May Newsletter

Well, what glorious Spring weather we’ve enjoyed so far. We had an email last week from TESCO asking if we had any pictures of the Haslingden Road gardens that they kindly funded last year. Our official photographer, Jean Neville, duly went out to take some new ones and it’s amazing how quickly the area is maturing.

Maintenance is of course essential, weeds seem to grow even faster than our plants but in addition to our increasing number of individual Secret Gardeners, members of The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints have been out in force and expect to continue!

Virtually all the gardens now have somebody looking after them but even more SGs are needed. Please contact 07811 735926 if you’d like to be involved.
We can’t claim to have solved the litter problem but my goodness, there’s so much less! Well done all you Lone Rangers. Sue and Barry have been working hard with the local Scout groups (all ages and both sexes) to try and instil some social responsibility and prevent future littering. It truly is important work they’re doing, thank you both.

We’ve recently launched a trial, stencilling ‘Bag It, Bin It’ signs in bright yellow paint in key locations across Rawtenstall. Early signs are very encouraging so our thanks go out to Keith Ormerod who is our new Dog Pooh Czar! As he asked recently ‘Who is that man in the mask with the yellow fingers?’! Did you hear about the man in Stacksteads who was fined £75 for not cleaning it up! Result. Other Pride groups are currently looking at stencils so hopefully it’ll become valley wide.
Talking of other groups, congratulations to CP Haslingden, a constitution has been agreed, a committee formed and pansies planted in the barrier baskets in the town centre. Onwards and upwards!