are : –

Weds 25th 10am Bacup Pride group – no details to hand but go to bacuppride@gmail.com for info
Thurs 26th 10am junction of Hollin Lane/Hollin Way/Calder Rd – for out-of-towners joining us, Hollin Lane is off Burnley Rd, about half a mile north of R’stall. Still confused? (well, yeah…) follow signposts for Alder Grange High School and look out for multiple C. Pride hi-viz. We’re on Sue’s Round-The-Bend project (just who gave it that name??) and this week there’s the odd ton of topsoil to play with. Don’t forget your mug for Aunty Lynn’s coffee. Rain or shine, ok??
Friday 27th 8pm Buffer Stops for a jar (in Pam’s case, a very big Hendrick’s ….) and a jaw. Buffers is being rebuilt but we still had a jolly time last week amidst the brickbats and plaster.
Saturday 28th Weir Pride’s monthly bash 10am approx at the Doals Centre go to weirpride@gmail.com or to their Facebook page (thank you Mr Zuckerberg) for info.
Monday 30th 9.30 Trickett’s Memorial Ground Burnley Rd East Waterfoot for the next stage of reclamation. That project’s been awarded shedloads of £££ (well done Charlotte!) so go an’ help them spend it – and help ’em dig a bit as well!
Early notice : Sun 6th May – a vital first-Sunday-of-the-month “Do” ……… details next week

And finally …..
• TESCO TOKENS PERLEEEZE!! Just to repeat, for new readers (there are some, apparently) when you Tesco shop (R’stall or Hassy Tesco) make sure you get a blue token at the checkout and pop it in the Civic Pride slot in the voting box on the way to the exit. There’s serious money riding on this which we need for the Riverside Walk project. Get your friends neighbours family doin’ it and spreading the word. Vote Civic Pride!! Only one week to go!!
• Daisy Group, a wonderful firm with a Burnley base, are spending 3 days with us on 2nd, 11th and 30th May, getting their hands in the soil. 2nd May session is on the bypass, meeting at the outbound layby. All support welcome, 10am onwards. Free lunch!!
• A lovely message into our website yesterday from a Grange Cres resident who saw a Civic Pride Lone Ranger doing a Sunday evening litterpick … we think we know who that LR was but you attracted fulsome praise which went on to include the transformational work of all our CP volunteers. (why doesn’t Spellcheck know “transformational”??). Good eh? – but dead right!
• Sue Shutt’s taken a day off today …. we think that’s the first for a couple of months ….!!
With a sigh of relief, you’ve reached the end of This Week’s Witterings but – more next week. Sorry.



Back to the Real Wittering

Hello Campers

Delete now. Y’can’t seriously want to read this stuff?? But – DO read the “and also” stuff at the end.
S’pose we’d best broadcast grovelling thanx to our Vice Chair for his individualistic style of Witterings (mis-spellings an’ all ..) which kept you on the edge of yo’ seats for the past fortnight. More on that subject later.

For now, the back-down-to-the-usual standard of inane Witterings beg to inform you that :-

Weds 18th April 9.30am The Weir Pride crew do their thing at the Doals Centre – a remarkably successful knitting circle, we hear, attracting regional media attention. Yup, really! Nice one folks!

Weds 18th April 10am Bacup Pride go-go-go with more town beautifying. Meet at the lockup behind the market. More info on bacuppride@gmail.com

Thurs 19th 10am Civic Pride Rossendale meet on The Gyro (see * below) opposite R’stall Library. Yet another amazin’ project to beautify our town is in process. DO come and help. No gardening expertise needed. Friendliest of welcomes and Aunty Lynn’s coffee guaranteed. PS bring your own mug!!

Fri 20th 8pm gather at Buffer Stops for the hottest nite out in Rawtenstall. New to Civic Pride or, indeed, to any of the “Pride” gangs? Come meet the crew! (well, the naughty ones anyway)

Sun 22rd 10am The Hassy crew are bound to be out with another mass litterpick. No info about where they are next Sunday but – go to Facebook page Haslingden Civic Pride for info. BUT BUT BUT massive congrats to HCP for a startling result at Rising Bridge last Sunday. 35 bags of litter shifted from that appalling roundabout.

Mon 23rd 9.30am Trickett’s Memorial Ground (Burnley Rd East, Waterfoot) for the ongoing renovation. The small team there’d love your support ‘n’ help.

1. The Sunday 8th April performance of Rossendale Players’ week-long run was for C.P and raised £650 for us. I was genuinely amazed by the news, a marvellous result. Huge thanks to Anne Dixon for organising.
2. Get this bit everyone!! Yvonne’s donated 2000 pots of bulbs for distribution to Pride crews and associates. Weir? Bacup? Hassy? Edenfield? Edgeside? ANY of our Secret Gardeners? Your school/church/anyone with a spot of interest??They’ve mostly finished flowering but need popping into soil NOW to give them regeneration time for next Spring’s displays. All totally f.o.c., no £££ involved, as many as you want. Email us (info@civic-pride.org.uk). They’re in our plant store – just email us to collect. Go on, get popping.
3. Mr Grimshaw has turned. It’s official. Yup, really. Our let’s-tarmac-over-the-whole-town bloke spent today tenderly transporting PLANTS and waxing lyrical about ’em. AND then bought me lunch. The Lord moves in mysterious ways.
4. This is the * item, ok? The Gyro? As first conceived, that vast roundabout in R’stall was labelled The Gyratory. It was the traffic which was going to gyrate, luvvies, so calm down. So, rather than type “the big roundabout with the fire station on it” we simply put “The Gyro”. Hey, brevity is us. Yes we KNOW the traffic no longer gyrates. It does a very slow excuse-me-slow-waltz. But – Gyro it is.
Luv y’all, ‘n’ see you out there during the week.


A Waterfoot Benefit Witter

Amazing, incredible, outstanding were just some of the words used to describe Sunday night’s performance of Breaking the Code, performed at The Millennium Theatre in Waterfoot by Rossendale Players. It’s the story of Alan Turin who was instrumental in breaking the code of the German Enigma machine in WW2 (World War not Weekly Witterings!) If there are any tickets left for the other performances, buy them, you will not be disappointed. Thanks go not only to the Players but also to our very own Anne Dixon for arranging this benefit night, those who gave raffle prizes and sold the tickets (this alone raised £119) and everybody who helped make it a complete sell out! We’ll let you know how much was raised for us soon.
On the subject of money, we have signed up with Just Giving to make it easy for our vast number of supporters to donate either a single amount of money or regular payments. More on this over the coming weeks but in the meantime just login to www.justgiving.com and search for Civic Pride Rossendale or go to www.civic-pride.org.uk and follow the link.
Last week I shared the sad news that one of our Lone Rangers had been admitted for rehab to overcome his litter picking addiction. We’ve had an email from him and it makes ‘interesting’ reading but sadly it’s only available to subscribers to the QT litter app! Nice one Keith.
Welcome to our new recruits (it’s too late to go back now!) and to all our ‘old’ regulars. Over the last week I’ve driven down may different roads in the town and with the exception of Take Away Corner aka Bacup Road and the bypass, I am staggered by the absence of litter. Thank you one and all.
Thursday 12th April meet on the gyratory (the big roundabout mother) to continue the excellent work that Sue Shutt and PamO started last Sunday. The plan is to clear the Northern end and make it low maintenace and attractive ( I can feel a tarmac moment coming on)! All will be revealed once we actually know what we’re going to do with it! On a serious note, please always use the pelican crossing outside the art gallery to access the roundabout!
Friday 13th (Honest!) 10am meet Kathy and the Haslingden group at Regents Street to start on regenerating the small park
Saturday 14th 10am continue what was started on Friday in Haslingden
Monday 16th 10am at Trickett’s Memorial Garden, Burnley Road East, Waterfoot. The bushes have been cut back, the steps repaired and the planting started. Be part of this amazing project.
Our revered Chair will be back to write next weeks drivel witterings unless he’s suffering from jet lag…but how will we know?


An Easter Monday Witter

The venerable Blom is doing his bit for Anglo-Sino relations this week (help!) so it’s left to me to fill your inbox with inane blathering, a task which he performs so much better than I (well he has to be good at something, doesn’t he)!

Much mention was made last week of the sterling work done by our willing volunteers in clearing Rossendale of that modern curse, litter. Congratulations to all concerned but since then our incredible Lone Rangers have collected another 68 bags (yes, SIXTY EIGHT bags)! Amazing. Sadly, one LR has since booked himself into rehab to try to control his litter picking addiction! I really hope it doesn’t work Keith!

A couple of weeks ago we met with the Communities Director of RBC, predominantly to discuss fly tipping. We were assured that they would clear all 19 outstanding incidents that we had reported with a deadline of Tuesday 27th March. Did they achieve it? You bet and shedloads more. Out of a known 120 locations they cleared 93 on Monday 24th! A remarkable result. Well done to all RBC staff who were employed in this mammoth task.

…and now for the week ahead. There’ll be rain, rain and more rain. However, this is Rossendale and it doesn’t normally stop us, so Carry on Volunteering (Ooh, Matron!) and console yourself with another piece of chocolate egg (that’ll stop you feeling so virtuous)!

Thursday 5th April. Meet PamO at 10am at the Metal Tree Bed (corner of Bocholt Way and Bury Road) and work off some of the aforementioned chocolate. Everything supplied (including a brew) so just turn up!

Friday 5th April. 8pm for light hearted banter and beer but ring me on 07798 582225 if you can’t find us, we may be hiding in a corner somewhere.

Sunday 8th April. 7.30pm. ‘Breaking the Code’. A play about Alan Turin and the team who broke the code of the German Enigma machine at Bletchley Park. Profits will be donated to Civic Pride. Tickets £9.00 each from Anne Dixon 01706 551123 or 47annelotusdixon@gmail.com. Millennium Theatre, Burnley Road East, Waterfoot. More raffle prizes will be welcome but most of all we need YOU there in the audience. Never been to one of their performances? Well now’s ya chance so get ’em tickets bought (the theatre has a roof so it’ll be warm and dry)…and there’s a bar! We need more bums on seats!

See you Sunday if not before. Drinks are on Chris (well they would be if he was there)!

One final word. Fitzpatricks are now sponsoring us again on a monthly basis (thank you Shaun) and I promised to remind all our lovely volunteers that there’s a free drink (remember they’re a Temperance Bar!) for any CP volunteer when they’re working. Served no doubt by the lovely Ashleigh.

Roger G

Whatta difference a week makes Witter

Dearest Lovers of all things Clean ‘n’ Beeootiful

This time last week, mini beast from the east’s snowdrifts were all. Today, ’tis beautiful spring sunshine. Aaaah. Doesn’t it make the sap rise, filling you with desire to clear litter and plant things??

Before listing this week’s activities : heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined the Great Spring Clean. Civic Pride groups across the valley participated with vim and enthusiasm. Our mob were responsible for 60 bags-ful on Saturday (followed by a free nosh at McD’s!) and supported the Hassy crew collecting another 30 on Sunday. Total from all groups exceeds 130 filled litterbags (that’s over 2/3 of a TONNE!!) of litter which’d otherwise still be desecrating our community. Job done! (for now ….)

Where it’s at this week :
Weds 28th 9.30am Weir Pride at the Doals Centre. Did u hear ’em on Radio Lancs this morning?? The Knit ‘n’ Natter Nutters (see last week’s Weir Pride stuff if that’s incomprehensible …..)
Weds 28th 10am Bacup Pride’s midweek work crew meet at the lockup behind the market
Thurs 29th Civic Pride Rossendale meet 10am on the outbound-from-R’stall layby of the bypass. We’ll complete last week’s transformation there.
Thurs 29th Weir Pride monthly meet at Doals centre : details on their F’b page
Fri 30th 8pm til – um – late : conviviality at Buffer Stops, friendly welcome guaranteed to ALL Priders
Sunday 1st April 10am meet at the fire station roundabout (aka the gyratory) opposite R’stall library. We’re having another bash at that area after Lancs County Council utterly wrecked it a couple of years ago. We’ve done all the April Fools jokes for 1st April but you can invent a new one….. Possibly go to Fitzpatrick’s after for free coffees??
Monday 2nd April meet 9.30am on Trickett’s Memorial Ground for Part 15 of Civic Pride’s major renovation (Liz – will u be there??)

Essential Info
E.I (1) Sunday 8th Rossendale Players’ superb production at the Millennium Theatre on Burnley Rd E, Waterfoot. We’ve been allocated 30 tickets to sell and retain the proceeds for our funds. It’s a top-notch local night out. Tickets from Our Annie : email her on 47annelotusdixon@gmail.com  Please support this and bring some mates with you. We’re allowed to run a raffle as well during the interval but only have 3 prizes thus far – contact Anne with an offer of a donated prize. Thanx!
E.I (2) Sue Shuttleworth – what does she do on her birthday morning last Sunday? Breakfast in bed? Luxuriating in glam hotel? Nah, bless ‘er, out with the litter-picking troops getting mucky. What a treasure!
E.I (3) We have leaflets to distribute asking locals to support Civic Pride’s bid for Tesco cash : £4K on offer if we win. See previous Witters for details but can u help distribute leaflets? Contact us via info@civic-pride.org.uk

Thank you for your patience at having slogged your way through another week’s ol’ Rhubarb!


Weekly Witterings by CivicPride
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First Day Of Spring (almost) Wittering


It’s a figment. Just a figment. Six foot of snow outside thi’ front door? Can’t be …. it’s Springtime tomorrow. The 2018 Equinox, in fact, occurs at exactly 16.15 hours on 20th March. So leap out of your clothes, dance around the garden (Secret Gardeners have a choice of garden) glass in hand, celebrate the fact. Winter’s done. Wheeee!

Factoids currently relevant to Civic Pride Rossendale – please note, folks :
1. Sunday 8th April : please support the excellent Rossendale Players AND Civic Pride with your attendance at The Millennium Theatre. Details as given last week. Give the telly a miss!! Email Anne Dixon for tickets on 47annelotusdixon@gmail.com We also need raffle prizes : please email Anne with your promise!
2. Civic Pride Haslingden – amazing quantity of well-filled green litter-bags noted round town. Well done guys!
3. Litter Blossom Time …. yup, that time of year when last year’s plant growth is dead, this year’s hasn’t started (apart from daffs ‘n’ things) thus revealing long-hidden litter breaking out in all its ghastliness. NOW is absolutely the time to get hold of the problem. Together and in ones and twos we can break the back of what’s been a pretty grim few weeks litter-wise. (or we can just leave it all there…???)
Events this week
• Tues 20th 4.15pm communal dancing naked (see above) – go on, surprise the neighbours
• Weds 21st 9.30am Weir Pride Knit ‘n’ Knatter, Doals Centre, Weir.
• Weds 21st 10am Bacup Pride’s coffee-drinkin’ crew, out to clear another grotspot. Meet behind Bacup Market. Hi-viz and all the gear provided.
• Thurs 22nd 10am meet on outbound layby of the bypass (adjacent to the railway station), clearing part of the area, plus, possibly, re-siting plants from a willing donor. Duncan, just make sure you save me a brew this week, ok?? (last week? …. not a drop …. zilch …. thought he was a mate …..)
• Friday 23rd Buffers 8pm. Whilst you lot indulge there, Your Chair will be representing Civic Pride at The Mayor’s Charity Ball (if I can find some clean socks ….and if they’ll let me in ..) Ok, see you at Buffers.
• RESCHEDULED!! Now on Saturday 24th, postponed from the icy depths of 3rd March, ’tis The Great Spring Clean Litter Pick Pt (1) : meet 10am at McDonalds (free drinks ‘n’ nosh) before totalling Haslingden Rd of ALL its litter. Special appeal to volunteers who’ve not been out wi’ us for a while!!
• RESCHEDULED!! (f’r the same reason) postponed from 4th March to Sunday 25th March The Great Spring Clean Litter Pick Part (2). Meet 10am at junction of St Crispin’s Way/Flip Rd/Bentwood Rd, Carrs Industrial Estate Haslingden. Come on Rawtenstall folk, join the Hassy Crew, big communal effort, let’s get LOADS of us out there!
• Monday 26th 9.30 Tricketts Memorial Ground Waterfoot, next stage of the renovation.
And that, poor suffering reader, is all you’ve got to wade through this week.

Chris PS if you need to get in touch with us, want to join in but don’t know how :-
• info@civic-pride.org.uk website www.civic-pride.org.uk
• weirpride@gmail.com
• bacuppride@gmail.com
• haslingdencp@outlook.com
• or Facebook pages for any of the above …….we’d LURV to receive a word or ten from you!

A Quick Witter for The Weather Gods

Dear Adherent (possibly, Adherents – ummmm – how’s the Membership List doin’?)

Last week, as ever, our Thursday crew had their wellies ‘n’ mufflers on ready for the starting gun and – snow was dumped on us. Have you tried gardening under snow? The session was cancelled at verrrry short notice. That’s the 3rd time in 3 weeks. Even worse, a quick thaw melted the lot a couple of hours later but un-cancelling a cancelled session gets confusing. Weather Gods, we ain’t no friend of yours atm. Just put it right this week. Please??

Weds 14th Weir Pride Knit ‘n’ Knatter, Doals Centre, 9.30 – 11.30. ‘Twas every Tues, now every Weds.
Weds 14th Bacup Pride 10am meet at the lockup, back o’ t’market i’ Bacup. Will they head straight for the coffee shop? Just one way to find out ……
Thurs 15th Civic Pride Rossendale doin’ what we’d planned for last week : meet 10am, bypass layby, inbound to R’stall side (adjacent to McD’s) for garden, plant ‘n’ litterpick.
Thurs 15th all day! Call in for a jar of cask ale at Northern Whisper. Bless ’em, they donate 10p to us from every pinta cask ale they sell, every Thurs in 2018. It’s now possible to sup ale AND feel virtuous. On a Thursday, anyway.
Fri 16th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops …. not been for ages so could be a good nite! – followed by compulsory visits to Casked and N. Whisper……Will we feel virtuous afterwards (see previous item ….)??
Mon 19th our magnificent Trickett’s crew are out again, T’s Memorial Ground – it’s on the Burnley Rd East/Booth Rd junction, 9.30am start. It’s one big project. (do I feel an RHS entry comin’ on there??)

1. The dateline is 8th April 2018. Civic Pride’s at the theatre, all scrubbed ‘n’ posh (possibly). Rossendale Players are at The New Millennium Theatre, Burnley Rd East, Waterfoot with a classy production of “Breaking The Code.” It’s on all week BUT Rossie Players will donate most of Sun 8th’s ticket money to CPride. Tickets, £9, from several sources : Watts News on Burnley Rd East ; Tickets Source (google it) ; Rossie Players’ own ticket line 0792 202 1505 ; and – and – from Civic Pride’s very own thespian, Anne Dixon (47annelotusdixon@gmail.com and 01706 551123). This local company is truly excellent, deserve our support, and you’ll have a crackin’ night out. And they’re supporting us.
2. Rescheduled Great Spring Clean – the weekend of 24th and 25th March, same venues. More details next week – but DO PLEASE COME OUT and help this major attack on our local grot ‘n’ litter. Izzit in thi diary yet?
3. We’ve been Facebook Messaged by a Bacup lady, Tracey Carne. She’s asked us to brighten up the non-too-attractive rear yard of a Nursing Home in the area. We’ve passed this on to Bacup Pride but please let us know if you, dear gardening volunteer, can add to your workload for a while – pass your details onto our Facebook Guru Jackie Taylor (jackie@civic-pride.org.uk). We’ll provide equipment and materials f.o.c. Thanks!
Ok, a quick prayer t’ Weather Gods for this week ….. Civic Pride go out in all sorts of crazy weather but – c’mon, there’s a limit, even for us



T’Witters – Oh not another …..

Dear Long-Suffering Civic Pride Adherents

How many Witterings landed last week? Not sure, but my ol’ laptop needed a good stiff drink afterwards…. all due, sadly, to sending-out of postponements of our multifarious wonderfully organised Big Spring Clean Litter events.

Your current Witter’s just a few notes and quick info re this week’s sessions :

  1. Hope you got the newsletter ; let us know if you didn’t. Thank you Roger for the immaculate illustrated prose.
  2. Jackie T has a connection for all you wildflower enthusiasts : go to https://www.growwilduk.com/content/seed-kit-applications-2018-now-open for free packet(s) of seeds
  3. AGM outcomes – main details are in last week’s newsletter but I’m adding big thanks to the many volunteers who manage parts of Civic Pride’s organisation ….. make sure we don’t descend into chaos!  : Sue and Barry (outreach) Sue R/D (stores) Hazel (sponsors) Jackie (social media) Josie and Eddie (rivers team) Keith (d-d czar) Lynn (secretarial) plus all the guys ‘n’ gals who lead specific projects and our fellow Pride groups across the borough. Thank you.
  4. Northern Whisper are supporting us financially with donations of 10p for every pint of cask ale sold on Thursdays thro’out 2018. We just need a catchphrase for it : “Thirsty is Civic Pride day” is the best we’ve come up with thus far. Further ideas from CP’s literary whizzes will be appreciated – send ’em in!

This week in a nutshell …….
Weds 7th March 10am Bacup Pride meet at the lockup behind Bacup market
Thurs 8th Civic Pride Rossendale Thursday Crew meet 10am on the bypass layby, inbound-to-Rawtenstall side. Early Spring (ok, optimistic title…) tidy-up and a LOT of litter to clear.
Friday 8pm Buffer Stops (no Chair in attendance this week, so that’s a social bonus)
Monday 13th 9.30am Trickett’s Memorial Ground, Burnley Rd East, Waterfoot – please bring your own gardening tools ’til we get a store sorted there.

Footnotes ….

  • The Big Spring Clean Litter Pick is postponed, not cancelled : we’re going to re-schedule later this month.
  • Go-go-go Lone Rangers and Secret Gardeners! Please keep us in touch with your activities via QT.


Chris    PS please, Lord, let there be no Supplementary Witters this week. We’ve had enuff of ’em ……


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Yet Another Supplementary Witter

Good Morning Troops

Herewith, a somewhat predictable message. Friday’s and Saturday’s Grand Litterpicks are postponed – that is, rescheduled to another time/date which as yet haven’t been organised.

Sunday’s session is on hold at the moment – the weather forecast, which says it’ll be below freezing ’til at least Saturday night, may be wrong, so if (if) we get an earlier thaw than currently predicted, we’ll be out there.

Litterpicker in one hand, snow shovel in the other, litterbag clenched between the teeth – that’s our Civic Pride.

Another Witter Supplementary re Sunday’s session will be slither into your inbox on Saturday morning. Betcha can’t wait, eh?

Chris A few minutes ago, the record on Radio 2 was “Mr Blue Sky”. Altogether now …….

Worra Wittering! (there’s LOADS going on – doooo come out and lend a hand!)

Dearest Troops

Thank you to Grimmers for eloquently taking over the Witterings last week, keeping ’em firmly wedged in the basement of literary efficacy. Crikey, even Max Bygraves got a mention.

Annual General Meeting – this was last Tuesday, and ’twas a rollickin’ good “Do.” Will relate the details and happenings in next week’s Witterings cos there’s just so much other detail to cram in this week.

TUES 27TH – Weir Pride, Doal Centre 9.30am continuing with their remarkable textile-based decor. Go see!
WEDS 28TH – It’s the end of February Fill-dyke! Spring bulbs comin’ on through! NB Bacup Pride’s Weds routine has been switched to Friday. Read on.
WEDS 28TH 4pm – 7pm Longholme Meths Church : a further consultation on R’stall Town Centre building proposals. Civic Pride has now quit this debate but that won’t prevent you adding your comments as individuals.
THURS 1ST MARCH 10am meet on bypass, inbound-to-R’stall side of the carriageway. It’ll be a fairly large litterpick unless a Lone Ranger or three tackle it beforehand. That’ll be in addition to tlc in the layby gardens.

FRIDAY 2ND MARCH – The Rossendale action of The Great British Spring Clean commences!!
• Bacup Pride 1pm to 3pm, meeting at the back of the market cabin on Market St, OL139NH (how sophisticated are they? even their store’s gotta post-code..) to clear up Market St area.
• Civic Pride meet 10am at the Boar’s Head Newchurch (nooo comments about mid-morning snifters, perleeze!). Civic Pride’s newly-elected Litter Officer, Ben Parkin, will be in charge. So jump to it, you lot! (there might be luncheon snifters afterwards …..)
• Buffer Stops, as per, 8pm onwards. A right ol’ jolly last week! This week? Could be even worse! New recruits are urged to join in this dee-lite-ful friendly get-together.
• Bacup Troops meet 10 am at the lock-up ; clearing back of Mario’s (ooh, could be a joke there…) and Bacup Centre
• Civic Pride meet outside McDonald’s, joint effort with Hassy crew and staff from McD’s. Picking Haslingden Rd and adjacent roads. I think Roger’s i/c this one so there’ll be free food ‘n’ drink at McD’s afterwards for workers!
• 10am onwards, Bacup’s Shock Litter Troops are clearing Rochdale Rd, South St and as much of the Coconutters’ Easter route as poss – the amount depends on numbers of volunteers so c’mon Bacup, get the neighbours out there!
• Civic Pride and CP Haslingden meet 10am at the St Crispin’s Way/Flip Rd/Bentwood Rd cross-roads to do as much of the Carrs Industrial estate as possible – our combined efforts were fantastic in 2016 and 2017 but please don’t rest on previous years’ laurels : you are needed! Some firms on Carrs make a real effort to keep their premises clear thro’out the year. Others couldn’t give a monkeys. Give me details of the latter please! Names will be shamed – no, sorry, cajoled. Gently cajoled.
MONDAY 5TH MARCH – the small but amazing gang regenerating Trickett’s Memorial Ground (TMG) on Burnley Rd East, Waterfoot, have a weekly work-crew there every Monday 9.30am start. Small numerically, that is, but that’ll change as more Waterfootians join ’em, we very much hope. It’s been a very long time since TMG was something to be proud of but these guys are on a pride-restoration mission. Go support! Please bring your own gardening tools for the first few weeks.

FINAL BUT VITAL BIT!! We’re getting dire warnings of grim weather coming our way. We’ll post last-minute cancellations in these columns if things look really bad and we have to abort one or more sessions. Current predictions, though, are that we’ll miss the worst of it. Ring the Civic Pride phone 07955 110199 for last-minute stuff, or me on 07877211314. Bacup Crew please keep me posted if you wish.



An AGM (Awful Grimshaw Mutterings) Witter

It appears that Blom has gone back to the 1950’s for a few days (those of you know Arnside and Silverdale will know exactly what I mean)! Unfortunately for his faithful readers it means that I can write this weeks garbage which could be a point better or worse, you must judge for yourselves.

Before I get to this weeks events I wanna tell you story, as Max Bygraves used to say. In our attic were four old dining chairs which are now for sale at Emmaus in Burnley. Other charities only wanted them if they had a table, Emmaus took them anyway. They raise money for homeless but seem to be little known but they really impressed me with their can do attitude. One to consider for future donations mayhaps?

Our Grants gnu guru Charlotte has just landed grants from Neighbourhood Forum, Live Well Live Better and Tesco Bags of Help! We now need you to shop at Tesco during March and April and put your little green tokens into the box marked Civic Pride! Everytime you shop there please! If they don’t offer the token, please ask for it! We’re after the £4000 grant rather than the £2000 or £1000 to regenerate the gardens opposite the ELR station.

Come and enjoy tha’ tea wi’ us tomorra (Tuesday 20th) for free, nowt, gratis. Rawtenstall Cricket Club, Bacup Road, Rawtenstall. While you’re there you can also join in the AGM!

Thursday 10am at Phipps Car Park (that’s the one behind Althams). I think that’s the best way of describing because the amount holidays we take I assume everybody knows where it is! Any road up, there’ll be plenty to do so bring waterproofs, warm clothing, sun tan lotion and shorts. You’ll probably need them all in the two hours you’ll be there!


ps please don’t eat all the pork pies at the AGM before I get to them!

Have you got it/did you get it Witter??

Hi Followers
The support papers for Civic Pride Rossendale’s AGM have now been circulated : Agenda, Constitution and Proposed Changes to Constitution. If you’ve NOT received them please let us know via roger@civic-pride.org.uk quickly. Thanx! And if you have received them, do us a favour and read ’em before the meet ….. essential bedtime reading!
Just in case you’ve not popped t’other details into your diary, they’re
• Venue : Rawtenstall Cricket Club (access via the gate which leads off the Kay St car park, opposite Butterworth Jones)
• Date, Tuesday next week : 20th February
• Doors open 6pm, prompt start 6.30pm
• Important bit : the AGM is pretty brisk but it’s a vital part of our working for the year. But there’s plenty of drinking, chatting, catching up, eating …. after the formal meeting finishes.
Perleeze support it!

This week
Tues 13th 9.30-11.30 Weir Pride Knit/Natter Doals Centre Weir
Thurs 15th Civic Pride’s Thursday Crew meet 10am on Phipp’s Car Park for work and tidy-up in the area. Phipps can accessed by car and on foot from the north (ie market) end of Bank St ; and on foot via the footpath which cuts through from St Mary’s Way into the car park. Big boots very useful if you’ve got ’em!
Fri 16th 8pm Buffer Stops – oh how lucky they are to have our patronage ….. we may go on elsewhere later.

A fairly serious (for us!) and non-jokey Wittering this week ……. normal service will resume soon-ish.



Quick(ish) Wittering from Your Very Own Civic Pride Rossendale

Dear Rossendalians and Equally Dear Out-of-Towners
Thank you Sue, Sue, Keith, Kath, Pam for being the Sunday team yesterday. Tbh, could’ve done with lots more volunteers (izzat making you feel guilty??)  – but the Noble Few did some great work. Thanks guys!This week we’ve got ……

  • Tues 6th Weir Pride Knit/Natter – some enterprising plans hatching there. 9.30am Doal Centre. Weirsiders and non-Weirsiders all very welcome.
  • Weds 7th 10am Bacup Pride’s gang will meet at the lockup for more remarkable renovating round town.
  • Weds 7th 6.30pm start Rawtenstall Neighbourhood Forum. Venue : meeting room at Rossie Ski Slope. We’re up for a grant ; and the main item on the agenda will be Waterfoot. Be good t’see you there.
  • Thurs 8th 10am at The Embankment opposite Asda ; more on The Embankment, plus central res and Phipps car park area. LOADS to do so come on out with our Truly Fab Thurs Crew (12 of us last week!)
  • Friday 9th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops – bring a few bits of wood so we can light a fire (that’ll make sense when you turn up!)
  • Saturday 10th Weir Pride. Soup Social, Doal Centre : sorry I’ve not got a time for that. Message them via F’book for details.

Vital Other Bitsa Info

  1. AGM is just 2 weeks away – 20th Feb – prep for onslaught of agenda, reports and support papers!
  2. Big Spring Clean dates on 2nd 3rd 4th March. We’ll be out somewhere every day, together with the other Pride clans. Please be prep to support this big improvement effort of your area!
  3. Tricketts – well done Charlotte, we now have a big grant to support the work which our small Waterfoot group are doing to massively renovate Tricketts Memorial Ground. It’s attracted a lot of grateful attention from locals. I really hope that’ll translate into them getting their hands dirty!
  4. The new sport  (it’s official!) is Plogging. It involves jogging, combined with picking up Plastic Litter as you go! No specialist kit needed altho’ we could lend you a litterpicker and a few bags ….

That’s the lot f’r this week (brief, as promised!)



Dontcha just LURV technology Witter??

Hi Guys
The Tekky Gods were being obstructive today. Non-co-operative. So there’s bin a reet battle with ’em to make sure you get your weekly dose of Wittering. Should we have bothered? (don’t answer that ….)

• Tuesday 30th 9.30am Weir Pride Doals Centre
• Thursday 1st Feb Civic Pride crew back to the Riverside Walk. Meet 10am.
• Friday 8pm onwards. Buffer Stop. A stimulating bunch there last week. Don’t count on THAT happening again.
• Sunday 4th Feb – Civic Pride WILL be out for our first-Sunday-of-the-month session, 9.30am at the store, 10am somewhere else. We’re assessing priorities – will let you know the location of “somewhere else” asap!
Other stuff :
• Rossendale Heritage Listing Project : if there’s a Rossendale architectural gem you feel deserves special treatment/merit please email info@communityasset.org The website is www.communityasset.org
• Northern Whisper – bless ’em! They’re donating a proportion of their cask ale sales, each and every Thursday throughout 2018 to Civic Pride. Wonderful people. Get in there on Thursdays folks – excellent beer AND doing yer CP some good! Thanks Hazel, our Sponsorship Queen!
• Haslingden & Bacup guys ….. not heard owt from them …. but they will be out this week so check their F’book pages for info.
Last bit ….. Lone Rangers : we’re getting some good postings on our QT site letting us all know where you’ve litterpicked. Could you all remember to do that please? Go on, share the virtuous community spirit ….

Cheers, folks!

Chris PS Supplementary Witterings re next Sunday (4th Feb) will be with you shortly …. oooh the anticipation ……
Weekly Witterings by CivicPride

It’s Monday so you’re getting the Civic Pride Witterings. You poor souls …….

Hi Chilly Troops

Not merely chilly but soaked ‘n’ chilly – that’s the Thursday crew who braved the bypass mud sleet ‘n’ hail last week. Crazy people. Bless ’em. Slightly warmer but mind-numbed was Charlotte. She filled in endless grant applications for funds for us. Ever tried completing one of those?? Thanks chuck!

Btw, ’twas a very interesting Friday night : exposure to freezing R’stall sleet negated by dashing from one excellent new R’stall bar to the next. Pub crawl? No, we ran.

Tues 23rd Jan 9.30-11.30am, The Weir Pride crew’ve got the right idea – they’re inside at the moment! A Knit Natter Crochet ‘n’ Chatter group at the Doal Centre, Burnley Rd Weir. All welcome, be you Weir person or foreigner.
Weds 24th Jan Bacup Pride. Meet 10am, the lock-up behind the market, take it from there. A brew is inevitable.
Thurs 25th Jan Civic Pride Thursday crew, 10am based at the Riverside Walk (Bury Rd, opposite the railway station). A range of goings-on (oooh!) around that area. Intrigued, or what? Friendly welcome guaranteed.
Fri 26th Jan 8pm onwards we’re at Buffer Stops. We might drift off to an adjacent venue 9pm-ish so if you turn up & can’t find us, ring. (07877211314)

One entire month plus one day since the shortest day …. we have 57 mins more daylight (Civic Pride version of Spring Watch!)



Mid-Jan Witter

Evenin’ All

Great turnouts to organised sessions last week – 12 volunteers on Thursday, 15 on Sunday. That’s not counting all those stars out on their own in their own time. We’re so grateful to y’all.

Special well-done to Leanne (one of the Hassy crew). I’m told she single-handedly cleared that appalling layby on the A56, just before the Rising Bridge roundabout.


Weds 17th 10am Bacup Pride meet at the lockup behind Bacup market.
Thurs 18th Civic Pride Thursday Morning crew – attracting more volunteers every week, really making a difference so come ‘n’ join the fun! Meet 9.30am at the store or 10am on the bypass layby, inbound-to-R’stall side. Perennial weeds need yanking out, several areas requiring our tlc. Could be up for two brews – one from lovely Lynn (our volunteer catering manager!) then a McD’s freebie after we’ve finished. Tempted, eh??
Friday 19th – change of venue!! 8pm in Casked (next to the Civic Pride shop, opposite the fire station) then aiming for Buffers at 9pm.

OTHER STUFF (will try to be brief – honest!)
1. Friday 23rd March Mayor’s Charity Ball : 4 course dinner plus entertainment and chance to chat. Venue is The Riverside Whitworth 7pm for 7.30pm tickets £35. This year the mayor is Colin Crawforth who’s been a big long-term supporter of all things Civic Pride so it’d be good to return the compliment. Email me if you want to attend : chris@civic-pride.org.uk or ring on 07877211314
2. Burnley Pendle and Rossendale Council for Voluntary Services would like a Civic Pride representative as a Trustee. Let me know if you can help ’em out – the time commitment is minimal and it could help us to recruit volunteers which is vital to us.
3. East Lancs Railway – if you’re ever at R’stall station you may have seen a beautiful locomotive called City of Wells. ELR are trying to buy it and need donations (whether large, small or tiny) towards the £300K purchase price. Get in touch via their website.
That’s it – other than to say it’s now 35 minutes longer (gettit?) – oh, and ‘orrid January’s half-done!



It’s gone an’ it’s on its way ….. is this a weird Wittering??

Hi Civic Pride Boddies

Yup, shortest day’s gone and Springtime’s on its way. You’ll be oh-wow’d to know that compared to the shortest day, today 8th Jan had 20 mins more daylight than the shortest day. Dig out the suntan lotion!

Have you seen any daffs and bulbs starting to poke through?? We’ve planted thousands of ’em round the borough so – – Jackie, our social media guru, Facebooked a pik of some a couple of weeks ago. Marvellous.

Oh – and we’re in the Free Press twice this week. Thanks guys – but well, to be honest, it’s richly deserved by our luvly volunteers. The Scribbler seems to like us.

This week ……
• Weds 10th 10am Bacup Pride meet at the lockup behind the market. How’s it going, guys??
• Thurs 11th Civic Pride Rossendale meet 9.30am at the store or 10am at the Haslingden Rd gardens (in front of St Mary’s Chambers) for a tidy-up. Good weather forecast.
• Fri 12th 8pm onwards – join the notorious gathering at Buffer Stops (rollickin’ good chatty/social “do” last week…)
• Sunday 14th – c’mon luvvies, it’s the – um – first Sunday of the month – well, ’tis so on our calendar. We always have a session on – um – first Sunday of the month! Meet 10am on the inbound layby of “our” bypass for some restorative digging and planting (really!), some tidying and a good ol’-fashioned litterpick! Something for everyone to do then, and someone’s bound to blag some free coffee out of the nearby McDonald’s. What’s not to like?
Two last things (just the two …. really …)
(1) we’ll be in touch with really sensible stuff about equipment audits and access to the store …. we do sensible sometimes.
(2) oh – – – just say NO! The latest development proposal for the Town Square, aka Spinning Point Two, is awful. Every scrap of green, of planting, of thousands of hours of C.P. volunteer-time, is going under concrete. Nothing will be left. It looks like buildings right up to the edge of the Bank St pavement. Don’t take our word for it. Look at the planning submission via the Free Press or via Rossie Council Planning or go to Futures Park to see the plans for yourself. Do nowt, it’ll happen. Is that what you want the centre of your town to look like?


Chris PS Huge thanks to all the Lone Rangers who’ve tackled the litter this week – especially those who’ve posted it on our QT site. If you don’t know how to get on there, email ben@civic-pride.org.uk for easy-to-follow details. Like, really easy!

Thank-the-Lord-that’s-over Witterings

Happy New Year Civic Priders everywhere!! ‘Tis 2018 (you knew that?). Your new year resolution (c’mon, you’ve got one!) ….. make an impact on where you live!!

First, thanks to ……
• Pam – organiser of our newly replanted barrier baskets/hanging baskets … have you seen them all, lovely reader??
• Simon & Matt for putting up the hanging baskets
• Ben for last week’s mass end-of-year litterpick and to all the guys ‘n’ gals who supported it
• ALL the Lone Rangers who’ve already started their 2018 anti-litter patrols. Lots of postings on our QT reporting site. Have you started yet? Go on, give it half an hour! Today??
• Suzy & Co for the creatively-artistic seasonal decs in the Civic Pride shop window.
• Mike and Amanda Jones, owners of Casked (R’stall’s newest bar – it’s next to our shop!) for diverting ALL their tips towards CP … £40 in the first week. A truly lovely gesture!
• Peter Connolly’s family for the wonderful donation to us, collected around the time of Peter’s funeral. Peter was a real community man and we’re delighted and honoured to be a part of his remembrance.
This week …. lots of individual efforts going on, but just the one needing a gang :

Thursday 4th Jan 2018, meet 9.30 at the store or 10am on the Town Square. We’re giving it the first tidy-up of 2018 …. weather forecast is ok. New year, new start, new volunteers – is that you??
Friday 5th 8pm onwards we’re at Buffer Stops. Relate your festive period goings-on (are brave enough to confess ’em?)
Our regular First-Sunday-Of-The-Month Session is NEXT week – ie Sunday 14th Jan, 10am. It’s put back a week to give us chance to recuperate from the festive excesses …..

Fly-tipping …… Rossendale Borough Council prioritise reports we send in & act on ’em asap. Here’s the reminder, folks : please send details of any you spot to us at our dedicated email address. That’s flytipping@civic-pride.org.uk
Just 2 descriptions needed : (1) what’s been tipped ; (2) (especially important!) careful accurate details of location. Thank you!

See you out there!


Your Wonderful Weekly Wittering : The last, the final, the never again.

Hi Elves, Santas an’ all of our happy band

Is this week’s a doom-laden title? Did you read it? Well y’see it is the last one of 2017. I know there’s TWO weeks to go but one suspects the audience might be a bit sparse next Monday. So this week’s WITTER is a bogof (I know you’ll work that out …. well, some will ..)

Weds 20th 10am by the Bacup Pride lockup …. join local citizenry for another Bacup facelift.
Weds 20th late afternoon Weir Pride are off to The Sycamore Tree for festive nosh. Check out their F’b page for details … late bookings still being taken.
Thurs 21st The revolution is at hand brothers ‘n’ sisters!! There is no Civic Pride Rossendale session this week. None. The first we’ve missed in 8 years but – last Thurs our noble band of regulars were frozed to their extremities (saved only by Aunty Lynn’s coffee flasks) so we thought we’d do Pressy Shopping this week instead.
Thurs 21st midday. Join a certain gent doing pilates in the company of young virile ladies. Cross my palm with ale an’ I’ll name names …….This is true …..and if that certain gent doesn’t cross my palm with ale, the who and the where will be shockingly revealed. I was a News Of The World Reporter.
Friday 22nd 8pm a final pre-Chrimbo Buffers. Further comments would be superfluous, d’you think??
Monday 25th It is actually true that some of our utterly wonderful Lone Rangers start Christmas Day with a litterpick, eliminating the town of Chrimbo Eve celebrants’ litter. Do get out there. Start the day feeling virtuous …… even if the halo does slip a bit later on!
Thurs 28th THE BIG ONE!! Ordinarily we do a New Year’s Day Grand Litter-Pick. This year, just to vary things a bit, it’s a Grand End-Of-Year Litter Pick – meet 9.30am at the Civic Pride store (behind R’stall market). Good ol’ Ben’s organising it so expect the thing to work immaculately. Bring the kids as well (kid-sized kit is available …. noisy ones fit beautifully into the littersacks ….).

(1) Next to the C. Pride shop – the latest in the line of R’stall’s excellent new bars. That’s the fourth this year, all lovely. This one’s called Casked and it opens this week. We’re reliably told.
(2) Whitaker – we love you! They gave us a truly marvellous Civic Pride Bash last Thurs, and have just publicly congratulated us. Details at the end, but they provided a lovely ambience & lovely food all with a dee-lie-ful bunch of Pride People!
(3) oooh Annie! She’s one of our Thurs regulars and appeared on stage, as in, one of the cast, for a week’s run at The Palace, Oxford St M/cr. Really. Typical of the amazin’ talent within our ranks!

That’s it. 2017 done. Marvellous year for your Civic Pride – Roger’s recent newsletter gave a flavour of it but – didn’t we do well?? As the guys from The Whitaker proclaimed a couple of days ago …..

Wow – what a brilliant year for Civic Pride. Please pass on our congratulations and thanks from ALL at The Whitaker. It’s richly deserved.

Can’t say more than that, really. To all our volunteers, supporters and sponsors – thank you. It’s been a privilege to be a part of it all.

Happy Christmas!


Bitter Witter

Hi Shivering Team

Ok that’s quite enough. The snow-n-ice stuff looks very pretty but enough is enough. It looks so jolly on those weird Christmas card piks but – well – really. …… BUT …. will it put Your Crazy Civic Pride doing stuff this week?? Answer below :

Weds 13th Dec – Bacup Pride’s usual morning session but – you’ll need to go to their F’b page to find out what’s happening ; or bacuppride@gmail.com
Weds 13th – just to let you know : our unsung Outreach Team are out again – this time at Alder Grange. No fuss, no fanfares, Barry & Sue JDI bless ’em. Thanks guys!

Thurs 14th Dec Your ever-lovely Civic Pride Rossendale crew are out. Foul weather? No prob! Meet 9.30 (that’s half past nine ….now why is that timing repeated this week?? Hmm!) at the store or 10am at the inbound layby on the bypass. 400 daff bulbs to plant and we need some inspired idea for what to do with a coupla hundred crocus….. so bring thi brain cell as well as thi trowel please!
Thurs 14th Dec It’s THE social event of the year : the Civic Pride Christmas Nosh, 7pm at The Whitaker. Sorry if you’ve not booked in – applications now closed! Attendees : posh frocks, crisp shirts and polished wellies please. Mike’s buying the beer.

Friday 15th Dec An inquest of last night’s serial goings-on. If y’missed said goings-on, we’ll let you in on the secrets. And possibly the photos. 8pm onwards, Buffer Stops.

Addenda :

A1 – did y’see Blue Planet 2 last night (Sunday 10th) then? A small part of it was David Attenborough’s gentle description of how we’re choking our seas and oceans. With litter. Watch it if you can.
A2 – thanks as ever to our glorious Twitter gal (Jackie) – this, from B & E Boys : We’d like to thank @CivicPrideRoss for the work they do for the local community in Rossendale. As one review says “they’re a hard-working team who give up their spare time to create magic around the valley. We need to be more grateful to them”
Lovely comments, fellahs : thank you.
A3 – have you seen our oh-wow winter-planted barrier baskets which’ve gone in this week? Go look if you haven’t – we’ve installed a record number. Rather justifies R’stall’s new description as The Floral Town dontcha think??. On this occasion, thanks to the fellahs from Zenon for doing them for us at cost. They’ll still cost us over £4,000 in 2018 though. Ooops! Anyone got a rich relative??

Talking of rich relatives ….. ok back to the Christmas shopping.


Wittering not mentioning the fact of it being 3 weeks to go to the season of Bah Humbug

Good evening Civic Priders Everywhere

First – great session last Sunday morn : grand crew started the revamp on the bed near Do-Dah’s – thanks to all the guys who supported and to Lynn for the coffee. Go check it out luvly people! Could YOU have helped for a while??
That, followed up later on Sunday by the **th birthday celebs of Mrs Neville (hiya Jean!), she, a C.P. stalwart. She’s bein’ very mysterious about actual age ….. (25 with a few years’ experience, we hear…)
Second – thank you Lone Rangers who post their litterpickin’ activities on the QT site. It really is valuable as we know who’s done what, which stops other guys visiting the same areas unnecessarily. Thanx! (can’t access QT site? Let us know via info@civic-pride.org.uk)

To business folks! (promise to keep it uber-brief)

WEDS 6TH DEC meet 10am at the lockup, back of Bacup market – am reliably informed the next stage of the Dale St project’s in hand.
THURS 7TH DEC meet 9.30am at the store (behind R’stall market) or 10am in the in the area between the Railway station and the bypass. Confused? Gi’e us a ring if you’re lost (07877211314) The weather forecast ain’t the best but we’ll be there. Btw, we’ll be joined by an academic researcher. Intrigued? Come find out!
FRIDAY 8TH DEC 8pm onwards at Buffer Stops for beer and badinage (R’stall was just buzzing last Friday nite ….
Other than that, it’s all down to individuals going out solo which is HUGELY appreciated. And crucial.

To finish with touches of immodesty we have genuine quotes from this week’s communications which are Witterings-related :
Immodesty (1) “Fabled Gems of Wisdom”
Immodesty (2) “Enjoyed reading The Witterings”
Immodesty (3) “Please keep sending me the Witterings even tho’ I’m in Wales ….”
So someone loves this ol’ garbage even if you delete it …… that “fabled gems” bit was from an intelligent rational lady, not from me mum


Chris PS thanx to Charlotte, putting in hours of work chasing grants : unsung-but-vital work. Luv ya!

PPS Sorry – as in, really sorry – to bang on about this again.

We hear that next Sunday we’ve got Blue Planet 2, BBC TV, David Attenborough illustrating how we humans are destroying our oceans with pollution. Litter. Plastic. Garbage.

Please watch it. Then go out there and, at least, help to clear up our own back yard. Where you live. Please pass on the message.

When we’ve poisoned the last river, polluted the last ocean, made desert of the last field, we’ll find that we can’t eat money.

What price will our kids, our grandkids, pay for what we’re doing?

Weekly Witterings – 48 down 4 to go

Hi to Y’All
Where’s 2017 gone? Just 4 more Witters after this ‘un. Thank the Lord for that. Will the 2018 versions be any better? Unlikely. Sorry.

Anyhow, congrats to the last week’s Thurs morning crew who braved the sleet and carried on regardless. Have you seen those big planter boxes (the ones by the X43 bus stops on Bank St – and near Fitzpatricks?) Quelle transformation – well done guys!


Weds 29th Nov Bacup Pride 10am meet at the store – not sure what’s happening but likely, there’ll be a brew involved.
Thurs 30th Nov (St Andrew’s Day, the noo – so wee drams in the half-time coffee, mayhap?) meet 9.30am at the CP Store behind R’stall market or 10am Riverside Walk – tidying up, some trimming, creative stuff with the adjacent planters and primula bed (if it’s still there!) and – lots of chatter. It’s what we do. Some more than others ……
Fri 1st December – so the “C” word can now be used …..that, and other deep philosophies will be debated at Buffer Stops 8pm onwards. Oh what a treat you missed last week – the wonderful ol’-fashioned coal fire was roaring up t’chimley – remember those??
Saturday 2nd Dec Weir Pride meet 10am at the Doals Centre : removing the remnants of the summer planting (that’s the stuff which won you an RHS Award, Weir – remember that??) then a litterpick.
Sunday 3rd December – it’s the first-Sunday-of-the-month effort – the last of 2017! Some of our Secret Gardeners need a bit of support so we’re back at the Do-Dah’s/Reeds-Rains beds tidying up but – particularly – digging out some of the overgrown shrubs : heavy work so big fellahs very much needed to join the rest of us please! Meet 10am. Thanx! Hassy crew – I’m sure you’re out as well!

(1) Have you got any good recent piks/photos of Civic Pride activities/scenes? Please send ’em to Jackie (our Social Media Guru). Email to jackie@civic-pride.org.uk Thank you (I wonder where they’ll be used??). Or take your camera/phone out with you next time you’re out?
(2) All over social media yesterday was a bloke called Eddie Kirkwood. He’s got bad cerebral palsy problems but he and his wheelchair go out litterpicking every day, rain or shine. An amazingly positive can-do fellah.
(3) On the subject of (2) above – we’ve given out lots of litterpicking gear over the past year and we know some of it’s hardly ever being used. Is that you?? C’mon, join our communal effort please – just the odd half-hour??
(4) Early notice – please put it in thi diary : Civic Pride Rossendale AGM Tues 20th Feb 6.30pm at R’stall Cricket Club. It’s so important that volunteers contribute to decisions which’ll take us through the next 12 months. Oh – and have you got your name down for the CP Christmas Nosh? Details in previous Witters.

That’s the lot for this week – come an’ get involved, lovely reader!

Chris PS this lot written to the accompaniment of Jimi Hendrix on Radio 2 : he would’ve been 75 today … just telling you that cos CP isn’t only about litter ‘n’ plants!

A somewhat minimalist Witter

What-ho, Pride People

That’s What-ho. It’s an old-fashioned familiar greeting. Not ho-ho-ho, the greeting pertaining to that “C” word we don’t mention ’til December.

Just one thing, though, whilst we’re on the “C” word – it’s last chance saloon to book in for the C.P. Christmas Posh Nosh at The Whitaker. I believe Aunty Lynn’s just emailed a final reminder. It looks like a pretty good attendance this year but sad to say not everyone’s sent the payment ….. shockin’, eh? If you haven’t, gerrit in speedily please! (I’m writing that in a position of supreme virtue, having nipped round to pay – oooh – at least 5 minutes ago ..,..this is true!)


It’s a bit brief, to be honest ………

Hassy and Bacup Pride groups will be doing their thang this week but no specific details to hand

THURS 23RD NOV 9.30AM MEET AT CP STORE (behind R’stall market) or 10.00am on the Town Square. First job will be refreshing the big boxes on the Bank St side of t’Square plus the two in front of t’Sandwich Shop : weeding, refreshing the compost, winter planting. We’ve a luvly Thurs morning crew and new volunteers will be very welcome, confident of lotsa friendly chat, Aunty Lynn’s coffee an’ getting thi hands mucky.
FRIDAY 24TH 8PM ONWARDS at Buffer Stops. Grand local ales and setting the world to rights – well, Rawtenstall, anyway.

O.S.(1) We got some response to last week’s plea to return borrowed equipment but some trowels, shears and long-handled loppers are still missing. Yes I know someone’ll have borrowed ’em to do a CP task somewhere – but they’ve been gone for weeks now and they’re needed for other CP work – oh, and they’re expensive items. So look into thy soul, guilty party/ies – and into thy garden shed, an’ all – and get ’em back to us. Ta!
O.S.(2) The edge of the M66 verges have been mown, revealing a mass of mucky litter. I s’pose it’s still there. Thank heaven for our Lone Rangers keeping OUR dual carriageways pristine. And roads. And streets. And Paths ……. Can you do a half hour? I know we’ve given out scores – literally scores – of the famous litterpicker devices : does yours need some fresh air and exercise – not been out for a week or six? Go on, fit it into your schedule. ….. and it’d help if you put your efforts on the CP Quick Topic (QT) site so we know where’s been done & where hasn’t. Lovely!


Chris PS Sunday NEXT week will be the final last-Sunday-of-the-month of the year job. Make a note in thi diary and sithee there, 10 ’til 12, Sunday 4th Dec. Details in next week’s Witterin’s.

Your Weekly Wittering Descends On Thi’ Inbox (time for a nap, then?)

Hi Publicity Baskers

The Mighty Media Machines have been lavishing attention on yer Civic Pride ……
• Lancs Telegraph 12 days ago (did you get a copy?)
• BBC Radio Lancs 6 days ago (did u hear us??)
• Free Press this week – go buy a copy! It’s mostly to do with our SG’s (= Secret Gardeners … sorry yes you know that!). Pages and pages in the press plus a hilarious half hour on t’radio.
• All that, followed by Jackie our Social Media Whizz, popping a pik on F’book, with a few words of explanation, showing Our Van stuffed full of bags of litter we’d cleared. It got literally hundreds of “likes” and appreciative comments from the good people of R’stall.
Ok that’s quite enough of that – get the boots and hi-viz on, you lot, because …….
This Week’s Happenings ……..
TUESDAY 14TH Weird stuff goin’ on in Weir. Doals Centre 10am to find out …..
WEDS 15TH 10am Bacup Pride starting on Dale St. Go help ’em, even if it’s just for a half hour, Bacupians.
THURS 16TH 9.30am at the C.P. Store (behind R’stall Market) or 10am on T’ Town Square.
FRIDAY 17TH 20.00 hrs onwards it’s Buffer Stops again. We may move on elsewhere after a while – ring me if we ain’t there (07877211314)

1. Several pairs of shears (good uns with black handles) and big loppers are missing from the store. Plus weeders, trowels, hoes, a “Civic Pride At Work” sign …… They’ll have been borrowed with the best of intention but PLEASE can we have ’em back : they’re expensive and much-needed kit. Thank you!
2. Civic Pride Christmas Nosh 14th December – a goodly crew booked in thus far : please don’t read this without Just DOIN’ It! Contact our Lovely Lynn. Now. (see Lynn’s email to you sent 8th Nov for details)
3. Jake, we forgive you.
4. VITAL BIT! You’ll have noticed all the many extra barrier baskets we’ve installed on St Mary’s Way and Bury Rd (Duncan & Keith did the donkey work, to be fair). Just in case you wonder why we need lotsa ££££, the filling of them all twice annually now costs us over £4,000. You read that correctly. Sharp intake of breath, eh?
5. Also in this week’s Free Press – details of a litterpick on 1.4 miles of part of the National Cycle network in Ashton. 368 bags of litter. That’s one bag filled for every 6 yards. And we thought we had it bad!! Ve are vinning ze Litter Var!! Get out there and be part of it, for your town’s sake!


A Wittering of triumph. What, another??

Hi Lovely Volunteers

Worra day! 15 crazy volunteers from Weir, Bacup, Haslingden and Civic Pride Rossendale at the RHS Awards in Southport last Weds. Awards for Weir Bacup and Hassy, which we’re all delighted about, it being their first year in the It’s Your Neighbourhood scheme. I’ll let them tell their own stories!
Yer owd CP Rossendale got four (yup, 4) top level “Outstanding” awards and one next-to-top “Thriving” award. Massive thanks and congratulations to our Secret Gardeners who’ve been grafting away on their respective gardens to make R’stall look fab. No other voluntary organisation in the NW matched this fantastic standard. Really! Good, eh??

Back to the ol’ routine now :
WEDS 8th 10am Bacup Pride’s weekly group meet at their lockup behind Bacup Market for more Bacup beautification
WEDS 8th 10am – if you’ve nowt better to do, tune in to BBC Radio Lancs – the above-mentioned Weir Bacup Hassy and us will be packed into the Radio Lancs studio to chat about the awards and all things related to the amazin’ work we all do…… sounds like a recipe for Broadcasting Chaos methinks. Listen in and see…
THURS 9TH Civic Pride Rossendale meet 9.30 at the store or 10am on the bypass inbound layby (near McDonald’s) to give it the last of its Autumnal Tidying
FRIDAY 10th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops (I’m engaged elsewhere so the proceedings should be rather more civilised this week)

That’s it! Other than to say we had a full page article in Saturday’s Lancs Telegraph about the awards, which was lovely. And thank you to all the wonder-volunteers who planted bulbs on Sunday in the Town Square and then cleared R. Irwell and Limey Water near B & M of tons of rubbish, including FIVE B & M shopping trollies and THREE Tesco trollies. Why??? Tesco very grateful, B & M slightly less so …

Definitely last thing : if you see notices for an event called Rawtenstall Winter Wonderland (17th Dec) please leave ’em in situe : it’s a charitable event, not a bit of commercial fly-posting. HOWEVER, do let me know if you reckon any of them are badly-sited. I’ve a contact number for the organisers so can do something about it. Thanks!

Cheers, y’all! – an’ keep on pickin’ !


Your Weekly Witterings : Back-To-The-Usual-Rubbish standard

Hi Witter Sufferers

Thanks to Roger, CP’s substitute Witterer, for last week’s erudition. Normal drivel resumes herewith, but first a note or three :
1. Last word on C. Pride Rossendale’s 21st Oct Celebrating Community event : thanks to Tesco’s donation of two £25 gift vouchers for our entirely unique competitions (would anyone else have a rubbish-estimation comp??) Gill won both prizes. Huh. Send your begging letters to her. To everyone involved, my thanks to y’all for making it such a Grand Do. (btw, the competition answers briefly went missing, were found in a box with the pork pies. Surreal, eh??). Thanks again, Tesco!
2. Sacks of daffodil bulbs from RBC (thanx guys!) We got 4 sacks of 500, all now claimed (Whitewell Bottom, Waterfoot and some random geezer) BUT let me know if you’d like some for your enterprise – we’ll try to nick some more!
3. Apologies to CP Hassy cos their planning was omitted from last week’s Witter. They had an amazing so-much-done week. This week? Check their F’b page. They’re heading for 1,000+ bags of litter cleared in 2017 and are sure to add to it!
WEDS 1st NOV ALL DAY – Pride crews from all over Rossendale going to the RHS Awards Bash in Southport. How’ll we do? Fingers crossed for us pleeze!
WEDS 1ST BACUP PRIDE meet 10am at lockup behind Bacup market. Serious Bacup-based tlc going on.
THURS 2ND MEET 9.30AM at Civic Pride store (behind R’stall market – where else??) then to bypass inbound layby by 10am. Very Long To Do List for us this morning so please abandon whatever you’d planned and help. New guys hugely welcome to join a brill Thurs Morning Crew. “Brill” defined as one amazingly effective and friendly gang (fuelled by Aunty Lynn’s brews & biks)
FRIDAY 3RD WEIR PRIDE 10am Weir Park to litterpick Remembrance Day route and memorial. Little uns welcome and treats provided : edible-type treats, possibly, but ya never know in Weir!
FRIDAY 3RD 8PM ONWARDS – we’re back to Buffer Stops. I’ve not been for weeks and really lookin’ forward to seeing folk including the Hassy, W’well, Weir, Bacup, W’foot, E’field & Helmshore teams. Everyone welcome : it’s not just the CP Rossendale crew, ok??
SAT 4TH BACUP crew doing their 1st-Saturday-of-the-month session on the Wall of History Garden, bottom of Yorkshire St.
SUNDAY 5TH Civic Pride 1st-Sunday-of-the-month session meet 9.30am at the store or 10am Town Square. Planting 500 bulbs. Yup, five hundred. If the river stays low [ie it doesn’t chuck it down this week!] a river-clearance as well. River crew are you available please? Volunteers bring waders and/or wellies. Safety gear provided. An additional litterpick will be running IF we get the right volunteers (izzat you??).

With sympathy : to Janina, one of our highly dedicated volunteers, following the death of husband Don. Funeral Burnley Crematorium midday 7th Nov. Your CP friends thinking of you.


his is your Queen’s Award slightly-panicking-in-spite-of-being-totally-(??)-organised-for-Saturday Witter

Hiya Troops and Supporters

Roll up, roll up, getcha lovely bodies down t’Do on Saturday!! Have a look at what your Civic Pride’s been up to and join the celebration, even if it’s just for half an hour. We’d look right Charlies if no-one turned up!! It’s the biggest informing-the-public and celebration event we’ve ever organised so you, dear reader, are asked to take note, come along, help out …..

CELEBRATING COMMUNITY – The Queen’s Award, Civic Pride Rossendale, with sooo many other wonderful voluntary groups showcased!! Saturday 21st Oct 11am to 3pm, Kay St Baptist Church Hall, Kay St Rawtenstall.
1. We’ll be setting up the event on Friday between 1pm and 4pm. All hands on deck please as there’s a lot to get ready.
2. On Saturday we’ll be opening up at 10am to fine-tune the details inside the venue and to put up lots of display items outside. Help needed again, please!
3. Will ALL CP folk with display or other responsibilities please wear CP hi-viz so you’re readily identifiable – it doesn’t matter if it clashes with your best twin set an’ pearls ….
4. Ted Robbins, bless ‘im, is opening the event at 11am. Jake Berry, Alyson Barnes and a number of our councillors will be coming to look at us and The Mayor and Mayoress will be there at 1pm to present us with the Queen’s Award….. that’ll be the highlight of the event, really.
5. We’re making a big effort to inform/persuade the general public to come along, be informed, amazed, fed, contribute ….. and, possibly, volunteer!
6. There’s a buffet lunch, details of our sponsors, presentations and static displays covering most aspects of what we’re about, in-house expert advice for your gardening queries, displays from Limey Valley, Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue and a host of others, 2 competitions with big fat prizes donated by Rawtenstall Tesco (we luv ’em!) AND your chance to have a look at the 2018 CP Development Plan. And a book stall, plus the all-new Dun-Ro (that’s gotcha wondering….), Friends of Bocholt, loads of chat plus one or two surprises.
7. Afterwards – we’ve only got an hour, 3pm to 4pm, to completely clear the hall and have it ready for Sunday morning service. Bodies (able and partially able!) and vehicles will be in huge demand. Please help out!
OTHER STUFF (in brief – well, sort of brief….)
WEDS 3PM (matinee!) 7PM (evening performance) venue CP shop : a super graphics presentation about Civic Pride’s first 18 years. It’s being shown to other events and interested bodies across the N-W. We need you to be in the audience, either to correct any wrong bits OR to learn about us in case the public ask you a CP-related question on Saturday! Ice cream and albatross on sale in the interval.
THURS 19TH meet 9.30am CP Store or 10am at Haslingden Rd Gardens (same place as last week, finish the job there). Lynn’s leading this one cos neither Pam nor I are available so please support her!
FRIDAY 20TH 8PM it’s Buffer Stops but not for long – early nite for us (now why mite that be??)
SATURDAY 21ST – well, haven’t u read ANY of this ??

Big hugz to all you lovely volunteers – double hug to y’all who get down on Saturday!

Chris PS after tonight’s (Monday’s) gales there’ll be upended bins and litter everywhere. Please make a special litter-clearance effort. Ta!

One-Week-To-Go Witter (help!!)

Dear Ol’ Volunteers

You’ve looked at the title of this week’s Witter? Wonder what it’s all about? (to be honest, most folk wonder what any of these Weekly Witterings are ever about ….). Then read on. The solution cometh.

Before that, a bucket of thank you’s …….
(1) to Newchurch Meths Guides, 38th Scouts and Beavers, St James the Less Brownies : marvellous litter-picking and involvement with things environmental ; and to all their unsung leaders (brave souls!)
(2) to Barry & Sue for the (naturally) excellently organised and stimulating Outreach sessions with the uniformed organisations ….. not forgetting the schools, youth clubs and everyone else they’re involved with, names of which have escaped from the brain cell just at the moment
(3) to the crew who responded to last Friday’s Witter Supplementary, spending Sunday dishing out 1,000 leaflets for 21st Oct “do” (see below!)

This week : (sorry, not much info come in!)

THURS 12TH OCT MEET 9.30AM AT THE STORE OR 10.00AM AT HASLINGDEN RD GARDENS (in front of St Mary’s Chambers) We’re struggling to recruit enough Secret Gardeners so we’re having to take at least a part of this area back under the Thursday Crew’s wing…… can you help??
FRI 13TH Buffer Stops 8pm onwards. We’ve got new bars opening in R’stall so Buffers is a tad quieter than it was. The bonus? – we can have a good natter without having to fight our way to the bar!

Don’t be fooled – the above isn’t the total : our Lone Rangers and Secret Gardeners are out doing their thing 365 days a year. And the grapevine sez Haslingden, Weir and Bacup Prides will all be active – check their websites and/or Facebook pages for info.

PLEASE PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY!! Saturday 21st Oct, 11am to 3pm Venue Kay St Baptist Church Hall for a celebration of yer Civic Pride’s Queen’s Award, with other voluntary organisations joining us for a Celebrating Community event. Ted Robbins has been invited to open the “Do”, our Mayor and Mayoress will arrive at 1pm for the formal part, presenting us with the Queen’s Award and our MP and local/county councillors will drop in.
There’s a buffet available, our plans for 2018 will available for members to add to, a couple of simple (gotta be simple if I’m there ….) competitions to – um – well – compete in : and we need YOU, lovely CP volunteer/supporter, to swell the numbers attending. No show without Punch. Or Judy. (or the crocodile….). So join us!

C’mon get out there and do your Civic Pride thing this week! We know you won’t leave it to that anon person aka Somebody Else. (will you?)



A Saturday Witter? Wot’s goin’ on here?

Yup, Civic Pride’s T’Witter is going out on a Saturday. We quite understand that this’ll leave a huge gap in your Monday Reading Literature but hey – you’ll cope as you ALWAYS do ….

So this’ll be a brief one. Tho’ first, we’ve got to say thank you t’ Lord Lieutenant for being so gracious on Wednesday, giving Civic Pride our Queen’s Award – a beautiful item it is as well. It’ll be on view on 21st Oct (see last week’s Witter for details on 21st Oct stuff). We were allowed 10 guests for the presentation. We arrived with 11. But that’s CP, eh?? And amazingly – not a muddy welly, litterpicker or hi-viz in sight.

So, quickly :
SUNDAY 1ST OCT – it’s not the 1st Sunday of the month according to CP. See 8th Oct (below).
MON 2ND WEIR PRIDE MEET 6PM at the borders. Weir guys’ll know where that is. If it’s the border with Burnley, take an armed guard, d’you think?
THURS 5TH MEET 9.30AM AT CP STORE (back of R’stall market) OR 10AM ON Town Square. She-who-must-be-obeyed (that’s Pam, ok?) is getting us organised there. (CPride? – organised? …. an oxymoron, we thinks)
FRI 6TH We’re back at Buffers. 8pm onwards. Could they manage without us last week? C U there, guys. Any Pride group, any Pride person. Come and chat.
SUN 8TH meet 10am at the CP shop, 14 Bury Rd (opposite the Fire Station). We’re leafletting local housing to let ’em know about things relating to CP, particularly (but not solely) the Bash on 21st Oct. PLEASE help us to pop leaflets through local homes’ letterboxes. Publicising/recruiting support for CP is incredibly important (if we ain’t got the supporters, we’re nowhere!!).

Thank you to Jean for organising tonight’s (Saturday 30th) Dining Experience on t’ East Lancs Railway. Great fun, lovely CP people from all over Rossendale and if you weren’t there, you missed a grand “Do”! See you at the next one!



PS don the hi-viz! Just DO IT! Your town needs you!

An Equinoctal Witter

Good evening Volunteers

Re this week’s title : “equinoctal,” adjective, from the noun “equinox.” I think. Someone’ll tell me if I’m wrong. It’s what usually happens ……
Thanx to the various crews who litter-picked the bypass before the mowers went in during the week. A vast amount was picked. Please just keep on pickin’ everybod – you’re sooo needed! We had a nice letter from Jake – House of Commons notepaper, an’ all – thanking all you C.P. volunteers for doing what you do. Doing it day in, day out. Year in year out. Really.

Please read the footnote at the end of this week’s Witter. Just for a change, it might just be useful. Ta!

One or two events this week BUT – even if you can’t get along to any of ’em, the Big Boss’ll still expect you to don the hi-viz, grab the litterpicker or wave the trowel. Or both. Please keep CP going thru the Autumn!

WEDS 27TH – just to remind Civic Pride’s representatives, we’re at the official Queen’s Award presentation, meeting 2.30pm. Reps : polish your wellies and rinse the mud off the hi-viz – ok?? It’s posh.
THURS 28TH WE’RE GIVING A COUPLE OF OUR STAR SECRET GARDENERS A HAND SO – meet 9.30am at the store OR 10am at the Ashoka bed (that’s Janina’s – at junction of Bacup Rd & Bocholt Way) ; then 11am at the Embankment (c’mon, y’know where THAT is …… Helen’s little [??] patch!)
FRIDAY 29TH – social revolution! – we’re abandoning Buffer Stops. Just for the one week. We’ll be back.
SATURDAY 30TH 10am Weir Pride meet at Doal’s Centre (our Julie sez you don’t have to pick up litter ….. do we believe her?? Really?)
SAT 30TH EVENING – it’s the Civic Pride Dining Train experience. Aunty Jean’s organised it and she’ll let participants know times and meeting points. Choo-choo!
SUNDAY 1ST OCT – another postponement!! It’s 1st Sunday of the month – obviously – but we’re pretending it’s not. The Civic Pride 1st-Sunday-of-the-month event will happen next Sunday, 8th Oct. Confused, or what??

1. Put Oct 21st in your diary. It’s had a previous Wittering mention but – it’s our Rossendale opportunity to celebrate Civic Pride’s Queen’s Award, 11am to 3pm at Kay St Baptist in R’stall. It’s open to the public ; will be opened (we hope) by Ted Robbins and with definite “yesses” to invites given to the Friends of Bocholt, to our Mayor & Mayoress Cllr & Mrs Crawforth, to Alyson Barnes, Jake Berry, councillors (local and county) and several other volunteers organisations including other “Pride” groups. There’ll be static displays, suggestions for CP’s 2018 Plan, recruitment drives, possible consultation display for Phase 2 of the Town Square development. Oh, and a rather nice buffet! It’s a big deal for us so EVERYONE please call in at some point during the day and be ready to answer calls for help : folk needed for the day itself and also setting up on the previous afternoon (Friday 20th). Thank you to our organisers Roger, Pam, Hazel, Lynn, Liz, Charlotte and Jackie. And – if you know of a local voluntary organisation who’d like a presence during the day gettem to get in touch, but pronto ( email info@civic-pride.org.uk or phone 07955110199))
2. Just the one footnote this week. But it’s a big ‘un so do read it again, why not?
Here endeth the Equinoctal Witterings – organisers and Pride groups, please let me know if there’s anything for next week you want to stick in The Witterings….. a bomb in the author’s laptop isn’t what I was thinkin’ of duckie …….


PS Congrats to Edenfield Horticultural Society – an amazing show last Saturday, a remarkable standard of entries. Did I try to recruit some of ’em? Dead right!

T’Witter goes a bit heavy-serious …. read it if you’re brave!

G’day Fellow Volunteers

Just for once this’ll be a slightly serious edition of T’Witter. That’s because we’ve had an avalanche of stuff from various media this past few days about the effects of litter on our coasts, seas and oceans, particularly plastic litter (PL). Just a few highlights :
1. Henderson Island is the remotest island on the planet. It’s uninhabited. A 2017 study by the University of Tasmania estimated 38 million pieces of PL on it. Thirty-eight million.
2. Because of tidal currents, PL collects in The Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s 100’s of miles from land. It’s a soup of plastic, big lumps down to tiny fibres, suspended within 5 metres of the surface. Estimates of The Patch’s size vary from 700,000 to 15,000,000 sq km. Greenpeace estimate The Patch is 3 times the size of the UK. We know the amount of seaborne PL is growing rapidly, and so is this infamous “Patch.”
3. Dutch scientists studied Jan Mayen (sp??) Island, the remotest in the N. Atlantic. They found an average of 575 pieces of visible PL for every 100 metres of shoreline. Neighbouring Svalbard Island has 876 per 100 metres.
4. We’ve no idea how much PL now coats the seabed but it’s been found in the Mariana Trench, the deepest area of ocean on the planet.
5. PL microfibres are now being ingested by plankton. Small fish eat plankton. Bigger fish eat small fish and so on up the food chain – right up to us.
6. Internationally we produce 100bn (one hundred billion) plastic bottles annually. They’re non-returnable so massive quantities end up as PL. Coca-cola alone produces one billion. “Coke” are lobbying the EU to stop a bottle-return scheme!!
7. What about UK coast and beaches? The Marine Conservation Society’s latest report indicates that PL has increased by 23% in one year. At that rate it doubles every 4 years.
8. Pieces of PL are commonly mistaken by sea-creatures and birds as food. They ingest them. PL is the biggest single killer of albatross, and they live and breed hundreds of miles from big land-masses! Turtles, whales, puffins, skuas ….. the list of victim species is large and rising rapidly.
From the above : (1) PL is toxic and never biodegrades ; it’s starting to smother our ecosystems, a present for our grand-children to cope with. (2) Land-based PL stats ain’t included here – enough is enough, eh?? (3) Civic Pride’s volunteers collect an ever-increasing amount of litter from an ever increasing area. Please make every effort to “do” your area and to get others to join the ongoing campaign. Let’s do what we can do. We won’t save the planet on our own but we’re starting to make a BIG difference to our area.

WEDS 13TH BACUP PRIDE 10AM please check their website/Facebook page for meeting place
THURS 14TH CIVIC PRIDE meet 9.30am at the store or 10am on the Town Square to finish last week’s tasks, particularly on the tubs and gardens
FRI 15TH 8PM ONWARDS at Buffer Stops. Chat might include sea-borne litter horror stories??
SUN 17TH MEET 10AM AT HARDMAN’S MILL, NEW HALL HEY. The bypass is being mown on Monday 18th so needs a big effort to clear the litter before the machines can shred it – a big area so please help if you can.
SUN 17TH MEET 10AM CO-OP CAR PARK, John St. Haslingden for grand litterpick.
MON 18TH MEET 10AM HASLINGDEN LIBRARY CAR PARK – tlc for planters, I hear, plus litter of course.

SORRY! Yup, a right load of doom in this week’s Witter. It’s typical of the info Civic Pride now gets from national/international campaigners. So for once, we’ve passed it on and put it out there.

Normal irreverence will resume next week.

Chris PS do please give us your reaction to this week’s format. Thanks!

T’Witter for 4th Sept 2017

Good evenin’ All

Let’s start off backwards – the “Other Stuff” [O.S.] comes first – have a quick butchers at it (it’s not painful…)

O.S. (1) great turnout last Sunday – the inbound layby lookin’ good again. Thanks Pam and crew XX
O.S.(2) the Hobblin’ Womble Support Assn (hiya Peg!) want to know when we’re going to develop a litterpickin’ system for people on crutches. All your gloriously-constructive ideas gratefully received.
O.S. (3) our wunderbar Operations Officer (that’s Helen – you luvly guys just check out the CP website sharp-ish before she goes!) had to resign, accepted very (really, very) reluctantly ….A huge heartfelt thank you to the crazy girl for all she’s done with us, especially on the gardens front, these past 4 years. Oh-so-grateful to her, and to Pam & Sue C.R. for stepping into the breach to take over some of our Working Girl’s responsibilities.
O.S.(4) RHS celebration : we’re invited to the Royal Horticultural Society’s bash for the It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards day. We entered 5 gardens for this comp and we never come away empty-handed so it’ll be a good day. Venue is Southport Convention Centre 1st Nov 2017 10.30am onwards. Tickets £22 which includes morning coffee + a rather good lunch. You wanna join us? Email the excellent Mr Grimshaw on roger@civic-pride.org.uk Transport etc sorted nearer the time. Come ooooon Secret Gardeners!

Ok, to work for t’week :(there’s bound to be more than this goin’ on but this is all the event info that’s been sent in – at least, all the events we can broadcast without being investigated ….. )

WEDS 6TH SEPT meet 10am Owd Con Club Bacup for a further Bacup-smartening session. Rain or shine, ok? Marvellous dedication!
WEDS 6TH meet 5pm next to the library in Haslingden. Help the CP Hassy crew plant, tidy, l/pick – all the essential bits for making the town look great.
THURS 7TH meet 9.30am at the CP Store or 10am on the Town Square R’stall : more planting, tree-trimming and weeding, especially the bed outside Ladbrokes which has the odd weed or ten, but o’course that won’t be all : izzit ever?? Special welcome to new-guy Dave Lilley who’s joined the regular incredibly-friendly crew.
FRIDAY 8TH meet 8pm onwards at Buffer Stops for badinage & beer. There’s a rumour that Duncan’ll find his way there this week. Just for the one, y’understand, so we’re fit & ready for ……..
SAT 9TH meet 10am outside t’Co-op Waterfoot for Deborah’s Monster Litter Pick. deborah.deborah.lord@gmail.com for info Come oooon Waterfootians, make your area look fan-tas-tic! You’ll finish in time for the next 2 items!
SAT 9TH/SUNDAY 10TH it’s the 60’s weekend! Just gerrout there for some fun (google 60’s weekend Rossendale website for info) and to marvel how everyone wants to come to Rossy cos you lot’ve got it looking so fantastic
SAT 9TH 1 TIL 4PM New Kirk Fair, Community Gardens Newchurch (all part of the 60’s weekend) then Boars Head 6-9pm Check newchurch-village.co.uk for all the inside info
SUN 10TH no organised Hassy litterpick so Lone Rangers go ‘n’ do your thang around town. Ta!

Are Latter Day Saints out, Tracey?? Weir Pride, how’re y’doing??

Talking of Lone Rangers/Secret Gardeners – I drove past the Old Fold Garden late this afternoon – ’twas full of SG’s (= Secret Gardeners, ok?) all going at it. Hey ladies, just guess who the bloke in the car was who yelled at you….
And keep 21st Oct free in your social diaries, 11am ’til 3pm. More info to come but oh my The Event of T’Year!

Would just LURV to see you out doin’ your bit – needn’t take long : if everyone just did a bit, then ……


Chris PS “another dam’ good Witter ….” – yet more unsolicited praise heaped on the dreaded Witterings, a direct quote from an appreciative audience. Glad to oblige, ma’am!

Bank Hol Witter

Hi Happy Priders

Wandering round Rossendale today. I’m absolutely knocked out by the amount of CP stuff in evidence this Bank Hol Mon, even tho’ Civic Pride’ve got no events organised today. It’s just CP individuals gettin’ out there : gardeners, litterpickers, tidy-uppers, maintenance guys ‘n’ gals ….. Wotta truly amazing social movement we’re creating. Now – please – just keep it going, brothers ‘n’ sisters!! Never ever ever give up on it. Ever. Here endeth today’s sermon ………….

Ok, roll up thi sleeves for :

WEDS 30TH Bacup Pride – no direct info for this week but it’s bound to be happening. Bacupians, contact ’em via the Bacup Pride Facebook page for info.
THURS 31ST MEET 9.30am at CP Store or 10am on the Town Square for another round of tlc applied to one of our very hi-profile garden areas. AND – thanks to Aunty Lynn for providing the delish birthday cake last week to celebrate David P’s 80th – yup, into his 9th decade and still one of our amazin’ stalwarts!
FRIDAY 1ST SEPT 8pm onwards Buffer Stops – last week’s session was just so – um – intellectual. Do come and sample!
SUNDAY 3RD 10AM inbound-to-R’stall layby on the bypass (near McD’s) to give the gardens there some of our expertise, AND hit the brambles covering the aboretum and AND do some late himalayan balsam-bashing ….. have you noticed the invasive pink stuff’s getting everywhere. Help us to stem the tide!
SUN 3RD 11AM onwards Hassy Street Fair – there’ll be a CP Hassy presence somewhere!
MON 4TH CP Haslingden meet 9.30am by Library for planting and the inevitable litterpick

This week’s Witter is dedicated particularly to Leanne who contacted us with withdrawal symptoms : she’s had no Witterings since June. How HAS she existed?? Now duly cured we hope, chuck!

Chris PS Thank you Pam for being CP’s Witter correspondent on 7th & 14th Aug. Surely y’all noticed the improvement??

This may or may not work Witter

Hiya Troops

I’ve just got a message from Tiny Letter (they’re the luvly people who distribute The Witterings to your inbox) saying I’ve got to do something before I can send this out. And it’s not letting me do it. So Lord knows when you’ll get this week’s Witter. If at all.

Ok, to business :
WEDS 23RD AUG – it’s the Bacup crew : meet 10am at the lockup behind the market for onward adventuring and town-trimming
THURS 24TH meet 9.30am at the CP store (behind R’stall market) or 10am at the Metal Tree Bed (opposite R’stall railway station). Big tidy-up job all round that area, fuelled by Aunty Lynn’s tea ‘n’ coffee, bless ‘er.
FRI 25TH 8pm onwards Buffer Stops for sensible forward planning session (yeah, right). Were you at last week’s session? great fun, and lovely to see Sue & Roger back briefly from their world tour ; and Janette who’s going to set up Civic Pride in Grenoble. Really. (well, somewhere in Europe – she did tell me but y’know what my elderly memory’s like)
SAT 26TH 10am it’s the Weir crew meeting at the Doals Centre (that’s in Weir, surprisingly) – go on, get out there!
SUN 27TH CP Haslingden 10am litterpick : check out their Facebook page for details.

And finally : there is an actual photo in a recent edition of the Lancs Telegraph of Grimmers leaning on a spade. A garden spade. And he’s smiling. Lordy-lordy whatever next??

Now, dear God of The Electronic World, The “Send Now” button’s about to be pressed : let it work. Please.

Hugs t’y’all.

Chris PS Written later – the Electronic God didn’t smile. I’ve done what she asked and – it’s not worked. You’ll get this week’s Witter a week on Thursday.

Weely Witterings, really?

Hello All
As Chris is otherwise engaged for the next 2 weeks, here are the ‘sensible’ or ‘boring’ witterings for the coming week.
Wednesday 9th August
Haslingden – 5.00 pm meet at the Green Squirrel flower bed to weed and litter pick.
Bacup – 10.00 am meet at the lock up behind the market as the Con Club project has finally come to an end.
Rawtenstall – 7.00 pm the Church of Latter Day Saints group will be working on Haslingden Road gardens.
Thursday 10th August
Rawtenstall – 10.00 am in the Town Square for more tidying. Also the Embankment needs some weeding and trimming if there’s time.
Sunday 13th August
Haslingden – group litter pick, please check Haslingden Civic Pride Facebook page for arrangements nearer the time.
Monday 14th August
Haslingden – 10.00am meet in the Library car park. Please check Facebook prior to meeting in case there are any changes.
Friday 11th August
Buffers at 8.00 pm as usual but minus the excellent company of our illustrious chairman.

A slightly – um – grumpy Witter

Hiya Troops

Wot? us? Grumpy? Actually, dear volunteers, yes. Lancs Council have let us down again in providing traffic management for RBC’s bypass mow. So it’s deferred – again – which means we’ll have to repeat – again – the essential pre-mowing litterpick. It’s months since the last mowing so we’ll have to litter-pick in grass waist-high in some places. Hard difficult work for CP’s volunteers, using volunteer time which we haven’t really got. Do LCC give a **** about us?? Answers on a postcard ……..

Non-grump nice stuff ….. drive down Newchurch Rd, turn down St Mary’s Way, round the roundabout, onto the bypass – the whole stretch is just a sea of flowers, blossom and beauty. Everywhere. That’s our gardening crews and SG’s (SG’s = Secret Gardeners – remember??). Bless ’em all. [see +++ below …] Ok, to this week’s beautifying ……..
WEDS 26TH JULY meet 10.00am next to Th’Owd Con Club, Bacup. Even if it’s pourin’ down, they tell me!
WEDS 26TH JULY meet 5pm outside Green Squirrel for some tlc on Civic Pride Hassy’s glorious garden followed by work elsewhere in the locale. Then possibly to the Green Squirrel’s interior ??
THURS 27TH meet 9.30am at CP Store or 10.00am on the Town Square. Mix of tasks, to include planting the last couple of boxes of bedding plants. And now fer that +++ bit : we’ve planted approx 1,500 plants so far this year – and that’s not counting barrier baskets & hanging baskets. No, really!
FRIDAY 28TH possibly meet Buffer Stops 8pm onwards. Possibly. Oh, do we have to?? Actually, yes, it’s to get us in training for the next time Barry n Sue bring out a bottle of their utterly delicious-cum-moorish home-brewed rocket fuel. Whooo!
SAT 29TH meet 10am Doals Centre, Weir Pride’s monthly bash. Make yer village look gorgeous, WP guys! (How did the fete go last week??) MON 31ST meet 9am near New Hall Hey roundabout of bypass (that’s the roundabout leading to M & S and TKMaxx). Bypass mowing starts Tues 1st so we’re having to do the bypass pick again. Grump – but perleeze help!

OTHER BITZ : the 70th event up Old Man of Coniston, Weds 26th, looks like being hit by British Summer Weather but we’ll still meet 10.30am at Sun Hotel (or is it Sun Inn??) Coniston as we have a Plan B. And Plan C.

Last word on mowing (is this rubbing it in, LCC? Well, now you come to ask …..). have you noticed how utterly gorgeous our layby gardens are looking? Not just because our gardening crews put 100’s of hours in there but because Civic Pride have stretched their already over-stretched resources & are mowing it fortnightly! CP welcomes you to the valley with a place that looks loved and cared for. Enuff said, we think.



A slightly sunburnt Civic Pride Witter

Good evening Reader
129 well-read intelligentsia opened last week’s Wittering …. so if you weren’t one of ’em imbibing that thrill-packed offering, you won’t know RHS were all over us last Weds then on to the Pride crews in Bacup and Weir and Hassy. We’re uber-chuffed we’ve now got multiple* folk involved gettin’ gardens old ‘n’ new across Rossendale ready for inspection. And to McD’s for feeding us in the morning. Twice. A reet grand day. We find out inspection results at the RHS’s presentation “do” in Autumn … details to follow. Eventually. When we’ve gottem. Ok? (* = lots & lots : sorry, am Witterin’ again – but d’you fancy being one of multiple folk?? Contact details on website)

Anyhow, getting it all done in time obviously left Our Organisers rather knackered (oops sorry) cos we’ve not got much from ’em for this week … so, nice ‘n’ briefly :
WEDS 19TH meet 7pm at Haslingden Rd Gardens (adjacent to Latter Day Saints church & St Mary’s Chambers) to give our huge gardens there some essential tlc. Not been there before? Just turn up & ask for Tracey (big boss …..)
THURS 20TH meet 9.30 at CP Store or 10am at the layby, inbound-to-R’stall side of the bypass, to complete last week’s labourings including some balsam-bashing. Oh, and we think BBC TV might be turning up. Somehow they’ve got wind of us (must wash us feet more often, then). Long story. Tell you on Thurs. But only if you turn up. Right?
FRI 21ST Buffer Stops 8pm onwards. Just the nine of us last week. All very serious. Not.
MON 24TH 9am meet at New Hall Hey roundabout on the bypass (near Hardman’s Mill). We need a quick scoot round to shift any new litter before the bypass gets shorn (aka grass cut). Thank you to troops who responded to last week’s QT “litter clear” effort and filled 18 bags with bypass litter yesterday …. so next Mon’s quick scoot will be just that IF (yup, if) we get a good turn-out. Thanks!
WEDS 26th July – it’s that nipping up The Old Man of Coniston, just to show we can and to celebrate a 70th. Meet Sun Inn Coniston LA21 8HQ (look for a CP hi-viz!) at 10.30am, suitably clad, shod ‘n’ provisioned. Leave litterpickers at home (whaaaat??). Ring me for car share details (07877211314). A drink or two afterwards in Coniston. Should be done by 3.30. Some are then over-nighting in Windermere. It’ll be a small, slow group – none of yer forced-march jollies with us, pal!

Have you a Civic Pride event happening? Let me know – I’ll pop details in T’Witterings (then just watch the world flock to you …. yeah, right)
Chris PS I think The Whitaker’s got a free party lined up v soon…. check ’em out

Judgement Day Wittering

Dear Reader of the Witterings
Ok this is it. We’re ‘ere. The Royal Horticultural Society in town to Inspect Our Gardens…… but first, a big Well Done to Civic Pride Haslingden’s crew filling 31 bags with ghastly litter yesterday (Sunday) and shifting stuff too big to go into bags. And never, ever, forgetting our regular Lone Rangers out there every day right across Rossie. Thanks t’you all.

So this week it’s ……

TUESDAY 11TH – one remaining day for our Secret Gardeners (SG’s) who’ve entered their patch into the RHS’s It’s Your Neighbourhood Comp ….. just time for a quick sweep, a final dead-head, a last trim, a pluck of yon sneaky weeds which’ve sprung up ….

WEDS 12TH 9AM MEET ST MARY’S CHAMBERS CAR PARK for everyone involved with the Civic Pride judging. RHS judges’ itinerary in R’stall is then : the Old Fold Garden, Hassy Ol’ Rd, Embankment, Metal Tree Bed and bypass outbound layby. If you’ve been involved, come on down! We’ll finish about 11am.
WEDS 12TH BACUP PRIDE meet 10am by Th’Owd Con Club for some plantings ; there’s a rumour about a party afterwards (sneaky bunch!)
ALSO ON WEDS – more RHS Judges Heavy Mob visitations : 1pm-ish at the Wall of History Garden Bacup for the Bacup Pride entry; and 2.15-ish CP Haslingden, the flower bed by the Green Squirrel (the judges be bribed with ale, mayhap??) It’s Bacup’s and Hassy’s first-ever entry to this comp so all fingers and digits crossed for them, please!
POST-JUDGING PARTY!! 6.30 ’til about 8pm VENUE : The Old Fold Garden* R’stall a bring-your-own-cum-Jacob’s-Join gathering for ANYONE within the loverly Pride organisation who’s done anythin’ to support/help out with The Civic Pride cause this year from any part of Rossendale and ‘specially new members.
*Yeah-yeah to all the smarties who know where Old Fold Garden is, but not everyone knows R’stall that well, ok?? The OFG is between St Mary’s Church & Asda, on St Mary’s Way. Come on over for a wee while, swap stories of the day, tell us how your judging went, meet like-minded folk, havva gossip, trade good ideas – – – very very very welcome!

THURS 13th Civic Pride back at it …… meet 9.30am at the store or 10am at the inbound-to-R’stall layby. Planting, weeding, strimming – the bindweed’s taking a hold and needs telling off ; and as for those docks n nettles ……

FRIDAY 14TH 8pm onwards Buffer Stops, particularly (but not solely) for anyone who missed the post-judgement party on Weds : c u there, ok?

SUNDAY 16TH …. didja get the tiny hint last week? The bypass is being mowed tomorrow (Mon 17th) so we need the usual mass litterpick first. An appeal to all ye lovely pickers, all ye who nobly fight the litter war, meet outside Hardman’s Mill (near M & S) at New Hall Hey 10am. We want to get the whole mile-and-a-bit picked, both verges AND the central reservation, quite a task, so troops please stand ready.
MONDAY 17TH – a very quick follow-up before the mowers start mowing to get late-Sunday’s car-borne detritus. 9am at Hardman’s Mill. Won’t take long.

A memorable week, people – dooo come and be a part of it!



A high summer Witter

Hi Luverly People

Are you a Twitter follower (that’s the commercial social media version – def not the dreaded Civic Pride T’Witter, which you’re reading [deleting??] right now, ok?)?? If yes, you’ll know CP has one thousand followers on Twitter. 1,000. Amazin’ eh? Heaps of well-done’s to our Social Media Queen Jackie! She posts some very sharp stuff, new angles on our goings-on, every couple of days. Thanks chuck, from us all! (this ere T’Witter don’t quite match that – at the last count, followers were : the darts team at the Red Lion, the pub cat an’ 3 others – not bad, eh??).

Oh – and I won’t mention that the RHS judges are in town in just 9 days time (12th July). To quote Alex Ferguson, it’s squeaky b** time (that translates as “getting somewhat anxious” regarding impending event of import) so DO please help us out wherever and whenever these next few days so town looks as good as we can make it.

WEDS 5TH 10AM Bacup Pride regular meet at the site adjacent to Th’Owd Con Club.
WEDS 5TH 7pm meet at the Haslingden Rd Gardens – St Mary’s Chambers area – Latter Day Saints gardening crew out maintaining that huge area we dragged out of Jungle status last year. They’re a luverly bunch and will give you a huge welcome.

THURS 6TH meet 9.30am at CP Store or 10am on the embankment opposite Asda. Sue C-R’s making an amazing start on it this week but we’ll have a big weeding/cutting back/shifting stones/planting bedding-out plants (loads of ’em) – and if (if) we get it finished there’s a ton of other taskettes in the immediate area demanding our attention. So please come an’ help (Grimmers bought the coffee last week – splendid chap – won’t tell u where he got it from…..)

FRI 8PM ONWARDS Buffer Stops will be our destination for certain indulgencies (sp??). Join the gossip gang! (or will you be the one who’s being talked about?)

SUNDAY Hassy Pride litterpick. No details but email Kathy for info (see last week’s Witter).

• Please remember Hon Vice Chair wants your nominations as to who should go to the QAVS presentation shindig on 27th Sept. Up to 5 names, them theer wi’ most nominations’ll go to County Hall. Denis the Menace’s in the lead so far. So, your noms to roger@civic-pride.org.uk Gooo on – get thinkin’!
• Pre-mow litterpick – 2nd bypass mowing of the year, 17th July. We’ll do a mass litterpick of the bypass the previous day Sunday 16th – details t.b.a. but probably in the morning, meeting at Hardman’s Mill (adjacent to M & S). We’ll follow it up with a quick blast early on Mon 17th. Oh – and have you checked our laybys – contractor Adam Millward making a lovely job of mowing the laybys for us so everyone can see the layby gardens in all their wonderfulness!
• RBC have lotsa bedding-out plants for any Secret Gardeners who want to brighten up their area – well, that could include any CP folkies now who want to improve a little spot (no, not thi back garden, mother) as it’s getting late in the season for planting them out and we don’t want ’em going to waste. Details from me (07877211314) or Pam (pam@civic-pride.org.uk)
That’sa lot for this week, folks!

Chris PS did I mention the QAVS Bash for everyone – volunteers from everywhere, sponsors, supporters … Sat 21st Oct, 11am til 3pm, wi’ Mayor, Mayoress an’ t’ Corporation arriving to add bit of gravitas and culture to the main event at 1pm. I mentioned it already? Ok, I won’t say owt, then. More details to follow. But it’ll include free buffet. Pies ‘n’ stuff. Wow!

Goodbye Flaming June Witter

G’day Fans of T’Witter

Worra week! Solstice grandly celebrated by some of us. Did you?? This week’s slightly quieter. Slightly. Let’s go!

WEDS 28TH JUNE BACUP PRIDE meet 10am at Irwell Terrace for the gardening work on former derelict site. I think someone supplies brews n biks to lure you along there ……
WEDS 28TH JUNE meet 5pm outside Green Squirrel (M/cr Rd/Bury Rd junction, Haslingden) for gardening tlc. If it’s chuckin’ it down, Kathy will rearrange. She’s on 07752210866 (or is that Mark’s – ok so it might be 07803292928) for confirmation.

THURS 29TH JUNE meet 9.30 outside CP store (back of market) or 10am at inbound (McD’s) layby on bypass. We always go whatever the weather. Yup, insane. Or devoted to the cause, maybe. (PS thank you Aunty Lynn for gorgeous brew and chokky things!)

FRIDAY 30TH celebrate (is that the right word?) the end of June with us at Buffers, 8pm onwards.

SATURDAY 1ST JULY Bacup Pride crew meet 10am at Wall of History garden, Yorkshire St next to the Nats in town centre. Go do it – brighten up YOUR town, luvly citizen!

SUNDAY 2ND JULY meet 9.30am at CP Store or 10am on Town Square, rain or shine. Apart from giving the T Square it’s “monthly” we’ll be going to other adjacent sites to give ’em a Rawtenstall Tidy. Plans include a river litter-pick (no deep wading involved – unless someone wants to do that to get old rubbish out). A social glass of something after, mayhap?? The monthly market’s on T Square as well.
SUNDAY 2ND JULY Hassy crew litterpick, meet 10am @ council car park John St next to Co-op. If wet ring Kathy (see above) first.

1. Weds 12th July. RHS Judges are in town to look at our glorious gardens. Timings and details as soon as we have ’em but you’ll be welcome to tag along.
2. Weds 26th July – some daft ‘apporth’s celebrating his 70th by going up The Old Man of Coniston. Appropriate, eh?? All other supporters and daft ‘apporth’s wanting to join in are sooo welcome! 07877211314 for details.
3. Weds 27th Sept QAVS presentation, County Hall Preston. This next bit’s a repeat request for you to send your nominations for worthy attendees (we can only take 10) to roger@civic-pride.org.uk
4. Sat 30th Sept there’s 11 of us on the Civic Pride dining train. Apparently East Lancs Railway don’t want a load of separate cheques so we’ve got to re-do all that, which gives late-comers chance to grab a place and join us. Cheques for £48 per person payable to Jean Neville and post to her at : 1, The Loom, Holcombe Rd BB4 4NG but please do it now. Defer it not.
5. Sat 21st Oct His Worship The Mayor Of Rossendale accompanied by the Mayoress and notable celebs will present the QAVS award to us at a local “do”. 11am to 3pm with the main event at 1pm. We’ve loads more than just the 10 wanting to go to the 27th Sept bunfight (see above) so we’re having a Rawtenstall-based event for everyone so pop it in t’diary! Venue : Kay St Baptist Church hall. We’re quietly amazed Mayor & Co want to get anywhere near us disreputable crew but – hey – go with the flow folks! (PS brothers n sisters in other gangs – Hassy, Bacup, Weir, WW Bottom, C’booth, W’foot etc etc ALL very welcome.) Free buffet provided (granny sez that’ll bring ’em in).
That’s the lot for this week – except, to our Secret Gardeners to say you’ve got just 2 weeks to get sorted before RHS judges come to give your joint the third degree so – well – go-go-go eh?? Every night this week. With your mates. And family. And neighbours. And random passers-by.

Will go away ‘n’ be quiet now.



G’day Fans of T’Witter

Worra week! Solstice grandly celebrated by some of us. Did you?? This week’s slightly quieter. Slightly. Let’s go!

WEDS 28TH JUNE BACUP PRIDE meet 10am at Irwell Terrace for the gardening work on former derelict site. I think someone supplies brews n biks to lure you along there ……
WEDS 28TH JUNE meet 5pm outside Green Squirrel (M/cr Rd/Bury Rd junction, Haslingden) for gardening tlc. If it’s chuckin’ it down, Kathy will rearrange. She’s on 07752210866 (or is that Mark’s – ok so it might be 07803292928) for confirmation.

THURS 29TH JUNE meet 9.30 outside CP store (back of market) or 10am at inbound (McD’s) layby on bypass. We always go whatever the weather. Yup, insane. Or devoted to the cause, maybe. (PS thank you Aunty Lynn for gorgeous brew and chokky things!)

FRIDAY 30TH celebrate (is that the right word?) the end of June with us at Buffers, 8pm onwards.

SATURDAY 1ST JULY Bacup Pride crew meet 10am at Wall of History garden, Yorkshire St next to the Nats in town centre. Go do it – brighten up YOUR town, luvly citizen!

SUNDAY 2ND JULY meet 9.30am at CP Store or 10am on Town Square, rain or shine. Apart from giving the T Square it’s “monthly” we’ll be going to other adjacent sites to give ’em a Rawtenstall Tidy. Plans include a river litter-pick (no deep wading involved – unless someone wants to do that to get old rubbish out). A social glass of something after, mayhap?? The monthly market’s on T Square as well.
SUNDAY 2ND JULY Hassy crew litterpick, meet 10am @ council car park John St next to Co-op. If wet ring Kathy (see above) first.

1. Weds 12th July. RHS Judges are in town to look at our glorious gardens. Timings and details as soon as we have ’em but you’ll be welcome to tag along.
2. Weds 26th July – some daft ‘apporth’s celebrating his 70th by going up The Old Man of Coniston. Appropriate, eh?? All other supporters and daft ‘apporth’s wanting to join in are sooo welcome! 07877211314 for details.
3. Weds 27th Sept QAVS presentation, County Hall Preston. This next bit’s a repeat request for you to send your nominations for worthy attendees (we can only take 10) to roger@civic-pride.org.uk
4. Sat 30th Sept there’s 11 of us on the Civic Pride dining train. Apparently East Lancs Railway don’t want a load of separate cheques so we’ve got to re-do all that, which gives late-comers chance to grab a place and join us. Cheques for £48 per person payable to Jean Neville and post to her at : 1, The Loom, Holcombe Rd BB4 4NG but please do it now. Defer it not.
5. Sat 21st Oct His Worship The Mayor Of Rossendale accompanied by the Mayoress and notable celebs will present the QAVS award to us at a local “do”. 11am to 3pm with the main event at 1pm. We’ve loads more than just the 10 wanting to go to the 27th Sept bunfight (see above) so we’re having a Rawtenstall-based event for everyone so pop it in t’diary! Venue : Kay St Baptist Church hall. We’re quietly amazed Mayor & Co want to get anywhere near us disreputable crew but – hey – go with the flow folks! (PS brothers n sisters in other gangs – Hassy, Bacup, Weir, WW Bottom, C’booth, W’foot etc etc ALL very welcome.) Free buffet provided (granny sez that’ll bring ’em in).
That’s the lot for this week – except, to our Secret Gardeners to say you’ve got just 2 weeks to get sorted before RHS judges come to give your joint the third degree so – well – go-go-go eh?? Every night this week. With your mates. And family. And neighbours. And random passers-by.

Will go away ‘n’ be quiet now.



T’Witter Addendum
They’ll shoot me!!

I’ve got it in big letters scrawled on the back of my hand and still didn’t Witter it. Oops!

THURS 29TH JUNE 2PM TO 8PM Flood Fayre at St Mary’s Chambers, official opening 2.30pm by Alyson Barnes. Organised by local volunteers from R’stall Flood Forum with all-day inputs from RBC, Lancs CC, United Utilities, Environment Agency, National Flood Forum, local councillors and wide range of specialist providers. Free entry. Of course!

AND – apparently Jean’s address (see this week’s Witter re Dining Train event) is 31 The Loom Holcombe Rd Rossendale BB4 4AZ and not as given in T’Witter. Apologies!

Anyone got a darkened room for me to lie down in??


Civic Pride’s Summer Solstice Witter

G’day Sweltering Supporters
Phew, itsa scorcher ….. newly planted-out bedding plants might just be wilting. We’ve got some in the Bank St area : the 5 big planters on the Bank St side of the Town Square and in the little circular bed next to Ladbrokes are most in need. Please give them a container of water when you’re passing (or even if you’re not passing). Ta!

This week’s Grand Plan (optimistic title, eh?? ….)

WEDNESDAY 21ST JUNE – several events :
1. Bacup Pride 10am next to Th’Owd Con Club, to do some more restoration work on the former Baptist Church site. Their F’b piks of the work to date look marvellous. Go help ’em!
2. Civic Pride Haslingden 5pm outside the Green Squirrel, junction of M/cr Rd and Bury Rd, more work on the flower bed being entered into the RHS comp.
3. Latter Day Saints group 7pm on the huge bed at R’stall end of Hassy Rd, adjacent to LDS church and St Mary’s Chambers …. continuing to support Civic Pride in keeping that vast area weed-free. Thanks everyone – please go help ’em if you live in the area. A luverly bunch of people!
4. Celebrate The Solstice!! Some weirdo’s (that’s us lot, ok?) will watch the setting sun on the longest day of the year – there’s a great view from the top of Whinberry Naze. Meet 8.15pm, junction of Hill Lane End and Bacup Rd (Cloughfold – between Jacobson’s & K Supplies), then stroll (or puff ‘n’ pant) up the hill, arriving there about 9pm. Bring a celebratory bottle?? Sunset from up there’s 9.35pm. There are other ways up Whinberry apart from the Cloughfold side so please y’self, chuck and hope for a fine sunny evening.
THURS 22ND MEET 9.30AM AT THE STORE OR 10AM BYPASS LAYBY (that’s the one adjacent to McDonald’s on the inbound-to-R’stall side of the bypass). Weeding, cutting back, trimming ‘n’ tidying. WE NEED SOMEONE who’s used a petrol strimmer. We’ve got one, with faceguard and harness and will bring it along. It’ll greatly speed up progress so please help if you can.

FRIDAY 23RD 8PM BUFFER STOPS! Say no more, eh, about this notorious gathering …… all welcome.

SATURDAY 24TH Weir Pride are kicking off again …. C’mon, support the village effort!! Meet 10am at the Doals Centre.

SUNDAY 25TH Civic Pride Haslingden on their next litter-clearance. No details yet but Kathy’ll post ’em on Facebook. Watch that space or email kathy.allcock@yahoo.co.uk Those guys achieve remarkable results but ALWAYS need more volunteer-support from local citizens.
SUNDAY 25TH 2PM START Peers Clough Farm, Lumb. Celebration of the dry-stone walling project which some of our guys attended. There’s a small exhibition, plus walkies over to Goodshaw Chapel, opened specially that afternoon. Details from rachael.gildert@proffittscic.com or 07875 106084

BOOK IT IN THI’ DIARY ….. Sunday week, 2nd July, is Civic Pride’s 1st-Sunday-in-the-month session. 10am start. Details next week but perleeze lend us your body for the morning.

ADDITIONAL ELOQUENCE AND INFO (complete with bad grammar ‘n bad spelling…)
• Disappearing gear : weeders, hi-viz, brushes, trowels – I know they’ve been used then taken home with the best of intentions but can we please have ’em back if you’re not using them this week? Email chris@civic-pride.org.uk or ring 07877211314 for access to the store.
• Advanced notice : we’re arranging a session to train in use of petrol-engined gear : strimmers, hedge-trimmers, blowers. Details to follow when I have ’em.
• Thank you Grimmers for the recent excellent newsletter … tho’ adverse comments about knees were entirely unnecessary, pal …..
• In t’Free Press again last week. Will we make it into Lancashire Life? Might they squeeze us in somewhere underneath the adverts for domestic servants?
• QAVS presentation nominees – we’ve got a number of good suggestions. Please respond to Roger’s email.
• Definitely the last chance – if a bit of stylish nosh tickles your interest, see last week’s Witter about Civic Pride’s steam-train Dining Experience on Sept 30th. If you’ve committed the unforgivable sin of deleting last week’s Witter get details from Jean : 01706 223917 and 07784769645.
• One last thing : at this week’s R’stall Neighbourhood Forum there were LOTS of kind things said about your Weekly Witter. Before you ask, the free drinks I gave out had nothing to do with that, ok?? Probably our collective inability to tek ourselves TOO seriously is contagious. Simple matter of gerrout there an’ JDI !!


PS great work balsam bashing last Sat by the W’well Bottom crew! Luvvit!

T’Witter for mid-June (is your central heating on??)

Good Evening Award Winners

Since the announcement of the Queen’s Award, yer actual Civic Pride is getting honourable mentions in every mighty (??) media organ – the Lancs Telegraph, Free Press (thanx, Scribbler – that was luvly), BBC Radio Lancs, and as for social media – well, hundreds of lovely comments on F’book & Twitter. Makes us feel appreciated, wouldn’tcha say? If you don’t know what we’re talking about, just buy a Free Press … it’ll help you to keep up!

Ok, enough of self-congratulatory drivel. Details of “Gerrout there an’ get thi hands dirty” given hereby :-

TODAY! – TUES 13TH MEET 7PM BYPASS LAYBY (the layby adjacent to McD’s [no rude comments please]) We’re joining the Explorer Scouts in fence-painting, shearing the taller weeds, balsam bashing. All help gratefully received. I’ll start it off and Sue R/D will finish the session so will be glad of company!
TODAY AGAIN! – TUES 13TH MEET 7PM HASSY RD GARDENS adjacent to the Latter Day Saints church/St Mary’s Chambers – the lovely crew from Latter Day Saints are doing the weed-pulling so please join ’em if fence-painting ain’t your thing (see previous item, mother, ok??).

WEDS 14TH 10AM BACUP PRIDE GANG – another session on the site of the former Irwell St Baptist , next to Th’Owd Con Club.
WEDS 14TH 5PM TO 7PM The Hassy Crew are out! And they were out on Monday morning as well! I think the venue is planters near New St car park on Lower Deardengate – check with Kathy on kathy.allcock@yahoo.co.uk if you need confirmation. They’ve got plants being delivered at a yet-to-be-confirmed time earlier in the day and help with that’d be good. Contact Kathy. Thanx!

THURS 15TH 9.40 AT CP STORE (behind R’stall market) OR 10AM ON TOWN SQUARE. Thanks to the fab gang who braved the vile weather last Thurs. They’re clearly the stuff of which our noble volunteers are made. This is our last “do” on the T.Sq for several weeks so – – “Are you free?” . Just answer “Yes” !!

FRI 16TH 8PM ONWARDS BUFFER STOPS – I’m not there so a good time to go along, d’you reckon?

SATURDAY 17TH WHITEWELL BOTTOM’S LAST BALSAM-BASH (possibly) : 10am on that embankment : leave cars on Community Centre car park (it’s on Burnley Rd East, on left coming up from Waterfoot) then walk back towards W’foot and look for Stormin’ Norman and his crew. Coffee & bacon butties afterwards. That embankment was a reet mess (and we know who owns it – now THERE’S a tale!!)

SUNDAY 18TH the Hassy Crew are out ag-ain!! – MARVELLOUS! Meet 10am Tesco car park. Litter-pick Hassy Rd down to All Saints then M/cr Rd time permitting (so that’ll be done as well, then!).

More essential info (sorry!)
1. OUR OUTREACH TEAM, Sue and Barry, do wonderful & largely unsung work with young folk (schools, scouts, guides etc) about the effects of litter and also doing litterpicks with ’em. Their services are in high demand so help’s now needed. Excellent work materials already prep – so can YOU help them? Really suit retired teacher(s) : do you know any? Former-teacher status ISN’T a requirement though – just an interest in what CP does and a desire to pass the message to the next generation. Email sueflint57@gmail.com
2. DINING TRAIN – Sat 30th Sept. East Lancs Railway’s once-a-week elegant epicurean experience (ooh, get that, mother). CP are going. Great nosh, travel and social outing in glorious steam-age format. Organiser Jean Neville. £48 per person but cheques to her this week at the latest. Post to : 1 The Loom, Holcombe Rd Rossendale BB4 4NG. Further info from jeaneville@gmail.com or 077847 69645 – but be quick!
3. SECRET GARDENERS – our quiet (??) heroes/heroine volunteers do a stunning job with our public gardens. Jackie (our social media manager) really wants piks of what you’re doing to stick in F’book/Twitter – before-and-afters if possible but just your latest will be fine. Send to taylorj40@yahoo.co.uk
4. LONE RANGERS – our solo litterpickers have been particularly noticeable recently. Great swathes of litter cleared from Helmshore/Rising Bridge in the west, through to Bacup and Weir in the east. Thank you!
5. THE SOLSTICE Where’s the year gone? Weather permitting we’re going up Whinbury Naze (lovely view of the valley from there) to watch the setting of the sun on the longest day of the year (21st June. Sunset up there’s about 9.30pm). Take cameras and a bottle of fizz to celebrate the turning of the year. Details next week.


PS didja hear us on BBC Radio Lancs last Weds morning then? Sue and Liz were berr-ill-iant!! Thanx ladies!

A Triumphalist, and slightly late, Witter (God Bless ‘Er Majesty)

I won’t weary you again with the news that Civic Pride Rossendale has just gained the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Won’t mention it at all. But the reaction from the people of Rossendale towards us has been lovely : hundreds of congratulations and thanks for the work which our active volunteers do. Just sometimes, doin’ this CP thing is positively heart-warming. And indisputably effective – tho’ we still desperately need more volunteers to help us – can you join in one of the following?? Please?
WEDS 7TH JUNE 10AM MEET AT SIDE OF TH’OWD CON CLUB, BACUP for the next stage of Bacup Pride’s renovation of the area. Get more details from bacuppride@gmail.com
WEDS 7TH JUNE 11AM-ISH ONWARDS – we’ve been invited to go on BBC Radio Lancs morning programme to brag about that Queen’s Award thing. Lord, they must be desperate for folk to interview …. do tune in and listen to the chaos.
WEDS 7TH JUNE MEET 5PM OUTSIDE GREEN SQUIRREL (junction of M/cr Rd & Bury Rd in Haslingden). The Hassy Crew have bravely entered what was a run-down flower bed in the RHS “It’s Your Neighbourhood” comp. Judging on 12th July so not much time to get it blooming. More work on that bed this morning.
THURS 8TH JUNE MEET 9.40AM C. PRIDE STORE (rear of R’stall Market) OR 10.00AM ON TOWN SQUARE. Very successful event last Sunday which now needs finishing off with weeding & planting. The forecast ain’t great but we go whatever the weather gods chuck at us!
FRIDAY 9TH JUNE 9.30AM MEET AT NEARY’S, HELMSHORE RD for group litter-pick. The Hassy Mob are at it again!
FRIDAY 9TH JUNE 8PM ONWARDS AT BUFFER STOPS – a goodly and slightly raucous celebration last week so Lord knows what’ll happen and who’ll be there this week. Just be assured of a friendly welcome.
NOT SURE ON THIS ONE! – the next stage of the Whitewell Bottom Balsam Bashing is Sat 10th or Sun 11th – email Norman on clownhall@sky.com for confirmation. Thanks!
SUNDAY 11TH JUNE – no Haslingden litter clearance event this Sunday but please go out, whether Hassy-based or not, to do your thing in the anti-litter war.
SATURDAY 17TH JUNE (that’s a week on Saturday!) the final act of the W’well Bottom Balsam Bash, 10am ’til midday. They’re on the embankment on Burnley Rd East, right-hand side when heading away from Waterfoot. Bacon butties and coffee afterwards!

Just one (promise, it’s just the one ..) last bit – we mentioned Hassy CP’s gardening entry earlier. Additionally, our brave Secret Gardeners have entered five of the many gardens we now maintain in R’stall for the RHS’s “It’s Your Neighbourhood” comp. We have the same date for The Judges comin’ to town – 12th July. As all gardeners know, there ain’t much time between now and then to get a garden in order. Please help out, either with our organised gardening sessions and/or email pam@civic-pride.org.uk to get involved as an individual.

Inevitably there’ll be loads of other stuff which should’ve been mentioned in this week’s Witter, but I’ve missed out. Just get in touch and tell me off.

Big hugz 2 U all

Flamin’ June Witter (well, it will be soon mother)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and those associated with Civic Pride

Itsa very crowded Witter this week, amazingly brief in the circumstances. Just to share with you : your correspondent is packin’ up right now, to remove. Again. He’s a bit tied up, so this’ll be brief to the point of curt but hope you’ll forgive the curt. Thank ‘ee!

HUGE amounts goin’ on so – – do-do-do join in and make where YOU live look better (your reward will be in heaven ….. or in Buffer Stops..)

TUES 30TH MAY 7PM Haslingden Rd Garden (outside St Mary’s Chambers) – Tracey’s Team from Latter Day Day Saints will be there trimming and tending. Bring your own gear if you’ve got any but – our Tracey will have some spare if you haven’t any, but still want to join in.
WEDS 31ST MAY 5PM it’s the Hassy Crew (who we lurv so much) fettlin’ flowers, starting outside the Green Squirrel. They don’t have their own gardenin’ gear yet so please bring your own. Come on Hassy!!
THURS 1ST JUNE it’s a half century since Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band was released, exactly, as of today. Some of us will be feeling full of gentle reminiscence (aka nauseatin’ nostalgia) – others will be doing CP stuff, as in …..
MEET 9.40AM CP STORE OR 10.00 OLD FOLD GARDEN – this is one of CP’s entries into RHS’s national comp so please come along to help in Jill & Jackie’s garden. All equipment and delightful hospitality provided, amidst lovely people and surroundings.
FRIDAY 2ND JUNE 8PM ONWARDS AT BUFFER STOPS Crackin’ session last week, and Grimmers got the crisps! Warm n lovely get-together.
SAT 3RD JUNE 10AM – we think itsa Bacup Pride meet at the History Garden adjacent to the Hist Museum. Not heard from ’em but check out by emailing bacuppride@gmail.com or their F’b page.
SUN 4TH – OYEZ OYEZ CITIZENS IT’S 1ST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH! 9.40 at CP Store or 10.00 on the Town Square for the monthly classic. It’s been going on for 18 (eh? eighteen?) years, Sunday no. 1 of the month, and we need a Big Troop out. Planting, weeding, a big tidy-up, make your town bloom and look gorgeous!
SUN 4TH WEIR PRIDE 1PM DOALS CENTRE plantpot sculpting for the marvellous plantpot fest across Bacup & Weir which is imminent. Help to make it happen!
SUN 4TH – no CP Hassy litter-clearing session this week so, lovely citizens, go out solo to clear a bit OR come to join your bros & sis in R’stall on the Town Square …. it’d be lovely to see you there with us. It really honestly would.

1. 30th Sept Civic Pride Dining Train – details sent out earlier this week BUT you’ve just 2 weeks to reply to jeaneville@gmail.com to have a rollickin’ good evening aboard East Lancs Railways’ classic. Very limited tickets. Open to any CP supporter and spouse/partner.
2. This is seriously serious …… we have the date for The Royal Horticultural Society’s Judges (they, we hope, not wearing the black wigs ….) coming to town to judge our gardens for another CP bash at this National Comp. 12TH JULY, JUST 6 WEEKS AS OF NOW – can you and we get the green stuff prep in that short time, especially when it’s maximum weed-growing season and, somehow, not max plant/flower-growing time?? It’ll be followed by a bring-your-own in the OFG (= Old Fold Garden, the one with the clock tower, right?) later that evening which is always a wonderful post-inspection celebration.
3. Brilliant effort from 38th Rossie Scout group’s Beavers who went out with Sue & Barry (they’re CP’s Outreach Team) last week and did amazin’ litter-picking work along Bacup Rd. Just – just – well – just thank you everyone. Delighted to have you with us!
Any other CP groups got something going on? Send me your details (no luv, not those details) and ruin your event by having it in T’Witter. A’right!

You are soooo needed. Really. Join the effort. Hugs to y’all.


Mid-May Meandering (ok, Wittering – but that doesn’t have the same ring to it …)

Good evening CPV’s and Supporters

With luck, you won’t have seen the latest newsletter. Such subject matter – Oh my! (secretly, got to admit delight at our Doggy-Doo Czar’s efforts making such a difference…..). And on the “making a difference” topic, thanks to the bypass crew (that’s a litter operation not a medical procedure) for clearing the whole length of the A682 dual carriageway prior to it being mowed today and tomorrow. 13 bags collected. Marvellous. And hi to new volunteer Tracey.

Ok – this week is ………
TUES 16TH – 2nd Rossendale Scouts out picking. Good stuff guys – and to Barry & Sue for organising.
WEDS 17TH MEET 5PM outside the Green Squirrel pub Haslingden (that’s outside the G Squirrel, not inside – ok??) for gardening session. Please bring your own tools – and well done Hassy for getting the gardening going
Same night, 2nd Rossendale Guides are litter-picking around Crawshawbooth area. No time given but great to see you out there Guides!
THURS 18TH MEET 9.40AM AT CP STORE OR 10AM TOWN SQUARE – our efforts will be divided up to various parts of the town centre but that’s a good meeting place. We won’t be doing any watering ……
FRIDAY 19TH BUFFER STOPS 8PM ONWARDS. Delight in the informative and oh-so-friendly chatter. We’re usually in the Family Room.
SATURDAY 20TH NOTICE OF POSTPONEMENT!! We were going to support the Whitewell Bottom crew in bashing Himalayan Balsam but the balsam’s too immature to bash at the moment. It’s been re-scheduled to 17th June, by which time the balsam’ll be thinkin’ it’s got away with it. Little does it know …..
SUNDAY 21ST MAY – CIVIC PRIDE HASSY are at it again – meet 10am on council car park next to T’Co-op on John St. We reckon they’re going for the 1000 bags of litter cleared in 2017. And they’re well on the way. Those litter-pickers’ve been clicking away like castanets in a Samba band ….. Haslingden, hope y’know how lucky you are having these guys in town. Please support ’em, folks.

Last bit ….. McDonald’s invited us for a pre-opening tour of their premises today ……they open tomorrow 10.30am …….. so two of us went over. They were very hospitable – hey, they won’t make any litter will they? To be fair, they’ve several times expressed a wish to be good neighbours and to work with us. Bring it on!

Last bit Part the Second ….. we’re always delighted to pop details in T’Witter of what’s-going-on with other Pride gangs – send yo’ details to chris@civic-pride.org.uk and in they will go …. it’ll probably ruin your reputation being in such a weird publicity organ but – hey, live dangerously, eh??

Perleeeeze get out there lovely people – do, as the saying has it, your bit. Ta!

Chris PS a note of appreciation for Wittering style & content come flooding in a few days ago. Just the one, but that’s the 3rd this year ….. nice to feel wanted.

The Highlight Of Your Week’s Reading Has Just Landed ….

G’day Volunteers Everywhere

Yesterday (that’s Sunday, right?) was just delightful. You should’ve been there : a dedicated bunch of Civic Pride vols beavering away making a massive improvement to the Town Square, in beautiful spring sunshine with the Clog Market stalls bustlin’ round us and musical accompaniment from Water Brass Band. And you missed out on that because …..? Special thanks to the market’s coffee stall and to Fitzpatricks for the free drinks to keep us going. Slurp! (PS – Gail, CP’s latest new volunteer, seemed to enjoy the experience, which makes her as crackers as the rest of us)

Just before we add dates, a note to inform you that one of our subscribers gets these Witterings into two of her email addresses, and (she said) it makes her twice blessed. So, nuts to ye who mock these literary scribings, ok?? Ladies and gentlemen, please read on :
Weds 10th May 10am Bacup Pride meet next to Owd Con Club. Details given in previous Witters.
Thursday 11th May meet 9.40 at CP Store or 10.00 on Riverside Walk (opposite railway station). We should’ve finished this last week but didn’t have enough folk with us. This has got to be our last go at this stretch – other areas are in dire need of our particular brand of tlc so we won’t be back here for some time.
Friday 12th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops – a goodly crowd of us last week (quantity and quality) ; this week, who knows?? Try us!
Sunday 14th meet 10am by Hardman’s Mill (the big Victorian edifice near M & Spencer). We’re clearing the bypass before the mowers go in on Monday. Why? If we don’t, litter ends up as hundreds of shredded fragments which blow everywhere and look awful. The grass is quite long so litter may be hiding/buried which makes for a slow job. Lotsa help needed please. Spare us an hour? bring your neighbour? G’wan do it!
Sunday 14th Civic Pride Haslingden out on a big litter sweep most Sundays – no details to hand but we’ll put you in touch if you live on that side of the hill.
Monday 15th meet 9am, same place as yesterday, to finish off any bits of the bypass we missed and any new litter dropped by scrotes since previous day.
Advanced notice Saturday 20th morning. Big balsam-bashing event in Whitewell Bottom. Details in next week’s Witter but there’s free coffee & bacon butties for workers.

Brief Commentary aka Additional Drivel :
1. Dave Dewhurst get well soon mate cos you and She are needed! He broke his ankle in 4 places poor lad, now laid up for weeks – the positive bit of that is that Sheila’s nurse-maiding him. Lucky boy!
2. That dreadful Liz posted an illustrated advert to inform us that 7th May was World Naked Gardening Day. It made me blush. Happy to say, compulsory compliance wasn’t enforced on Sunday’s volunteers …….
3. Thank you Grimmers for the Antidote to Wittering, aka CP’s monthly newsletter. A classic.
4. Last Friday’s Buffer meeting elected Jean Neville as social secretary. She’s doing a Medieval event in Castle Bolton and the CP Christmas Bash and a trip for us all on E. Lancs Railway’s dining train. Watch this space folks!
5. Courtesy of RBC we now have petrol-powered strimmers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers in the store. Let us know if you want to borrow them for your CP purposes, especially our Secret Gardeners. And thank you RBC.
To mis-quote Looney Tunes, “That’s your lot for this week! *

Chris (* = thank the Lord for that ….. he does go on a bit, doesn’t he??)

Mayday Witter

G’day Bank-holidaying folkies
Have you an empty plantpot to spare? Has that gotcha intrigued? Then peruse onwards, dear reader ….. but first we have ……..
WEDS 2ND MAY meet 10am next to Th’Owd Con Club Bacup for the next event, beautifully organised o’course, in the sprucing and smartening of the area. They’re there every Weds ’til – well, ’til it’s done!
THURS 3RD MAY meet 9.40am at Civic Pride Store or 10am on the Riverside Walk (next to R’stall Tesco) : the final time there for several weeks so – can you help please? There’s a lot to do. We were – well, actually, I was – gloating last week when we stood and compared its present cared-for state with that of 5 years ago when we started there. C’mon, be a part of beautifying R’stall!
FRIDAY 4TH MAY 8pm onwards at Buffer Stops. An Egyptian Wanderer will be turning up straight off the plane and will be buying the beer.
SUNDAY 7TH 10am – the first Sunday of the month session – at the instruction of she-who-must-be (etc) we’ll be on the Town Square and surrounding beds. There’s an opportunity for litterpicking fans as well (that’s a given – Sunday morning after a R’stall Saturday night – what d’you expect??) If you’ve not experienced a CP Sunday Session before, you’ll find us to be a convivial bunch! The luvly sense of achievement is the added good bit!
MONDAY 8TH – yet another Witter’ll land in your inbox. Let me know if you’ve a “Pride” event to tell the world about or, more to the point, you want to arrange one. We’ll help you to do it.

OTHER STUFF, BRIEFLY ….. to reply to any of this, ask questions an’ all that – please email info@civic-pride.org.uk or phone 0795511 0199
1. Huge thanks to our Lone Rangers and Rivers Team for all you do. The lack of long-term mess and litter is now very noticeable due to your efforts. It’s been said before but we’re ALWAYS in need of more members of the public to join our litter-teams. Izzat YOU?? Equipment and all support provided.
2. 6.30am Sat 29th April, just happened to be in R’stall – and there’s one of our total stalwarts, Alan Scowcroft, litter-picking as he does every single day at that hour. Go see! He’s the bloke with the unmistakable cowboy-type hat. Cheers Alan!
3. Diary date – Sunday-week, 14th May : mentioned last week as a pre-mowing litter-clearance of the bypass. Meeting details now arranged as outside Hardman’s Mill (the big Victorian edifice adjacent to M & S) 10am. Please help! We’ll be there early on the Monday as well – more on this next week.
4. Plantpots?? (see intro, above) Bacup Pride are organising a dee-lite-ful plantpot fest this summer. Wanna find a good home for your surplus plantpots? Ring Pat Smith on 07751 380 392 or email the guys on bacuppride@gmail.com If you want to join in they’ll send you details. Some of the creative sculptures being made from pots are just – wow!
5. Drystone walling courses now started (see last week’s Witter) ; more on 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 May. Details from one of our Newchurch Crew – rachael.gildert@proffittscic.com
6. On Facebook? Tune in to our Civic Pride Rossendale page. Marvellous, luvly, and some heart-warming comments from m.o.p.
That’s the lot for this week gang – all without a word about elections!

Chris PS – someone’s suggested we start a Civic Pride party, stand for Westminster – whaddya reckon??

Easter Witter

Good Evening CP Crew
I’ve got just 28 mins to get this done and sent if it’s going to be done on Easter Monday and be apposite to the title ……
Well done to the Bacup crew clearing litter from the route of Easter Saturday’s Coconutter Tradition (if you’ve never seen it, book Easter Saturday 2018 NOW!). More Well Done comments ensue …… but now ……. WOT’S ON?
TUES 18TH APRIL MEET 6PM MARKET ST BACUP (opposite Mario’s) for dogwood-trimming session. Bring loppers/secateurs if you have any please.
WEDS 19TH APRIL 10AM BACUP PRIDE WEDS SESSION CONTINUES …. meet at site of Irwell St Baptist Church, near to Owd Con Club for next stage of this mega-project
THURS 20TH APRIL MEET 9.40 AT STORE OR 10AM AT RIVERSIDE WALK (on Bury Rd opposite railway station) for standard-delivery (that is, utterly marvellous) Civic Pride tlc …. litter n gardens, ok?
FRIDAY 21ST BUFFER STOPS 8PM onwards for erudition n ale.
MORE well done’s!
(1) Alfie-Ley Fellows wanted to do something for others during his Easter hol so he & grandad Paul cleared the awful footpath from Fallbarn play area down to Bocholt Way. Alfie’s not quite 9, by the way. That’s the way we were told it!
(2) Hassy Rd Garden – last week ………. how could I have missed Julie P, one of our pair of Secret Gardeners doing sections of the HRG? Further proof of your correspondent losing the plot, wouldja say?
(3) New guys Phil and Charlotte who turned up to last Thursday’s session and, surprisingly, enjoyed it. Insanity is clearly contagious. Welcome, both!
Corrections …… we don’t ordinarily do corrections as it’s a tacit admission we’ve got something wrong (whaaaat?) but – Stormin’ Norman’s W’well Bottom (WWB) major session is 20th May 10am til midday (NOT 26th as in last week’s Witter). Bacon butties and accompanying comestibles will be your reward when you turn up. Ey-oop lads n lasses!
Other stuff :
(a) Got a minute? Dead-head daffodils please! Any which are clearly past their best need flowerheads tekkin’ off so the bulb stores up energy for next year. Take a pair of scissors wherever you go (you won’t be arrested for it ….. probably)
(b) Clog Market on 27th May. Organisers offered Civic Pride a free slot to publicise the CP what-we-do and hopefully get a new recruit or two. Needs gazebo and volunteer(s) with our publicity boards and cards to give out. It’s 10am ’til 3pm. Can you do a slot? Email us at info@civic-pride.org.uk or ring us please 07955 110199 Thanx!
(c) Find us a grotspot please! Our CP Lone Rangers and mass litterpicks have all but eliminated the serious grotspots but if you know one which is on public land or street in need of attacking by one of our big sessions, please let us know. Contact details as above [can’t normally do commercially/privately-owned areas but will consider it]
(d) Please check your CP contact details ….. NB our email address as in (b) above. The civic.pride.rossendale@gmail.com is increasingly redundant : the realm, mostly, of advertisers and junk mail.

Ooops! I’ve missed the midnight deadline ….. your correspondent is about to turn into a pumpkin



A What’s On Witter

Evenin’ All

What a beautiful weekend! Sunburnt bits an’ pieces and, we hope, you all got soil under the finger-nails. Yes? Excellent! No? Shockin’ – here’s yo’ chance to correct that omission!

WEDS 12TH APRIL MEET 10AM next to Th’Owd Con Club in Bacup, on the site of the former Irwell Terrace Church : long-term ongoing battle to reclaim the area.
THURS 13TH APRIL MEET 9.40AM AT THE STORE or 10am at Haslingden Rd Gardens (in front of St Mary’s Chambers). Diana, one of our wonderful Secret Gardeners, has taken on part of it as her own domain (bless ‘er!) but there’s still a big area needing CP’s tlc.
FRIDAY 14TH 8PM ONWARDS Buffer Stops. Would any of our new recruits care to meet a few like-minded enthusiasts over a glass of – um – well, there’s plenty of choice available! Jean will buy the pies of you missed your tea, or so it’s rumoured.
SUNDAY MORNING HASLINGDEN CREW – no details of a meeting point but Kathy will be organising a mass litterpick somewhere…….. can put you in touch if you wish. Email us at info@civic-pride.org.uk

Civic Pride Folk …… (CPF) :
CPF (1) Wow! Stormin’ Norman (Norman McLaren ….. is the surname correct, Norman?) is setting Whitewell Bottom on fire. Litter, weeds and rubbish will soon cease to exist there. Put 26th May in your diary as the day when ghastly Himalayan Balsam will cease to exist thereabouts, courtesy of our new WWB crew. Bacon butties and the like all organised to lure you along. Big community job.
CPF (2) Rob went up to The Halo last week and found – no litter! He hid his disappointment well, we thought. Why’s this info here? ‘Cos it’s yet another indicator of the effectiveness of our Litter Crews and Lone Rangers. Places which are regularly cleaned tend to stay clean (not always true, but often the case)Thank you, pickers everywhere. Gerrout there, clear somewhere and wear your hi-viz with pride!
CPR (3) Grimmers for Brexit Secretary. Vote now ….. (if you don’t know what that’s about please ask!).

LAST BIT ….. Civic Pride is now growing like crazy. Pride groups are springing up all over the valley. Please let us know what you’re up to next week and we’ll T’Witter it for you. Luverly!


Chris PS if it doesnae rain very soon we’ll have a shout for a Watering Team for planters and hanging baskets. Please watch this space. Thanx!

Spring-glorious-Spring Witter

G’day Lovely Volunteers
(1)Apologies for the late delivery of your Weekly Witterings, caused by reasons of High State (really??). Thank you to Grimmers who, in the interim, kept you enthralled with the splendid CP Monthly Newsletter.

(2)Last week’s Witter had an all-time record number of events goin’ off. This’ll be shorter. Thank the Lord. Just one thing to add – one lucky citizen was in receipt of her first-ever Witter. She described it as “a dam’ good read” which was a salve to your wounded correspondent, whose literary compositions fall victim to a deal of mockery from lesser mortals (for new readers – we take the mickey outa each other delightfully frequently so don’t worry …..)

WEDS 5TH APRIL MEET 10AM on site of Irwell Terrace Baptist Church next to Owd Con Club where our Bacup Pride guys have an on-going project to beautify a derelict site. Nice one Bacup!

THURS 6TH APRIL MEET 9.40AM at the Civic Pride store or 10am on the Town Square, Bank St frontage. Yes we’re aware the fair has parked itself there AGAIN (we honestly do love community events but this fair seems to be a permanent fixture). Regardless, we will finish what we started last week. ALL volunteers very welcome…… Grant, who’s one of our new guys, recommends it!

FRIDAY 7TH BUFFER STOPS 8pm – Yours Truly may not be there so that’s always a social plus, eh?

SUNDAY 10.30AM-3PM BOOK FAIR at Pendle Heritage, Barrowford. A bit of a social-cum-fundraiser in a most delightful historic setting, with the opportunity to browse ‘n’ buy. Heaven!
SUNDAY – for sure, Civic Pride Haslingden will out there. Get in touch with Kathy at kathy.allcock@yahoo.co.uk for more info.

APOLOGIES to groups who’ve got in touch with their events and I’ve forgotten to include them….

This …… is your Civic Pride Weekly Wittering (sound of trumpet fanfare in background).

Hi Volunteer Troops

Permit the Waxing Lyrical for a mo ….. I woke up with the dawn (literally) on Mothering Sunday ; the sky was pink then cerise then gold and so were the hills. The owd place (Rossendale, that is….) looked stunningly beautiful. It reminded me why we all get involved in this Civic Pride malarky. That’s the end of the brief but inspirational Wordsworthian muse : now back to the usual rubbish ……(some events from 4 of our Pride gangs)

TUESDAY 28TH Weir Pride are out again. Meet 1.30 at 8 Heald Lane. Don’t ask questions, JDI, ok??
TUES 28TH Bacup Pride 6pm litter-pick session meet Springfield Ave 6pm. Contact is Pat Smith 07751380392. She’ll get the beer in afterwards …..
WEDS 29TH Bacup Pride 10am big project Irwell Terrace Baptist Church (site of). Brews provided!
WEDS 29TH Civic Pride’ve stopped …our long-standing tradition of Weds evening sessions during the longer light evenings. The response last year was diminishing and we’re now working differently. BUT we’ll still have the occasional shout for some Weds evenings ; and if you’d like them reinstating as a regular feature let me know (chris@civic-pride.org.uk or 07877211314)
WEDS 29TH 7.30PM reminder to all Civic Pride Secret Gardeners to meet at Big Boss Pam’s place. She’ll sort us all out. And provide nice cakes, we hear …..Want to hear about/join in with Secret Gardeners? Email Pam. (pam@civic-pride.org.uk) It’s a really positive exciting feature of our volunteering and it’s starting to take off!
THURS 30TH (THE BIG ONE!) meet at Civic Pride store 9.40am or Town Square Rawtenstall 10.00am. Join the cast of thousands of crazy lovely friendly sociable volunteers for a spot of gardening tlc. Expertise not needed.
FRIDAY 31ST Civic Pride Haslingden meet 10am Hassy Tesco top car park for a local litterpick.
FRIDAY 8PM BUFFER STOPS to celebrate – well – us, really. Get the latest gossip over a glass of something.
SATURDAY 1ST APRIL 10am join Bacup Pride for a bit of the inevitable April Fool stuff ; and also for their 1st-Sat-Of-The-Month effort at the Wall Of History Garden at the Bacup end of Todmorden Rd.
SUNDAY 2ND APRIL Civic Pride meet 9.40 at the store or 10am on the embankment opposite Asda on St Mary’s Way. To Do List : finish the rockery (urgent need for some strong lads for this please!) and also tying up some of the daffs, weeding and the inevitable litterpick. PLEASE NOTE HASSY GANG – latest info is that Kathy’s not organising a litterpick this Sunday so if you’ve nothing arranged, come join your soul brothers and sisters in Rawtenstall. Luv t’see ya!

Additional Witterings are thus :-
1. Sorry to have omitted the “Clocks-Go-Foward” stuff in last week’s Witter. Who forgot about it then??
2. We got an appreciative message from our MP this week. Thanks Jake!
3. The Metal Tree Bed had its wall re-arranged by virtue of some eccentric driving at approx midnight last Saturday. We are after the culprit. At the moment of impact the vehicle was doing around 25mph. On its roof. That is, upside down. Hmmm.
4. Great work from Grimmers and Wilkie getting the Charity Commissioners sorted. Annual report, accounts, etc. (Life used to be so simple when we’d no money and just a half dozen of us pickin’ litter). Thank you both. Serious comment (we do make ’em) – your CP absolutely could not now function without our backroom organisers – 4 Officers plus Pam Ben Jackie Hazel Barry Sue Sue Liz/Ian Josie/Eddie
5. Whitewell Bottom crew are de-balsaming a part of their territory. Help needed. More info from Norman (clownhall@sky.com) (that’s Himalayan Balsam – is that what you were thinking, mayhap?)
6. Newchurch crew – how are you doing??
If you’re daft enough to want your Pride sessions (that’s Civic Pride and all – yes all – other Priders’ events) putting in The Witters for everyone to see, just let me know before Monday evening. Luv to hear from you.
Now the nights are opening out & the sap’s rising, it’s the PERFECT time to clear that garden or start a Pride project or shift that long-term litter before this year’s weeds cover it up. Y’know you want to!


Chris PS 7.20am today, a lovely phone call from member of the public to tell us her journey-to-work-soul was uplifted by our thousands of gorgeous daffs on St Mary’s Way (remember planting those in the mud last year?? Oh yeah!)

The Vernal Equinoctal Witter (equinoctal, adjective, from equinox, noun. Ok??)

Good Evening Science Fans
At precisely 10.28am today the subsolar point left the southern hemisphere and crossed the celestial equator. Thus, as predicted in last week’s Witter, we have passed the Vernal Equinox. We have entered that half of the year when the sun is above the horizon for longer within each 24hr period than it is not. Even when it chucks it down all day and we don’t see it. At all. Like today. Yuk!

To Business :
TUESDAY 21ST MARCH 10.00AM MEET NEW ST CAR PARK (corner New St/Helmshore Rd, Haslingden). Our soul bros (& sisters) in Hassy are planting and litterpicking. Please help ’em. Even if it’s only for an hour.

THURSDAY 23RD MEET 9.40AM AT C.P. STORE OR 10.00AM LAYBY, INBOUND-TO-R’STALL SIDE OF BYPASS. We’re bashing brambles, whacking weeds, berating balsam …. and clearing litter. And swigging lovely Lynn’s coffee. No idea where Tesco are these days. Anybody there, please?? Dear reader if you’ve not tried the Thursday crew before be assured of a warm welcome from a happy sociable bunch. New girl Lisa last week thought we were wonderful. Really. Wonderful, and only slightly crackers.

FRIDAY 24TH 8PM ONWARDS BUFFER STOPS. The report from last Friday is that we enjoyed an excellently erudite event, albeit with two of us very soggy. We’d walked there thru that Rawtenstall rain.

SUNDAY 26TH Haslingden Civic Pride, just for once, won’t be doing their regular Sunday Hassy de-littering. It’s Mothering Sunday, hence multiple family stuff going on for many of ’em. If you’re not thus engaged earlier on in the day please get out there* anyway, with dashing litterpicker. Thank you. (* “there” being absolutely anywhere you might find ghastly litter).

ADVANCED NOTICE : SUNDAY 2ND APRIL 10.00AM First-Sunday-In-The-Month gathering, St Mary’s Way (opposite Asda). Tons of woodchip to lay down and the final round of rockery-building. Help from big fellahs, particularly, please. Smaller chaps/chapesses will nonetheless have a vital role so do please help!

ALSO HAPPENING REGULARLY : please check Weir Pride and Bacup Pride Facebook pages for details/advanced notice of when/where they’re operating. Plus – plus – anyone else doing a CP thing they’d like help with …. let me know please and we’ll publicise it — well, Witter it, anyway. (chris@civic-pride.org.uk)

Regretfully, several O.N.F.Y.E.I.’s (Other Notes For Your Essential Info ……..)
ONFYEI (1)Book Fair 9th April. Details as circulated by Master Grimshaw earlier today.
ONFYEI (2)Secret Gardener Recruits still urgently needed for Town Square, St Mary’s Way central res (Ian??), Riverside Walk, Hassy Rd Garden (part of) and bypass laybys. Fancy it? Pam’s your girl! (see below)
ONFYEI (3)SOME SECRET GARDENERS are bravely considering entering their CP garden for the RHS’s “It’s Your Neighbourhood” comp. All SG’s please make sure Pam (pam@civic-pride.org.uk) or Helen (helen@civic-pride.org.uk) know if you want to have a go. Civic Pride support available for all the lovely SG’s wanting to take the plunge.
ONFYEI (4)Social Media Guru Jackie needs lots of photos for putting on CP’s F’b/Twitter/Instagram pages. Particularly, we LURV dramatic before-and-after stuff. That’s to jackie@civic-pride.org.uk Thanks guys!
ONFYEI (5)Free Press have printed a letter from Yours Truly. Heavily edited, not the letter as sent to ’em. Please ignore it!!

Onwards, upwards, an’ DO gerrout there, lovely people!


A Winter’s-Goin’ Witter – yes it is, honest!

Weekly_Witterings-page-001Good Evening Lovely Volunteers
It seems like last week when the winter solstice was being noted in these noble (???) columns ; and wow, Spring’s Vernal equinox is almost here. A quarter of the year gone …… so Let’s Get Moving!!
WEDS 15TH MARCH MEET 11AM AT (what was) ROSSIE UTD FOOTBALL GROUND STAGHILLS RD. Deborah’s going out on a litter-pick and would LURV your help.
THURS 16TH MEET 9.40AM AT CIVIC PRIDE STORE (for new guys, it’s located behind Rawtenstall market – can’t miss it if you’re there on time) OR 10.00AM IN THE LAYBY, OUTBOUND-FROM-RAWTENSTALL SIDE OF BYPASS. Only 4 of us last week so we didn’t get finished. Branches to trim, hedge to plant, weeeeeds by the unquantifiable number to uproot (why do plants die back in Winter but weeds carry right on growing??), litter to pick, Himalayan Balsam to kill, brambles to bash – is this not the most glorious exercise for your body, whilst inhaling good ol’ Pennine fresh air, the whole provided free of charge by yer good ol’ C.Pride? How utterly irresistible is this prospect! (and coffee n stuff to lubricate your bits n pieces).
FRIDAY 17TH 8PM ONWARDS BUFFER STOPS. Detail, again, for the benefit of new guys, is that we have a small select cluster of like-minded chatty souls enjoying a glass in front of the good ol’-fashioned coal-fire-in-a-grate type-warming device. Aaah!! (Buffer Stops is the bar at R’stall station – which you knew, o’ course)
MONDAY 20TH FIRST DAY OF SERPPPRINNNG!! (is that decipherable?) AND – AND – 7.30 PM START EDENFIELD COMMUNITY CENTRE IT’S THE TALK OF THE YEAR …. one of our less sane volunteers, Owd Robert, is giving a talk on The Munros. A Munro is a big, very big, Scottish hill. There’re some 300-and-then-some of ’em, and for a few utter lunatics it’s a life’s work to “bag” them (ie climb them). All of them. Robert’s done the lot. Once? Twice? Thrice? Four times? Keep going!! and he’s giving a talk on his experiences. And he’s buying the beer afterwards. C’mon gang you can’t miss this!
EARLY NOTICE of SUN 3RD APRIL 10.00AM EMBANKMENT OPPOSITE ASDA please gettit in thi’ diary! big lads needed as well …..

• We’re not doing Britain in Bloom this year. Having looked at it pretty carefully, we’ve gotta say we just do not have the gardening volunteer resources. We’re ok-ish for litterpickers, and for volunteers for big one-off events ; but for the week-by-week commitment to make the B-i-Bloom possible, no, sorry, it’s not there. Unless we get a big influx of go-for-it volunteers in the next two weeks, just no can do. Please give us your ideas if you want to help to turn this round. But at the moment we need more volunteers – have you friends, neighbours, like-minded souls you know who’d be interested in lending a hand??
• HOWEVER we’re getting a few Secret Gardeners (see previous Witters for explanation of SG’s) who may be entering Their Own Particular Bit Of Rawtenstall for It’s Your Neighbourhood, a national comp run by the Royal Horticultural Society. Smaller-scale than B-i-B but it’d give us something specific to aim at this year – that is, an aim on top of, as well as, making Everywhere look b*** marvellous across the valley which we do week in, week out, eh?!
• Quote of the week : “….. if you just bring me 15 volunteers tomorrow we can get this done…..??” – she was being serious – BUT if you’ve got a task in mind, something needing doing, then think of a day, a time and a meeting place, let me know and I’ll put it in the Weekly Witterings which go out every Monday. You could then get a few CP supporters with you. Gardeners, Litter jobs, whatever. If you let us know, we could get something together. If you don’t let us know, then it don’t, won’t, get done. JDI, right? If nothing else, email me chris@civic-pride.org.uk but you can get to us via our F’b, Twitter (as opposed to this ‘ere T’Witter, ok?), website, mobi 0795511 0199, whichever.
Huge affections to you all – just c’mon gettout there cos it’s Springtime!



Itsa Mega Litter Witter for a Mega Litter Week

Good Evening Lovely Troops!

Thanks :-
1. … to last Thursday’s Gang who braved Storm Doris (or was it Deidre? – can’t remember) to do a wonderful job on the Hassy Rd Gardens. Drenched and blown to bits but we did it. When the goin’ gets tough, eh?
2. …. to Ben The Litter Manager (aka Litter’ead) for a beautifully-organised session last Saturday. Pity the weather didn’t co-operate. 15 brave souls with their pickers n bags, some of us soaked to the skin for the 2nd time in 48 hours. Delighted to see Alyson B with us, plus 3 new guys. Marvellous. And The Whitaker for vital hot coffee afterwards.
3. …to Civic Pride Haslingden, also out en masse on Saturday, thereby proving that anti-litter insanity ain’t confined to R’stall!
4. …to Sue & Pete for providing particularly perfect pancakes for us all on Sunday afternoon. Delightful hospitality, convivial afternoon!
5. …to Helen, our Operations Officer (aka Special Ops aka Sopps ..) for super-informative Handbook of CP’s Gardens. It’s designed to help our Secret Gardeners. The only way to get one is – to become one (if y’see worra mean, mother) and well done Grimmers for getting’ em printed. Jokin’ aside, they’re really good
6. …to Lone Rangers and Secret Gardeners crackin’ on with it, 7 days a week. U wanna be involved?? See PS below
THIS WEEK ..usual stuff AND we’ve got a Great Spring Clean going ALL weekend
TUESDAY 28TH FEB – can’t let the passing of February Filldyke pass unmarked … Spring’s on its way, guys!!
WEDS 1ST MARCH 7PM BOARS HEAD NEWCHURCH – giving the Residents’ Association there some ideas (we’ve only got the one, so “ideas”, in the plural, mite be difficult…)
THURSDAY 2ND 9.40am at the store or 10am bypass layby, outbound from R’stall side. Hawthorn hedge to plant, trees to trim, stone edging to clear, weeds, and if poss, brambles to attack on the layby opposite.
FRIDAY (same day, strangely) 8pm onwards, Buffers. I’m elsewhere so that’ll improve the evening’s tone.
SATURDAY 4TH MEET 10AM WATERFOOT MAIN CAR PARK (opposite Royal Hotel [is it still open?]). Huge area litterpick :- starting with Waterfoot centre, Bacup Rd, Warth Old Rd.
SUNDAY 5TH MEET 10AM CARRS INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, junction of St Crispins Way/Bentwood Rd/Flip Rd, with CP Haslingden. The area’s much improved since CP’s initiative there last year but still loads to do.

Not much goin’ on then …..

• We’re getting more reports of fly-tipping. It helps Rossie Council to act on ’em if they’re consistent SO please send ’em in to flytipping@civic-pride.org.uk and we’ll get ’em sorted. Include the exact location, description of what’s been dumped plus photo if poss. Thanks!
• You may get sudden phone call from the Free Press or other newspaper/news medium asking for CP’s views on some hot topic (which happens an amazin’ amount these days). Please refer ’em to our Vice-Chair bloke (roger@civic-pride.org.uk). It’s too easy to get caught on the hop when asked for an immediate opinion on things and what you DIDN’T mean then gets printed/broadcast.
• We know other “Pride” groups are getting Litter Weekend events going but we’ve no details yet. Will let you know as soon as we have.
Ok, last time I’ll bang on about this (well, last time f’r this evening anyway) – Civic Pride’s 2016 “Clean for the Queen” (it was Her Maj’s 90th, remember?) weekend? Fffantastic results! Civic Pride’s 2017 Great Spring Clean??? – that, luvly reader, is down to you … together we can do it, without you, we – um – well – just can’t.

See ya this week!

Chris PS there’s just always a PS – more info on Lone Rangering and/or Secret Gardening? Email us on info@civic-pride.org.uk It’s THAT easy.

Itsa Litter Witter

Good evening to all Troops in the Litter War
That Litter Witter thing, and that Litter War cry ….. read on, it’ll make sense (a Witter? makin’ sense? Lordy-lordy …). If you’re seriously old (like me) you’ll know that song “I’ll be with you in apple blossom time” (a splendid slow waltz thing – – oooh the memories). ANYHOW it ain’t apple blossom time : right now it’s LITTER BLOSSOM TIME – all the undergrowth’s died right back and accumulated buried litter can be seen in all its horror. It’s the perfect time to attack it. See 25th Feb, below.

FIRST : thank you to the Beta Group based in Bacup for sponsoring not just Civic Pride Rossendale but also our brothers and sisters in Bacup Pride. It’s thanks to Beta and our increasing band of sponsors that yer owd CP can do what it does in our community. Thank you.
SECOND : serious info bit ….. CP is a charity, registered with the Charity Commission. We have Trustees who check that we behave ourselves. The list of trustees’ duties is in our constitution which was emailed to everyone before the AGM . Our trustees are the 4 elected officers (see last week’s Witter) and two of our Patrons. For 2017, that’s John and Yvonne Malley. Charity Commissioners also check that we comply with their rules. So we are dead street-legal! A bit crazy, but legal ……..
THIRD : Secret Gardeners : thank you to two of our best, Jill and Jackie, brave souls, who’ve taken on the whole of the Old Fold Garden. Secret Gardeners? Who? They’re a small but growing company of CP volunteers who go out in their own time to look after one, or part of one, of our many gardens. But but but – we need more! Can YOU spare the occasional hour? Contact pam@civic-pride.org.uk or helen@civic-pride.org.uk. Ta! Guidance guaranteed : you won’t be left on your own!

Ok, enough drivel : wassappening this week??
THURS 23RD MEET 9.40 AT THE STORE OR 10.00 AT HASLINGDEN RD GARDENS (they’re on Haslingden Rd [what? really?] between Schofield St and St Mary’s Chambers. The mild weather’s been encouraging the weeds. Of course. Not the plants. Just the weeds……
FRIDAY 24TH 8PM ONWARDS a gentle half at Buffer Stops. Roaring fire in the grate again last week – delightfully convivial. Just a shame about the company, really …. otherwise it’d be perfect ……
SATURDAY 25TH 10AM ‘TIL 1PM BIG LITTER-GATHERING! (see the intro, above) MEET WHITAKER PARK BOTTOM CAR PARK – enter via the Haslingden Rd gates. Ben, our excellent Litter manager, has got us organised, in conjunction with our CP Haslingden gang who are doing another area alongside us. This is a special shout out to everyone, especially our Lone Rangers, who don’t often meet so it’s a good chance to be social. Possibly finish with a coffee at The Whitaker afterwards which Ben’s aiming to get organised.

AND FINALLY – we got a most erudite ‘n’ eloquent write-up in the Free Press (FP) this week. Get a copy an’ check us out. The FP make us sound like we know what we’re doin’ . Pity about the photo alongside the article but, as Freddie Mercury once sang, You Can’t Have It All. There’s a heart-warming response in the FP’s F’book section, where the public extol our virtues. Yup, really.

AND FINALLY (PART THE SECOND) : gerrit in thi’ diary….. weekend of 3rd 4th 5th March. Monsta Litter battles raging all weekend, with all sorts of groups joinin’ Civic Pride to de-litter everywhere. Watch out for next week’s Witter. Oh wow.



Omitted from yesterday’s scribings is :-
SUNDAY 26TH FEB PANCAKE SOCIAL 2PM TIL 4PM – as mentioned last week, Sue Reah-Davies is out to conquer the Rossendale All-Comers Pancake Making Record. A lovely social event, thank you to Sue and Pete for being hosts, everyone from C Pride is invited. Their house is on Waingate : directions have been given previously but – – from Rawtenstall market go up Newchurch Rd ; after 200 yds, on the left, is the Spiritualist Church ; immediate left after that is Waingate. S & P’s house is the first of a row of dignified ol’ terraces, theirs being the one which butts onto Waingate. Can’t miss it. The Civic Pride van will be parked outside (bright orange with Civic Pride and Killelea sign-written on it).
See you there!

O Lord It’s That Lot Again, Mother ……….. (C’mon – d’you get anything else like this into the inbox? Ever?)

G’day Subscribers Old ‘n’ New ‘n’ Not-Been-Around-For-A-While
Some of you saw this first bit last week. Sorry. It’s back again.
It’s because Herr Grimmers and YT* have been updating our contacts lists. It’s been a long task. So for some of you, this is the first load of ol’ codswallop, aka Civic Pride’s Weekly Witterings, that you’ve seen for many a week. (YT* = Yours Truly. – oh do keep up ….). All we can do is congratulate you on your good fortune. Your inbox is being refreshed once again by the whiff of Rossendale outdoors, bracing airs, gardens, litter, doggy-doo’s —- the standard CP fare, in fact. Lovely!
To business :-
TUES 14TH FEB – just behave yourselves, ok? Just how old are you?
THURS 16TH FEB MEET AT STORE 9.40AM OR 10.00AM ON BYPASS LAYBY (inbound to R’stall side). Weeds, brambles, plants, litter – oh, all sorts. Including having a little word with the lovely people chewing up R’stall to build another lovely plastic MacDonald’s. Tesco darlings, didn’t see you last week. Hope you’re all ok? We’d just love to see you.
FRIDAY 17TH 8PM ONWARDS BUFFERS AGAIN – never seem to have a dull week at the moment. Try it!
Lots of Other Stuff!! (= O.S.) Please read on ……
O.S. (1) Marvellous AGM last Weds. Really, really productive. Minutes’ll be sent out soon. Thank you to the crowd of good ol’ CP folk who braved the free butties excellent beer and mad chairman ; and to Andy and Michelle at Hop for hosting us.
O.S. (2) As a result of t’ AGM the following are inflicted on you for 2017 : Chair (Oh no) ; Vice Chair Roger Grimshaw ; Operations Officer Helen Thomas-Laight ; Finance Officer Catherine Wilkinson. Contact us via our first name + civic -pride : eg roger@civic-pride.org.uk
O.S. (3) Oh lovely, we’ve got a whole gang of sensible CP folks taking on management roles. The task of making CP function becomes do-able again. Outreach – Barry & Sue Flint ; Litter and Lone Rangers – Ben Parkin ; Waterfoot – Liz & Ian Hoskins ; Rivers Team – Josie Malloy & Eddie Grimshaw ; Secret Gardeners – Pam Ormerod ; Sponsors – Hazel Cridford ; Social Media – Jackie Taylor ; Stores – Sue Reah-Davies. Huge thanks to you all.
O.S. (4) Hassy Rd Gardens. Electricity North-West’s contractors’ve made a mess in our beautiful expensive garden. They think they’ll get away with it. Wrong. Big mistake. This is CP they’re dealing with here. They will put right their wrongs. Thanks to all who’ve been so upset on our behalf. And to Alyson B who’s taken up the cudgels as well. She’s a star.
O.S.(5) PANCAKES!! Sue R-D’s going to break the all-Rossendale pancake-making record and needs CP to eat ’em. Dateline 26.2.17, 14.00-16.00 hours. Put it in your diary. You cannot miss this. Details next week.
O.S. (6) Go through your book collection at home please. Get ready to chuck out. In our direction. Details next week but it’s Book Fair 9.4.17.
O.S.(7) Britain in Bloom again this year?? Love to but – we need ALL our volunteers to do a bit. We can’t leave it to a half-dozen lunatics, as per 2016. Please think on this one. Let’s make R’stall blossom! Will our Haslingden, Edenfield, Bacup and Weir chapters will get stuck in as well? That’d be wunderbar!

Last word, sort-of : we’ve heard The Witterings are going to straight into some email addresses’ Junk mail – yeah yeah ok, all the jokes’ve been made. How do we let those lucky people know what they’re missing? Ideas to us on a post-card please. Or to chris@civic-pride.org.uk
Last word, definitely : you don’t know what they are? Lone Rangers, Secret Gardeners, Big Litter Picks, any of it? Please ask us on – – – info@civic-pride.org.uk
Cheers folkies!
Chris Blom (Chair, allegedly, and will you please vote for someone sensible next time?)

A Slightly Late Witter

G’day Y’all
Sorry it’s a bit late this week. Hope the lack of Witter yesterday didn’t spoil your Monday. And …. to some of you, welcome back! We recently quit gmail for broadcasting T’Witterings, it was a tad unreliable. We’re now on Tiny Letters (y’mean y’ hadn’t noticed??) and the transferring of addresses from one to t’other has been a bit – um – erratic. We’re gettin’ there, doing our poor best.
Oh – and remember, if you don’t want to get this nonsense lowering the tone of your inbox each week please let us know. We’ll sulk a bit but not much. TO BUSINESS! – – –
WEDS 8TH FEB 7.30 FOR 7.45 CIVIC PRIDE ROSSENDALE’S ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, VENUE HOP BAR, BANK ST RAWTENSTALL. We emailed all the papers you’ll need for it last week. Please read ’em or, preferably, bring copies with you so you can have a better idea of what’s going on. It’s a great chance to sack the Chairman. The meet is formal, a bit brisk, but the chance to chat afterwards is luvly. Get to know the rest of the crew and see how we operate (r u already aware of free butties on the nite?)
THURS 9TH FEB MEET 9.40AM AT THE STORE OR 10.00AM AT THE OLD FOLD GARDEN (OFG). The OFG is the one wi’ clock tower next to Asda. We’re doing a bit of trimming (not much needed cos 2 of our Secret Gardeners are taking over the maintenance there) then applying some tlc to the barrier baskets then moving on the Hassy Rd Gardens. Got all that?? Good, cos I’ll have forgotten by Thursday.
FRIDAY 10TH FEB you’re invited to join the congregation at Buffer Stops 8pm onwards. A good chance to gossip about who did what, wore what and drank what at the AGM. Better turn up to protect your good name, then ….

A-COMIN’ UP (1) SAT 25TH FEB MAJOR DE-LITTERING – Ben, Our Civic Pride Litter Czar will be organising this one but if you’re aware of a particular grotspot let us know (info@civic-pride.org.uk)
A-COMIN’ UP (2) GREAT BRITISH SPRING CLEAN 3RD 4TH 5TH MARCH – allegedly organised by Keep Britain Tidy but yer Civic Pride’ll have it properly sorted. We’ll be working with other Pride gangs across the valley, RBC, and any other groups who’re daft enough to get involved with us (we did actually make a huge difference to some areas last year – please keep an eye out for announcements and come ‘n’ join in the collective effort). Info will go out via these C. Pride Witters, plus Facebook and Twitter (oh dear!).
A-COMIN’ UP (3) SPRING! Longer nights! Just the weather for doing your bit to make your town look good


Chris PS only 6 of us last Sunday …. mmmmm! Any chance of leaving your diary free for 1st Sun mornings of the month perleeze? Humble thank you’s!

Vroom-Vroom Witter, Part 2

This week’s Witterings reminded The World that this weekend we’ve got Civic Pride’s 1st-Sunday-Of-The-Month outing. Yup, we’ll be in the bypass layby on the inbound-to-Rawtenstall side. Mega-weeds out, litter-picking, planting and otherwise disposing of the remaining plants still in pots, bramble-bashing, oh just so much fun to be had in helping the main approach to R’stall look wunderbar, and making MacDonalds as invisible as possible. Ok with that??
Please turn up at the store on Sunday at 9.40am or at the layby at 10.00am. Apart from your litterpicker, useful kit will be spades, forks, big brushes, money to buy me a pint afterwards ….. ummm, can’t think of anything else. Anyone got a camera?


Hiya lovely people
I hope January doesn’t have a persecution complex …… it never comes out on top of the Favourite Month list – well, not round here anyway. But – the days are lengthening bit by bit and Yer Owd Civic Pride never stops, any month, any weather …. howsabout you?? Just to prove it here’s your starters for the last complete week of January 2017 :-
TUES 24TH JAN MEET 10.00hrs HARDMAN’S MILL – litterpick the bypass. It just sooo needs it along the kamikaze stretch. If you get there a bit late ring me – 07877211314 – I’ll have started but will definitely need help perleeze!
WEDS 25TH JAN it’s MacTavish the noo time, tatties neeps an’ wee drams to celebrate the ghastly bard (sorry!). Who’s having the party?
THURS 26TH JAN MEET 09.40hrs CP STORE (that’s the new one, behind the market – d’you all know that by now? Won’t keep boring you with it.) OR 10.00hrs HASLINGDEN RD GARDENS, near St Mary’s Chambers. You’ll be amazed to know it needs a weed ‘n’ tidy, CP style. (oh, and the weather forecast says ok). Mr McChesney won’t be with us, heading off to Egyptian sun for a few months (this is actually true … bon voyage matey!). Tesco dahlings – will you be there?
FRIDAY 27TH JAN I guess someone’ll be at Buffer Stops (R’stall railway station, ok?) 8pm onwards. Excellent gathering last week, blazing coal fire keeping us toasty in spite of the door falling off its hinges (sorry, you had to be there!) I’m absentt this week but, as ever, that sounds like a good reason to go along, really.

Burns Neet Verse One : Oooh who’s that wee karate lass, Bashin’ em all an’ showin true class, Silver medal f’r Helen the noo, An ye thought that gardenin’ was all she could do (Translation : Our Ops Officer, young Helen T-L, entered a big bash-’em-all karate comp last Sunday, got all the way to the final. Scary, eh??)
Burns Neet Verse Two : We’ve Secret Gardeners meetin’ next month, Chattin’ ’bout what they’re doin, Led by Our Pam so that’ll be fun, To keep all our gardens from ruin (Translation : Lone Star gardeners, now re-christened Secret Gardeners, are having a get-together ere long to discuss – um – well – gardening stuff and what they’re up to. Watch this space)
Burns Neet Verse Three : Agenda an’ Minutes an’ reports are due, It’s AGM time in one week or two, Roger’ll email ye all of the stuff, Aye print it an’ read it make sure there’s no guff (Translation : You know! AGM at Hop 7.30 for 7.45, 8th Feb. Roger’s sending all the papers you’ll need. Please print ’em off and getcha self to this VITAL meet. Next one won’t be for another year!)
Burns Neet Verse Four (Oh Lord how long does this go on for …?) : CP’s got a Secretary her name be Joyce, To quit the note-takin’ she’s got no choice, Can any of ye tek AGM notes, The salary’s massive it’s two musty groats? (Translation : this’ll be Joyce’s final AGM as secretary/minute-taker. Can any of you take this on please?)
The McScottish baird’s fallen asleep the noo ye ken so that’s yer lot for this week.
See y’all. I hope!
Chris PS ok – you try the poetical-composition stuff at this time o’ night, then ……..please….!
PPS that Secret Gardeners’ meet? Well, there’ll be one for the litter-pickin’ Lone Rangers soon. Again, watch this space for details.

Do-We-Wish-We-Were-In-Barbados Witterings for January

Happy Tuesday CP Volunteers Everywhere!
Last Thursday – sleet n snow coming sideways, freezing ‘orrid day, I went to the store reckoning on being the only CP body daft enough to turn out. Wrong. The joint was packed with fellow lunatics. We all did a grand job, ignoring the being-soaked-through to the unmentionables. Thank you to all of you (including new volunteer Liam – wot DID he make of us??) and also to Fitzpatricks who provided coffee afterwards!
This week :
THURS 19TH JAN 9.40AM AT NEW STORE OR 10AM ON ST MARY’S WAY OPPOSITE ASDA. (NB that’s the new store behind the market, having sadly bidden farewell to t’other one last week …why? ah, there’s a tale – come along to hear it!) There’ll be some C Pride style tlc to central res ; some stonework on the embankment to finish then on to the Old Fold Garden if (if, ok?) we get that lot done.
FRIDAY 20TH JAN 8PM BUFFER STOPS for a glass & gossip (6 of us last week in front of a roaring coal fire in the Family Room – marvellous!).
ANY TIME – a bit of Secret Gardening or a quick litterpick? Go on, y’know y’love it – makes y’feel virtuous!
More Ol’ Drivel (1) – AGM 8th (that’s the 8th, Roger…) arrive 7.30ish for 7.45 prompt start. NOTE THE VENUE is now definitely in t’upstairs room in Hop, sandwiches provided. Hop is a new place opposite Weale & Hitchin estate agents, towards the market end of Bank St. You’ll be sent Agenda, Minutes of 2016 meet, Constitution Changes, Finance Report, Chair’s Report and Draft 2017 Plan, all as one package, 1 or 2 weeks beforehand. Will your printer cope with all that? O’ course it will … (posh tekkies’ll have it all on their ipad/phone thing …. are you a posh tekky?? – no, you ain’t on your own….)
More Ol’ Drivel (2) – Excellent session with Rossendale Business Leaders last Tues [10th Jan] in pursuit of sponsorship and support. Much is promised, and thanks to Hazel for driving this forward.
More Ol’ Drivel (3) – Littering, short tale : there’s been discussion about speaking to locals we see dropping litter. Last Sunday I saw large (bigger than me!) scruffy 20-odd year old chuck his empty beer bottle ; I picked it up, had a brief chat with him. His response was “Yeah, I’ll put it in the bin.” Generally, that’s the response we get. Explain, rather than “challenge”. The reaction is often positive and maybe, just maybe, you’ll have one habitual litterer fewer.

Oh – and there’s now 35 mins more daylight today than on the winter solstice ….  spring’s on its way. How are your daffodils doin’??
Chris   PS – re the heading to this week’s  Witterings – well, yes, a couple of weeks’d be nice ….

We-So-Love-January Witter (it gets a bad press, y’know, because nobody loves it…)

Hiya Priders

I’ve got a photo on my phone of some of C.Pride’s gardening gang taken last January. The sleet is comin’ sideways across the Metal Tree Bed where we’re working. And we’re out there, just to demo that we’re out in anything (apart from Ian …). Fortunately for Rossendale, that’s just exactly what we do, gardeners ‘n’ litterpickers alike. Love y’all. Wonderful people.

So, this week

THURS 12TH JAN MEET 10.00AM AT THE OLD STORE (LORD ST) – shifting the last few bits, including the plants (some of which we’ll pop into the earth!)

FRIDAY 13TH JAN 8PM BUFFER STOPS rollickin’ good session last week, including new guys Stuart & Helen (nooo, not that Helen …) so this is to emphasise that , if you’re a recent convert to things Priding, c’mon down. We really are a friendly bunch. Slightly eccentric too 😁but don’t let that worry you.

Other Stuff (1) Bazzin’ session Mon 2nd – big crowd of CP guys clearing R’stall – see P. 19 of current Free Press (yup, in there AGAIN). Well organised by Ben & Roger.

Other Stuff (2) CP’s behind-the-scenes oh-so-vital work goes on. Today was meeting Rossendale Business Leaders. Very very fruitful meet : details to follow as they’re firmed up but thank you Hazel for your crucial involvement.

Other Stuff (3) Please take every opportunity to tell folk about what we do – there are still many folk out there who don’t realise it’s you C.Pride volunteers who keep Rossendale looking so good. The more people are aware of what we do, the more likely it is that we get financial and volunteer support. Without that, we won’t exist.

Finally, big big thank you to the folk doing the CP thing in ones and twos at times other than the organised sessions. This is the work model we’re increasingly moving to and it’s extremely effective.



Brand New! A 2017 Witter!

Happy New Year CP Enthusiasts! First of the year – a bit long – bear with us!
2016? Fairly dire on lots of fronts but pretty flippin’ good for us! And 2017 is set to be even better. Marvellous start this morning, lovely social atmosphere, 20+ of us (including 4 new guys – welcome!) filled 60+ bags of rubbish, plus stuff too big to go into our litter bags. Thanks to Roger & Ben for getting us organised. Many congrats, as well, to our soul bros & sisters in Hassy who picked up a mean pile today (Monday 2nd).
Update (1) C Pride on Radio Lancs (again!) last Thurs? CP News items at 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am plus a feature length item after the 8am news. Missed it? Hear it on catchup. Riveting stuff!
Update (2) Rollickin’ good Buffers evening last Friday, an Eve-Of-New-Year’s-Eve “Do” – more this week!
Update (3) Our major upheaval-removals🚚 to the new store are almost done. Thanks, Keith, for shelving ; and to everyone who’s helped. Great work!
Update (4) AGM – gerrit in thi diary perleeze! 8th Feb, 7.45pm, probably at new venue Hop (to be confirmed). Serious bit (just for once) – we need members there!
THIS WEEK …. holidays are over – no more of this fun stuff, ok? Not here to enjoy thi’selves, reet?
THURS 5TH JAN MEET 9.40AM AT THE NEW STORE (at back of R’stall Market) OR 10AM IN FIRST LAYBY ON THE BYPASS (adjacent to the railway station). Pam’s leading this one – it’s a much-needed winter tidy-up job. We’ve not touched it since September. Please give her a hand – whatever the weather 🌨 🌦
FRIDAY 6TH – 1ST BUFFER STOPS OF 2017! 8pm onwards at the Famous Venue. A bit of cheer ‘n’ chat to get us through one of the less favoured months ….
SATURDAY 7TH JAN BACUP PRIDE are gettin’ it together. Meet 10am at the Wall of History garden, Yorkshire St, bottom of Todmorden Rd. Can-U-give-our-neighbours a helping hand?
SUNDAY 8TH JAN MEET 10AM AT THE NEW STORE – we’re finishing the removals. Can you bring a car? Also, we’re labelling stuff up so it’s all in its proper place (Ok, Sue & Sue? – they’re our very strict new store organisers – gotta get this right or it’s Big Trouble for me…). ALSO doing the next stage of our new plant store which’ll need some hefty work please, fellahs. If we get it all done, we’ll pull the weeds out of our central reservation planting.
And that’s the first week done …. 50 more to go ’til Christmas
And f-finally – if you suddenly DON’T get this each week please tell us. We’re still having a tekky problem (not our fault – really honest!) with our listings. Solution to problem is imminent, though.
And f-f-finally – remember the Winter Solstice Witter, 21st Dec? Days now getting longer? 8 mins 38 secs more daylight today compared to then. You sooo wanted to know that, on what’s been a glorious sunny day (oh did you see our Lancashire sunset this evening? Just beautiful). New Year! More daylight! The blood’s surging through the veins (just mind me arthritis…)
Onwards ‘n’ Upwards, Lovely People!

It’s beginnin’ to look a lot like a Christmas T’Witter, folks!

G’day to all Santa’s special litterpickin ‘n’ garden-tendin’ elves

I hope you’ve all received CP’s latest Newsletter. It’s not a load of end-of-year tripe, surprisingly, so please DO read it cos it’s full of essential CP background info and updates. To repeat a couple of items : (1) thanks to organiser Grimmers and hosts Whitaker for a memorable CP Christmas Nosh – complete with a free raffle! (2) See 2nd Jan (below) (3) we now have a Twitter Ace – that’s Jackie, doing amazing stuff on that medium : NB that’s Twitter, as opposed to T’Witter which is the ol’ baloney you’re currently reading. (4) RHS judge’s reports on our Britain in Bloom/It’s Your Neighbourhood entries are with the newsletter.

THURS 22ND DECEMBER MEET STORE 9.40AM OR EMBANKMENT (opposite Asda) 10AM for weeding, de-leafing, dead-heading, and getting unwanteds off the central reservation. Only a 10% chance of rain, sez the weatherman, so hope to see you. Go on, give y’self a break from Christmas preps!

SUNDAY 25TH. (WHAAAT??) – WE HAVE A COUPLE-OR-THREE VOLUNTEERS who say they’ll be starting their Christmas Day by doing an early litter-clear. Lord luvvem!

MONDAY 26TH BOXING DAY MEET 11AM AT THE STORE – we’re starting the move to the new store by taking down some of our existing shelving and putting it up in the new place. Power drills and screwy bits will be very very useful! Plus vehicles. Shelter from the predicted Boxing Day rain and enjoy good virtuous post-excessive-consumption-type-exercise!


MON 2ND JANUARY 2017 MEET JAMES ST CAR PARK – big litter-clear along Bacup Rd and some of the side streets. Y’know you’ll love it – start the New Year with that virtuous (again!) feeling ….

AND – as per newsletter – loadsa chances to get out on your own, adorned by our brand new super hi-viz, doing a bit in your own time or with a friend or two.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!! 🌲🎅💤 (noises, off, akin to a Slade classic 🎶)

Chris PS and if the weekly arrival of this ol’ tosh aka Weekly Witterings is irritating you, let us know and we’ll delete you from further pain …

The-C-word-is-now-permitted T’Witter

Hi wanna-be Santas

Did we? Yup! Lovely volunteers steppin’ forward to dec the – well, not quite the halls – but t’ Civic Pride shop – with boughs of holly. Thanks Suzy, Lynn and Anne plus Jan for some of the decs items. Go ‘n’ marvel at the creativity!

THIS THURS 15TH MEET 9.40 STORE OR 10.00 ON TOWN SQUARE – garden renovating, repairs to boxes, new plants to go in – we never stop! Tesco, can you please let me know if you’re arriving? We’re very conscious it’s a bit busy at this time of year for you! (ring me on 07877211314 – thanks!)

THIS THURS 15TH 7PM (EAT AT 7.45PM) CIVIC PRIDE CHRISTMAS BANQUET AT T’WHITAKER. Misbehaviour guaranteed. Oh – and a free raffle – dontcha just wish you’d bought a ticket, now??

FRIDAY 16TH BUFFER STOPS 8PM for all those poor folk who didn’t get to last night’s “Do” ! And hair of the dog for those who did.

MISCELLANY (1) LONE STARS – slowly slowly getting recruits but we still need lots more. I’m not goin’ to bore y’all again with what a Lone Star is …. it’s featured rather a lot recently. However, we’re trying to think of a more – um – creative name for ’em.

MISCELLANY (2) NEW HI-VIZ – we’ve got a brand new batch of hi-viz (what’s the plural? – hi-vizzies??). Two new things – (1) “Volunteer” printed on it so t’public stop thinkin’ Civic Pride folk are doing community payback work ; and (2) they’ve got the name of our amazingly generous principal sponsor, Fitzpatricks, on there. Please wash your old one, return it to Roger and get a new one. We can get the old ones over-printed so we won’t waste ’em.

MISCELLANY (3) SUE SHUTTLEWORTH – on wow! Our dynamic litterpicker has just completed a trans-Australasia cycle journey (ie cycled rite across Aus AND N. Zealand) to add to the full length of S. America and – and – Africa done in recent months. Total distance 35,000 km, 300,000 metres of ascent. She’s due back home any time, when she’ll resume litterpicking – Sue, that’ll be the bypass, the A56, the M66 and M60 ; then, after lunch, it’ll be …..

And now – a week of Nativity Plays. Luvvem!


Chris PS thanks again to Jackie for doing a brill job on C Pride’s Facebook and Twitter. Do get online and look. today’s Twitter included a short list of the most disgusting things found by our Lone Rangers …. I won’t tell you here – go check it – Yurrrchh! PPS that’s Twitter – ok? As opposed to T’Witter. Hope that’s crystal. 😁

An early December T’Witter

Hi Troops

It’s late, it’s bin an excellent Monday, so will get this done, and that briefly.

Briefly (1) Thanks to Helen, Mike, Steve and Keith for some very hard work on the embankment yesterday morning (Sunday) ; and to John M for the generous supply of rockery stone. We really could have done with more support, everyone, but …..

Briefly (2) Please can one of you Christmas dec the CP shop window? Jan, at Sunday Best, has some decorations to mekkit festive. Contact me please and we’ll tekkit from there. We need our CP premises to look good! I’m on 07877211314 – ring or text. Thank ‘ee!

Briefly (3) The AGM is 8th Feb 2017. Gerrit in thi diaries. Venue might just be the new place, Hop, opened last Thurs (Bank St). We’re being bribed to go there. Watch this space. Real issue is that, at th’ AGM we NEED you there to put in your two penn’orth. CP is NOT , cannot, be a 1 man show. Your opinion and thoughts are vital to keep us credible.

Briefly (4) Thank you to our latest sponsor, Richard at LJR Footwear. Grants to develop new areas are (relatively!) easy to get. The really difficult bit is maintaining what we’ve started. That takes volunteers and £££££ 💷 !! We’re working hard at getting more sponsorship.

Briefly (5) BBC Radio Lancs last Thurs were luverly. Claire, delighted to meet you. It was all pre-recorded stuff so listen out for us on air.

THURS 8TH DEC MEET 9.40AM AT THE STORE OR 10.00AM ON THE TOWN SQUARE. More planting, litter clearing, weeding ….. and Tesco pies n coffee to help us along. Tesco – your colleague Zane was marvellous last week!

Is that it?? not quite – our Lone Star thing seems to be taking off, finally – CP volunteers taking on individual gardens, but we still really really need more. Your town needs you (can’t quite manage the stern face and pointy finger of that famous poster). If you can help, contact (initially) helen@civic-pride.org.uk We hope to have more news on this next week. Will that include you?? 🌷

Hugs to y’all!

Chris PS Jackie, doing an amazing job on CP’s Facebook & Twitter. Go see! – and Rob, 10 bags of litter from The Halo last week. The Anti-Litter War needs – um – you!

A final T’Witter f’r November (well, it’s November at the moment …..)

Hi Guys

It’s only November so the C word’s still forbidden, ok?? (with one exception). So read on dear folkies …..

Thanks Mike Keith n Simon for putting up the hanging baskets round town yesterday. What? You ain’t seen ’em? Go admire!

THURS 1ST DEC MEET 9.40AM AT STORE OR 10.00AM AT OLD FOLD GARDEN (ring me if you don’t know where that is!). BBC Radio Lancs want to come out with us – yes, again, dahlings – we’re just sooo fascinating, I guess. I’m putting out requests for talkers but we’re still waiting for a couple of essential details from BBC, so it’s going to be last-minute organised. But it will be organised!! Usual gardening stuff will happen around The Beeb’s presence.

FRIDAY 2ND DEC BUFFER STOPS WILL BE CALLING US AT 8PM. Not been for weeks – well, not on a Friday, anyway – so lookin’ forward to seeing some of you for a natter.

SUNDAY 4TH DEC MEET 10AM ON THE EMBANKMENT OPPOSITE ASDA. First Sunday of the month jobbie – Winter tidying, some weeding, bulbs in plus final rockery stones into place. I’ll be asking for extra help earlier on Sunday to transport the rockery stones, kindly donated by John M, so if you can offer help at about 9am please ring me (07877211314). I’ll rent a suitable vehicle so it’s just a case of helping load/unload.


Get this week’s copy of Rossendale Free Press – big impressive article by The Scribbler all about Civic Pride’s litter-picking achievements. Well worth a read. Amazing stuff.
Jackie’s doing great work on Facebook – please have a look at her latest posting which got hundreds of hits and 220 “Likes” on the subject of the embankment. People really honestly and genuinely appreciate what we do.
Ditto website – please visit. It only takes a minute. It helps to keep our name at the forefront, which is very useful for our long-term work.
Ok, the only ref to the C word is … we’ve still got some places left for the Christmas “Do” which after the fun and success of last year’s is a tad surprising. 15th Dec at The Whitaker, who are doing a special price for us (actually genuinely true!) £25. Book with Roger (07798582225). Last call, have to give them numbers by next week latest.
Yup, I’m an ol’ nag but …. there just have to be more gardeners out there who can take on one or part of one of our many gardens. Help & support from the whole gang when needed. Offers are flooding in at rate best described as – ummm – rather slowly. Thanks Diana for being our latest recruit on this. Who’s next? You?? Yeaahhh!
Work to get our new store operational is nearly there …. your breath is bated, I can just tell …..We’ll need a shout on actual removals day, date t.b.a but please be prep.

Ok, bed-time!


Chris PS you can see something needs doing? have an idea? tell us! (but expect to be involved, o’course!).

Ey-oop it’s T’Witter (geddit?)

Dear T’Witter Readers

THANK YOU Ann Suz Keith Simon for remarkable bulb-planting on Sunday – hundreds of ’em gone into St Mary’s Way central res. Laura Saxton came out whilst we were there. Laura is Community Champion at Asda. She really tries to help us. On this occasion she came with a £500 cheque. Bless you, Laura! Unfortunately, Asda management have the opposite attitude. Nuff said.

THANK YOU to Lone Rangers who cleared R’stall centre prior to Remembrance Sunday Service at the War Memorial which hundreds of locals attended. R’stall looked marvellous.

THURSDAY 17TH NOV MEET 9.40AM AT THE STORE OR 10.00AM AT THE METAL TREE BED/RIVERSIDE WALK. We should’ve finished it last week but the weather gods chucked a couple of inches of rain on us ‘eads so – we WILL finish it this week. Several regulars awol this week so any less regular volunteers will be highly welcome! (PS Tesco – hope to see you, darlings!)

FRIDAY BUFFERS – I’m not there which is as good a reason for going as I can think of. Half a dozen of us last week, round a very pleasant fire blazing in the grate!

LONE STARS WE NEED YOU! We’ve got some but need MORE! – Volunteers to take charge of any one of our many garden areas. “Taking charge” is popping along whenever you’ve a few minutes to do a bit, persuading a few friends to help you and letting us know of any plans you’ve got for it, especially if you need a CP team to help or need money for plants or a larger improvement. Reply to this email please if this is of interest. Thank you!

8th Feb Civic Pride AGM
3rd 4th & 5th March – Great British Spring Clean, linking up with all our many “Pride” groups across the valley and with RBC and Keep Britain Tidy. Our similar effort earlier this year made a major impact on our area and next year’ll be EVEN BETTER – with your help!

I’m off out to see the super moon. If, that is, there’s owt to be seen through the mist, murk an’ drizzle …. 🌧 . Tomorrow’ll be fine. Honest.

It’s gettin’ a bit Winter-ish Witter

Hi Gang

Just- well- thanks to all the CP troops who came up to The Whitaker last Thursday to support our Queen’s Award Assessment Day. Our Assessors were sharp, didn’t miss a trick but, we all felt, incredibly impressed by what we’re doing within Civic Pride Rossendale and all the other groups working within the “Pride” ideal across the valley and beyond ; and, more particularly, with the progress we’ve made since this time last year. Thank you to all the active volunteers who’ve made this possible.

So, to this week :

WEDS 9TH NOV – R AWARDS (another one f’r yer CP) – if you’ve not got your ticket, sorry, too late (c’mon, keep up – we posted this weeeeks ago!) will letcha know how we go on. Fingers crossed!

THURSDAY 10TH NOV MEET AT THE STORE AT 9.40AM OR METAL TREE BED 10.00AM – finally finally finishing off this area for the autumn. (I’ll have to leave before midday so any help with putting gear away after, the session will be gratefully received).

FRIDAY 11TH NOV Buffer Stops 8pm onwards – a small but extremely convivial event last week! This week ………………….??

SUNDAY 13TH NOV – we (ok, I…) totally failed to organise our first-Sunday-of-the-month event last Sunday so this week is the first Sunday of the month, if you see what I mean? Plan ‘A’ is out of our control so we might have to revert to ‘B’ – watch out for details in a day or two. But it’ll be a 10am start, with a possible shout for an earlier start if it’s Plan ‘A’. Curiouser n curiouser (to misquote Alice in Wonderland) eh??


Chris 🌻🌾🍁🍂

A Spooky Witter

Good Evening Witches n Warlocks 😈 (that’s nearly all the Hallowe’en drivel you’re gettin’, ok??)

Oh wow didn’t we just!! Friday 28th October, Royal Horticultural Society Britain in Bloom Awards Day – Best Newcomer Award AND a Silver Gilt medal – two “prizes” for you CP troops. Only 3 groups got more than one award. We were one of ’em. To everyone who grafted to make it work – you know who you are – thank you. Please go to the Civic Pride website (www.civic-pride.org.uk) for more on this.

And thanks to Sue n Pete for a hosting a crackin’ little Hallowe’en get-together yesterday – marvellous gluhwein & parkin!

WEDS MEET 9.30 HARDMAN’S MILL NEW HALL HEY FOR BYPASS LITTERPICK. Wear a long-sleeved hi-viz if you’ve got one. If not, we’ll provide.

THURSDAY 3RD NOVEMBER QUEENS AWARD FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE PRESENTATION – just in case you’ve been asleep & didn’t know (who, me?) we’ve been nominated for this again so will be meeting the QAVS assessors this Thursday 10.30 at The Whitaker. We’d really appreciate your support, please let us know if you can come along. You’re being lured with real coffee and sticky edibles.


THURS 15TH DEC THE social event of the year : Civic Pride Christmas “Do”, again at The Whitaker – yeh yeh, I know, it’s ages off so I can leave that for a bit … sorry, not! Most places now taken so getcha cheques for £25 made out to The Whitaker to Roger, c/o Grimmers Palace, 11 Hurst Cres BB4 7SX. Are there some of the Civic Pride weirdos who you’ve yet to meet? This is yo’ chance! (we don’t take ourselves too seriously – we don’t have to cos we know we’re unique ….. 👾)


Chris PS Lone Rangers – we NEEED you!! PPS if you don’t get the Witter one week, let us know : gmail continues to put – well – gremlins – 🤖 in our system. Ta!

Autumnal Witter

Good Evenin’ Boys n Girls!

What a beautiful Autumnal spell we’re hain’ – oh, you know what’s comin’ next – doesn’t it just inspire you to get fresh air, exercise, delightful views by – — – coming out with us and doing a bit??! One of our sessions or on your own, doesn’t matter. So, what’ll you do??

THURS 27TH OCT MEET STORE 9.40 OR METAL TREE BED 10.00AM. Finishing off last week’s work BUT BUT also – we need to get the hanging baskets down and to the store so that’ll be part of the morning’s jobs. Please bring a car to help to ferry them. Thank you!

FRIDAY 28TH OCT BRITAIN IN BLOOM CEREMONY – if you’ve not applied for your ticket, ‘fraid it’s now too late. BUT those who are going please let us know if you can provide a car-share. It wouldn’t make sense for us each to go in FRIDAY 28TH OCT, A LATE 8.30PM MEET AT BUFFERS – come to see what we’ve won at the Br in Bloom ceremony – be the first in your street to know this hot news. U’v gotta find out, right?

OTHER CP STUFF (1) Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service – we’ve been nominated again so doing a presentation to the QAVS assessors. It’s at The Whitaker THURS 3RD NOV starting with coffee n biks at 10.30. Please support us, and let us know if you can attend. The more the merrier and the better for our case. Oh yeah – and rather nice coffee n sticky nibbles provided.

OTHER CP STUFF (2) We’re doing a litter session with 38th Scouts this Saturday morning. I can’t get anyone to lead it – can YOU please? It’ll just involve getting the gear from the store and turning up to the meeting point which’ll probably be their Scout H/Q on Peel St, Cloughfold. Let me know perleeze!

OTHER STUFF (3) Flood Forum – Pete Davies (see below!), one of our gang, needs some local intell to support the vital Flood Forum’s work, no more than 3 or 4 hours a month. Details on rawtenstallfloodforum.org.uk

OTHER STUFF (4) Sue & Pete (same Pete!) – a Civic Pride Hallowe’en “Do” this Sunday 2pm ’til 4pm at their home 26 Hurst Platt Wingate Rd (that’s off Newchurch Rd, 200 yds up from t’market). Please give a yes/no reply to suereah@yahoo.co.uk (Sue – I’ll be there!). Scary litter, ghostly plants, wizardly weeds …………serious stuff – can’t miss this ……

OTHER STUFF (5) Change – you’ve noticed we’ve taken on loads of new places during recent months? ‘Course U have. BUT BUT (again!) it’s all unsustainable with our present setup and officers. I’ve asked Roger to act as Change Manager to take us into next year. He may be in touch with you!! We urgently need help and support to keep us goin’, ok?? Can you recruit? Do – umm – what?

Cheers gang!


Brief Witter (promise)

Hi Troops

Apologies if you’re one of the fortunates who’s not heard from us for a while and suddenly got this load of ol’ tosh clogging up your inbox. We’re having some tekky difficulty with our contacts list (NOT our fault – honest!). PERLEEZE let us know if you want taking off said Contacts List (we won’t be offended!)

So, briefly (as promised!)

WEDS EVENING SESSIONS have now ended for the year – it’s getting a bit dark and attendance was – um – minimal! Why dontcha want to pull weeds up by torchlight?? Don’t understand ……

THURS 13TH OCT MEET AT STORE 9.40AM OR METAL TREE BED/RIVERSIDE WALK 10.00AM for a creative round of weedin’ hoein’ prunin’ litterpickin’ – oh, and chonkin’ Aunty Sheila’s chokky biks ….😁
FRIDAY BUFFERING (whaaat??) for the unlearned, that’s a meet at Buffer Stops, Rawtenstall Steam Railway Station 8pm onwards (and see PS [1] thing, below).

PS (1) Flying Scotsman – yeah, that one – is in town Thurs to Sun this week – again!! (a pity no-one’s made anything of the huge tourist potential – RBC???). See East Lancs Railway website for info.

PS (2) We’ve been invited to attend the R Awards ceremony – that’s for businesses usually but our Collective of Bumbling Amateurs is so wonderful we’ve been included. Riverside Whitworth 8th Nov 7pm tickets £25

PS (3) Yer Civic Pride Christmas Bash 15th Dec at The Whitaker £25 (includes 4 course meal). Groats or Shekels to Master Grimshaw (0779858 2225)

PS (4) Great turnout last Thurs – and thanks to Keith Mike & Caroline for help with the next stage of the Great Embankment Project last Sunday morning. And to all the Luverly People who go out independently in the Great Civic Pride Cause. Luv y’all!



Another Late Wittering (shockin’, eh?)

Hi Troops

Let’s start with another grovel – yup, late Witters again. The anxiety thus created positively pulses through the ether ….. sooo sorry everyone!

Start with a positive – huge thanks to Mike, Simon, Keith & Steve for turning out for last Sunday’s project – the chaps worked darned hard. We’re going again this Sunday to get the job completed. See below!

WEDS 5TH OCT MEET 5.40PM AT THE STORE OR 6PM AT HASLINGDEN RD GARDENS – finishing this weeding job is taking for ever – thanks to the noble few who’ve been to help but for some reason we’re suddenly getting very (very!) low numbers on Weds evenings. This’ll be one of the last Weds evening sessions for 2016 as the nights are closing in so go on, give it a go – let’s gerritdun!! 👍 (actually, let’s gerritfinisht!!)

THURS 6TH OCT MEET 9.40AM AT STORE OR 10.00AM AT OLD FOLD GARDEN – a large-scale Autumn tidy-up and cut-back’s the order of the morning (plus, last week, delish Tesco chokky things – same again please Aunty Sheila!)

FRIDAY 7TH OCT 8PM ONWARDS MEET BUFFER STOPS – we didn’t go last week, so ey-oop lads I’ll bet th’ tekkin’s were down. This week? We’re back. Come an’ hear the gossip (or, even better, give us some of your own gossip – much more fun!). Not been before? We’re usually in their family room – easy to find us!

SUNDAY 8TH OCT MEET 9.40AM AT THE STORE OR 10.00AM AT THE EMBANKMENT OPPOSITE ASDA. We didn’t really get enough volunteers last week to finalise this so we’re bunging in an extra session. This’ll include the last bit of rockery-building this year – c’mon guys! – plus some cutting-back and deffo a litter-clear. Possibly bulb-planting and weeding the central res if we get numbers out.

LATE WITTER EXTRA (1) You’ve seen it! The seasonal CP Christmas “Do,” details sent a couple of days ago by Young Roger. A mere £25 (they were going to charge us £40 …..) for 4-course nosh at The Whitaker, 15th Dec. It’ll have a relatively early finish so volunteers who’ve got an early start on Friday 16th have every chance to get out ‘n’ be Christmas-sociable without regretting it the next day! £25 cheques payable to The Whitaker sent to Grimmers’ HQ, 11 Hurst Cres BB4 7SX. Please respond to the email as well to let him know you’d just lurv to be booked in!

LATE WITTER EXTRA (2) Are we being taken for granted?? You see litter-free streets, beautiful gardens, gorgeous planters – and think “Ok it’s all under control I don’t need to help at the moment.” Confess! Iz zat vot your thort iz?? If so, even if ever-just-so-occasionally ……. maintaining the amazing standards we’ve set really takes some volunteer effort. The job ain’t done, and for the foreseeable, never will be. Please please bear that in mind. As an example – see Hassy Rd Garden posts this past couple of months. End of bossy lecture!!

LATE WITTER EXTRA (3) We’re looking for Lone Stars to tend individual gardens – get out there an’ do some whenever you’ve a bit of time rather than join in the organised sessions. We’ve got Sue C-R, Simon and Matt at the moment. Will you please take on some of our garden-estate, solo or with friend(s). If this is of interest let Helen know, either by replying to this email address or (better) to helen@civic-pride.org.uk We’ll give as much advice and support as you feel you need – fear not, won’t leave you on our own.!

LATE WITTER EXTRA (4) have asked this before – our gmail sometimes drops names from our contacts list – not our fault – so if you don’t receive anything from us one week, please let us know – we’d hate to lose you unbeknownst. Equally, if you’re fed up with having this lot fill your inbox every week, let us know and you’ll be freed from further weekly CP pain!

Cheers, y’all!



End of Summer Witter (sad but true!)

Hi CP People

Yup, after today, just two more days of summer – officially! And that “C” word seems to be making unwelcome appearances ….

WEDS 21ST SEPT Sadly this week’s Weds evening session has to be cancelled : I’m unavailable, I’ve asked others to lead it but no response. A bit like the Emergency Watering request last Saturday – no response. Does this sound like a Grump??

THURS 22ND SEPT MEET 9.40AM AT STORE OR 10.00AM AT BYPASS LAYBY (inbound-to-Rawtenstall-side of the bypass). We did great work on the gardens on this layby last Thursday – thanks to all 8 volunteers who were there. Several of our regulars are unavailable this Thursday so please turn out if you possibly can. Useful kit is big gloves, secateurs, shears, kneeling mats, spades – – as always there’s some CP gear available but DO feel free to bring your own if you wish. Oh – and it’s the first day of Autumn today…🍂🍁

FRIDAY 23RD 7,45PM BUFFER STOPS – hey, it’s the usual nonsense …. come along and unwind!

WATERING – I know it chucked it down last Tuesday but very little rain and lots of sunshine since. The weather forecast is for almost no rain for 5 days now – by which time a lot of our plants will be in a very poor state. If you’ve a spare half hour to water some (all?) of the planters, boxes, hanging baskets, please get in touch (07877211314). I’ll happily suggest which are the priorities and how to get at CP’s watering machines. As grumpily mentioned above, no-one responded to last weekend’s appeal – can-u-help this week??

LITTER & FLY-TIPPING – did you see this evening’s BBC1 prog at 7.30? It’s still available on Catchup and I-Player, well worth a watch. It gives you an idea how successfully Civic Pride is turning back the tide of litter in our area but – but – please don’t think it’s all over and finished here. We ALWAYS need you Lone Rangers and litter-pickin’ people!



A Summer September Witter

Hi to y’all

Despite some p-p-p-person telling me there’s only 15 more Fridays ’til Christmas, please be happily reminded that it’s still summer – just check this week’s temperatures – mid-20’s forecast for Tues/Weds which means …. oh no! Watering! See below! ☀

☀ TUES 13TH SEPT (YUP, TOMORROW!) MEET 5PM STORE FOR WATERING CREW – our planters ‘n’ baskets are drying out! If you can’t get there at that time we’ll be around the Town Square or Bank St down as far as Boots so please find us!

WEDS 14TH SEPT MEET 5.40PM AT STORE OR 6PM AT HASLINGDEN RD GARDENS – and this week, please get there if you can. “Why particularly?” u mite ask. Well, last Weds was an unwelcome “first.” How? Yours Truly was Billy No-Mates at a C.Pride session – nobody turned up!!

THURS 15TH SEPT MEET 9.40AM AT STORE OR 10.00AM AT BYPASS LAYBY (ADJACENT TO WHAT-WILL-BE THE MACDONALD’S SITE ….) we should’ve done this last Weds. Hmmm! Our lovely planting’s being overwhelmed by weeds and bindweed and himalayan balsam and …….. so c’mon let’s get this potentially delightful entry-point to R’stall lookin’ good again??

THURS 15TH MEET 1.30 EMBANKMENT OPPOSITE THE DARK SIDE – OOPS, SORRY, ASDA – more daffs coming out and going in. Intriguing, eh? Possible watering as well.

FRIDAY 16TH 7.45 BUFFERS I s’pose you know what’s going on! Cultural 🍻. Only we could do that ….

MORE STUFF (1) Britain-in-Bloom Awards ceremony, Southport, Friday 28th Oct 10.30 ’til 4.00 (we could get away earlier if poss). RHS have invited us so I guess we’ve won something. Car-share details to follow but let’s get over there and enjoy a reet good day out – we deserve it! Tickets £27 (includes morning coffee, displays and a splendid lunch) Please send cheques payable to North West in Bloom to Helen Thomas-Laight at 350 Bury Rd BB4 6EH Please note we have to get our guest list to RHS by next Monday so please rush your £££ to Helen by – – well – – – now, please! 🏃🏃🏃 this Friday (16th) absolute latest. Thank u!

MORE STUFF (2) Have you any good before-and-after piks of things we’ve done? If yes pl send ’em to Master Grimshaw – email is roger@civic-pride.org.uk

MORE STUFF (3) We need your ideas about your CP. To be successful in Queen’s Award-type initiatives, for which we’re increasingly being nominated, we need to show what’s unique about us. There are lots of Environmental groups out there so – what special niche (or niches) do we fill? All ideas and good quotes from others will be gratefully received. Again, please send ’em to Roger. We don’t have all the good ideas – believe it or not – so please let’s have yours!


Chris PS did a litterpick on t’bypass today. 1st dozen items picked up were ALL MacD’s – but the councillor at That Planning Meeting (the councillor* who proposed MacD’s be allowed in) said MacDonald’s don’t cause litter. Guess I must’ve been seeing things, eh? [* the name has just slipped the memory ….]

Wonderful Weekly Witterings from Civic Pride Rossendale

Hi Witter-readers

Sue Shutt’s going on another of those crazy bike rides – right across Aus this time. We won’t see her for ages. Dear reader, please share the load of the amazing amount of C.P. stuff she does – fightin’ the litter war, Lone Rangering, garden gal….. Bon voyage Sue – I think you’re entirely mad, personally – but pots n kettles comes to mind on that score so p’raps better keep quiet …..

Last week – some great results. E.g. Sunday (who didn’t come out because it was raining a bit??). Dave, She, She’s sister (?), Simon, Mike, Keith, Helen, Josie, Eddie, Jean were all there. Huge improvements to the Town Square and the rivers were the result. On behalf of the township of R’stall, huge thanks to ’em all. You do your bit this week? Go on, just give us a half hour.

And you can do one or all of …..

MONDAY 5TH SEPT (yup, that’s today!) can you do some of the bypass? (see below!)

TUES 6TH SEPT MEET HARDMAN’S MILL, NEW HALL HEY, 8.30AM because RBC are mowing the bypass. To prevent the litter being turned into clouds of litter-shreds please help us to clear it before the mowers go in. If you can’t make 8.30, do still turn up and ring me to find out where we’re up to (07877211314). Lovely!

WEDS 7TH SEE TUES 6TH But – if enough volunteers are out on Tuesday we’ll have finished the job. In that case I’ll send out an extra Witter Tuesday lunchtime-ish so you litter-troops please watch this space.

WEDS 7TH 5.40PM MEET AT THE STORE OR 6PM BYPASS LAY-BY -that’s the layby adjacent to the former college site – or should we now call it MacDonalds layby? (Ian, are we going to get the French-coloured signs??). Spades, shears, weeders, secateurs all useful kit. Plus stuff for balsam-bashing if y’please.

THURS 8TH MEET 9.40A.M. AT STORE OR 10.00 AT HASSY RD GARDENS. Civic Pride’s recent renovation of this long-abandoned garden has released rather lot of weed seeds – well, millions of ’em actually! Stout support from dedicated volunteers has meant we’re getting on top of ’em so do join in the fun, it’s marvellous exercise!

THURS 8TH MEET 1.30PM EMBANKMENT OPPOSITE ASDA yup, we’re daffodilling again (spellcheck don’t understand daffodilling but o’course you do)

FRIDAY 9TH MEET 7.45 BUFFERS We were considering giving The Shepherds (a splendid Hassy Rd hostelry) the delights of our custom but – as it’s The 60’s Weekend comin’ up, reckon there’ll be even more happening at Buffers (be warned)

REDHOT NEWS(1) Country cousins in Stacksteads Country Park are having a fund-raiser 24th Sept, 2pm ’til late, at Rosemount Working Mens Club with a splendid array of orchestral entertainment including Kelly’s Heroes and the legendary Victor Brox. £5 on the door.

REDHOT NEWS(2) You wanna go to one of those Award Ceremony bashes? Swirly dresses an’ stuff? Well, yer Civic Pride’s been invited to the Royal Horticultural Society Awards Luncheon for the Britain in Bloom results on Fri 28th Oct at Southport Convention Centre (ex-Floral Hall). Tickets £27 (compared to the cost of tickets to The Oscars, it’s a snip!). Sorry we need to restrict it to folk who’ve actively supported CP in some way this year. We need cheques, payable to NorthWest in Bloom by 19th Sept, sent to our Gardening Guru* 350 Bury Rd Rossendale BB4 6EH. It starts 10.30am, coffee n stuff, finished by 4.30, with a rather nice lunch in the middle.

REDHOT NEWS – well, slightly warm at least…. (3) if you don’t get a Witter one week DO PLEASE let us know. As we’ve said before, due to tekky glitches beyond our control (genuinely!) names occasionally drop off our Contacts List and we’ve no realistic means of keeping a check on this. So do please let us know. Thanks!

That’s the lot for this week (thank The Lord …..)

Chris PS re * above – that’s|Helen innit, but you did get that, of course ….

The Actual Witter, post-August Bank Holiday version

Hi Gang

Ok, pigeons fed and flying …..

Yes I KNOW it’s a cliche but there really is sooo much to do this week. Start with a reminder to all you luverly Lone Rangers fighting your skirmishes in the litter war. After you’ve picked, would you please put a quick comment on the Lone Rangers QT site, which really helps us to stay on top of what’s happening? Just a line will do, takes a mere minute. Thanx!

WEDS 31ST AUG MEET 5.40 AT STORE OR 6PM OUTSIDE DO-DAH’S (Bank St). Tidying gardens and litterpick the area.

THURS 1ST SEPT MEET 9.40 AT STORE OR 10.00 AT HASSY RD GARDENS (adjacent to Schofield St, near St Mary’s Chambers) – really need a big final weeding session here, moving on to Metal Tree Bed if we finish HRG …. complete with Aunty Sheila’s flasks to keep us goin’! (sticky chokky stuff, Aunty She??)

THURS 1ST SEPT MEET 1.30PM ON EMBANKMENT OPPOSITE THE DARK SIDE (i.e. Asda!) – last year’s daffodils need digging up and moving a bit (just a bit!) further up the embankment – they all flopped over onto the tarmac this year, not looking good. This’ll be a project lasting a few weeks, methinks.

FRIDAY 2ND SEPT MEET 7.45 BUFFERS – big crowd there last week, as a consequence of Master Grimshaw sayin’ it was my round. Whose wallet’s gonna be catching fire this week?? (last Friday, The Roundmaster [that’s not me!] said it was Peg’s round….)

SUNDAY 4TH SEPT MEET 9.40 AT STORE OR 10.00 ON TOWN SQUARE – a lot of summer planting now looking weary, needs tlc. PLUS PLUS !! – we need to shift all the basket inners from Mike’s back garden and rescue any viable plants. Please bring a car if you can to help with that. PLUS PLUS x 2 – a load of LITTER at the confluence (oooh, posh talk, mother!) of Irwell & Limey Water which needs shifting. Unfortunately I’ll deffo need to be away before midday so help returning gear to the store will be appreciated. So – perleeeze can we have you as part of a huge team on Sunday?? 👪👭👬👫.

NEXT WEEK – the bypass is getting its late-summer mowing Tuesday & Weds, so we need litter teams in place early on both days to clear it. Any Lone Rangers available to do the majority of it before then? JFDI please!

MORE WITTERS (1) Our Soul Bros an’ Sis in CP Haslingden keep an accurate count of their pickings – they’re up to 926 bags of litter for 2016. Fantastically marvellous! Ben (our Litter Master) reckons all the affiliated CP groups are well past 2000 bags for this year, now thought to be heading on up to 3000. Just imagine that lot still lying around our town!! Yuk!

MORE WITTERS (2) Did you clock the news from Tyne & Wear? A CP-inspired bloke’s been doing his thing up there and has been threatened with legal action by the local council for removing stuff that doesn’t belong to him, creating a hazard, and a few other counts. Amazed??? Happily, RBC are considerably more enlightened 😘 (we won’t mention LCC…)

MORE WITTERS (3) Stacksteads Country Park Group have a big musical fund-raising event 24th Sept @ Rosemount Club. Acts include the legendary Victor Brox (he’ll only mean s’thing to folks over a Certain Age!). Details next week.

MORE WITTERS (4) Welcome all new members, including Susan and Suzanne (gotcha, girls!) who’re now part of the CP Sue Brigade. Not sure of someone’s name when you’re out with us? just shout “Sue” and at least 3 people will answer even if only 2 people are there ….Ladies, we luv y’all!


Chris  😈

A Proper Witter!

I’d thought of saying thank you to Roger for doing the Wittering last week. Then I read what he’d written. So I’m not. I guess you’ve read it so will understand my injured feelings at the shockin’ insinuations 😁. BUT we’ve gotta say THANK YOU to everyone who stepped in, particularly 2 of the Sue brigade who lead sessions, and to everyone who responded to the watering appeal, to rescue the planters from dessication in the burning R’stall sun ☀ (’tis rumoured a 🐫 was spotted on Bank St)

So this week ….

WEDS 24TH AUG MEET AT STORE 5.40 OR HASLINGDEN RD GARDENS 6PM (the new ones between Schofield Rd and St Mary’s Chambers). Bind weed has reappeared and needs uprooting and Helen tells me something needs trimming back – hoes, shears, kneeling pads, all useful stuff. Are there any litterpickers out there please?

THURS 25TH AUG MEET 9.40 AT STORE OR 10.00 AT OLD FOLD GARDEN More deading-heading, cutting back some overgrown stuff – oh, and weeding (makes a change!) AND scoffing Aunty Sheila’s sticky buns (the chokky ones, please, She!!)

THURS 25TH AUG MEET 1.30 AT EMBANKMENT OPPOSITE ASDA the dandelions are trying to make a comeback (zey vill not succeed!) and there’s a lot of stuff needing tying up and supporting. But WOW how everyone but everyone showers compliments on the wonderful transformation Civic Pride’s achieved on this formerly weed-strewn mess! Let’s keep it going!

FRIDAY 26TH AUG MEET BUFFER STOPS 7.45PM – as young (eh??) Roger inferred last week, a round or two of ale (or wotever) may be purchased to oil the tonsils. Could be a good night!

Coming to your area soon – – Sunday week is another of Civic Pride’s famous “first Sunday of the month” sessions. Get the loins girded ready for action!


Chris PS driving back up the bypass into R’stall after a week away, it’s amazingly noticeable how litter-free we keep our town. Never never ever give up on this, please, everyone. Thank you.

A Non-Blom Witter

‘Go placidly among the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence’.
Yes, it’s true. Blom’s away for a week, nay 8 days – it just gets better and better!
So what’s going on this week? According to Special Ops (Helen) who unfortunately will be working:
Firstly we need team leader(s) for Wednesday evening and Thursday morning plus the Re-Start group on Thursday at 1:30pm. PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU CAN HELP.
Wednesday evening 6pm will be in the OFG. Deadheading roses, weeding & pruning.
Thursday morning 10am in the Town Square, Kay St/Bank St borders. Weeding, litter picking, pruning. Plus watering planters and baskets (if we can get access to the water)
Thursday 1.30pm. Re-Start group. Meet outside the CP shop & walk down to the embankment to do weeding and tidying up. It’s only a one hour session.
Well done all of you Lone Rangers and Lone Stars who are doing such an amazing job of making the town look better than ever. Please don’t be shy. Tell us what you’re doing via QT! Yes, that includes anyone gardening on Saturday morning (you know who you are and so do I)!
Finally, Buffers. How many will be there this week we’ve no idea. Last Friday was great fun with 6 of us consuming copious amounts of amber liquid but guess who didn’t buy a round? Saving up his pennies for his forthcoming hols mayhap? Embarrassed by the moths escaping from his wallet? Whatever the reason, he’ll be buying two rounds on 26th so we need as many people there as possible to ensure it’s an expensive evening! Enjoy his holiday while you can, all good things must come to an end!

Wanderings Witterings (eh? – wot’s ‘e on about??)

Hiya CP Troops!

“Wanderings?” Easily explained! A lot of our regulars are away on holiday (gone wandering, ok??) during mid-August so please get out there if you’re around for a spot of litter-clearing or garden-tending. That’s a special request to you if you’ve not supported any events or been out on your own doing Lone Ranger/Lone Star stuff recently. Thanks!

WEDS 10TH AUG MEET 5.40 AT THE STORE OR 6PM AT THE LAYBY ON THE INBOUND-TO-RAWTENSTALL SIDE OF THE BYPASS. We’re balsam-bashing, litter-clearing and bamboo-planting. Bashing balsam (Himalayan Balsam, very invasive foreign plant) is clinically-proven to work off the frustrations of a trying day 😠Highly recommended!

THURS 11TH AUG MEET 9.40AM AT THE STORE OR 10AM ON THE TOWN SQUARE. Some dimwit had the temerity to criticise, via Twitter, the state of the Town Square. He was put right. Anyone taking a bet that said dimwit won’t stir from his sofa to get out and help??! Anyhow, it’s hoeing, mint-thinning, dead-heading and a general tidy-up, ably led by two of our Sue Brigade, so the job’ll be properly organised for sure. A lot of regulars are away so please get out to support them. Thanx!

THURS 11TH AUG 1.30 SESSION – please note this is cancelled, for today only.

FRIDAY 12TH AUG 7.45 BUFFER STOPS. Splendid Mr Grimshaw has promised to buy the drinks. Good lad!

Thank you to all the lovely people who turned up on Sunday. We made a big progress on the Hassy Rd gardens. If you fancy a bit of Lone Star stuff (see below!) there’s a lot of small bindweed shoots and other weeds poking through. We need to gettem now whilst they’re small! Also, there are lots of obvious weeds amidst the shrubs at the top end, outside the Latter Day Saints’ Church.

Thank you to the bunch of crazies with us for last Thursday morning’s session at the Do-Dah’s end of Bank St. It rained a lot, we got soaked, but like true Rawtenstall idiots, we kept going!! A bit of rain? Noooo problemo! And wow don’t those flower beds look good – we’ll try to get the “before” piks we took 3 years ago onto our website to show just how far we’ve come.

Thank you to whoever might respond to Mags’ request for a small transport job. She’s got a Weeping Willow, small, perfectly formed, but too big to get in her car. We’ll plant it somewhere good. Can u help?? Pl fone her 01706 229388 or 07533390665. Ta!

Thank you to all our Lone Rangers (go-out-on-their-own litter-pickers) and Lone Stars (ditto, gardeners) who marvellously support CP with their individual efforts. If you wanna contribute to our fantastic Lone Ranger gang please contact Ben for info (benjaminparkin@live.co.uk). Lone Star details another day.

And finally – Janina, our talented artist-in-residence, wants to create a litter collage for publicity purposes. Please email striking photos of common brands found as litter (MacD’s, Costa, Asda, KFC, Subway, Greggs – oh you know wot we’re after here!) to cebertowicz@tiscali.co.uk Thank ‘ee!

And finally x 2 If you’ve any doubt what folk think of CP read the “Facebook” comments on P.10 of the current Free Press (well, apart from one, whose comment is comically wrong!)

See you out there guys!

Chris PS For Stargazers, the Perseid meteor shower starts on Thurs evening – find a spot with no light pollution (they do exist) pray for a cloudless night sky and watch the “shooting stars”. Wow! PPS Next week’s Witterings will be composed by some other guy. So they’ll be brief, lucid and rational. For a change. 😁

It’s August Witter part The Second

Hi Guys

Sorry to clutter up the inbox twice in a week BUT – can anyone water planters, boxes and hanging baskets today please? Ring me on 07877211314 if yes, and I’ll arrange for the store to be opened.

If not, we’ll definitely definitely need a watering session as part of tomorrow’s Civic Pride first-Sunday-of-the Month session so please help! Meet at the store at 9.40 or at the Haslingden Rd Gardens (our newly-renovated gardens near St Mary’s Chambers) at 10.00. If you can help with watering it’ll be easiest to meet at the store where the super-lightweight-easy-to-move Ro-Ro watering trollies are kept.

C U tomorrow for another in the series of Big Civic Pride jobbies (weeding, hoeing [have you got one?], watering, litter-picking, installing signs ……)

Chris 😇 (oh yeah??) PS excellent session at Buffer Stops last night whilst I sat quietly in a corner – good morning Jean Pam Sue R-D, Ian, Kate ……