Yo-ho-ho Season starts here – good evening CP Santas everywhere!

Congrats ….. to the Weir Pride crew for excellent Lights Switch-On last Sunday. You guys are goin’ great guns in that delightful village!
Marvellous …. support from our new young Lone Ranger volunteers, pickin’ up masses of litter every week AND putting the results of their efforts on QT (hint-hint to all you mother LR’s!)
Hint-hint Pt 2 …. We hear the occasional “I don’t know what’s going on …..” so please help us out by recording your doings plus general comments/queries on QT Litter and/or QT Gardeners. ‘Tis dead easy – link via the box below! It really helps to keep us all informed. Thanx!
Fly-tipping ….. ordinarily, our fly-tipping hotline to RBC works extremely well. It ain’t perfect though so if you see fly-tipping please keep reporting it to us ’til it’s dealt with ….. details as previous weeks : roger@civic-pride.org.uk
Litter Officer ….. our excellent young Litter Officer is relinquishing his duties after the AGM ; young family, work, (he actually has a job as well as all this CP stuff!), business ….. all a bit much when being harangued with daily CP stuff. Thank you Ben for some fine enterprises!
Mass Litterpick …. young Ben ain’t got away yet – he’s organising a mass litterpick over the Christmas/New Year period. Wotta way to start 2019!!
Another social or two…. they’re comin’ thick ‘n’ fast atm ; Buffers Friday; Sue & Pete’s Gluhwein ‘n’ Mince Pies this Sunday. Details below! Christmas Bash on 21st – how does a body cope with all this??

Your Civic Pride Week
Weds 5th Bacup Crew meet 10am at the lockup behind Bacup Market – or look for BP hi-viz around the town centre after that
Thurs 6th CPR Thursday Crew meet 10am at Hassy Rd Gardens . Last week, 2″ of rain wafted along by a howlin’ gale put an early end to proceedings. So we’re back there this week possibly replenished with McD’s victuals again. They were splendidly hospitable last week so …. umm, let’s see. Bring the mug just in case. ALL new volunteers get a lovely welcome from our amazingly friendly and seriously over-worked (they say …) gang – do please try us!
Fri 7th Hassy and Helmshore Civic Pride 10am at the market – look for their hi-viz, they’d love to see you!
Fri 7th 8pm onwards Buffers – undaunted by the ongoing downpours, a happy quartet assembled last week, enhanced this week by absence of Yours Truly.
Sun 9th CPR meet 10.30am (NB slightly later-than-usual start) at the CP store behind Rawtenstall Market. We’re clearing the site of our soon-to-be-erected greenhouse. Another new enterprise for yo’ CP crew!
Sun 9th 1.30pm onwards Sue ‘n’ Pete’s Gluhwein ‘n’ Home-made Mincers! Feel free to bring along your own gin/ale/other tipple. Address 26 Hurst Platt, Waingate Rd BB4 7RG. Easy directions – from R’stall Mkt go UP Newchurch Rd, Waingate’s the 5th on the left, goes off at an obtuse angle (“Obtuse? Who’s he callin’ obtuse??”) immediately after the Spiritualist Church.
Mon 10th 9.30am CPR’s TMG crew, Burnley Rd East Waterfoot
Mon 10th 10am H&HCP details as Fri 7th
Mon 10th all day & all week PANIC cos you’ve not even started the card-writing, pressy purchasing, cake-making ……

Not much goin’ on, then …. really really hope you’ll get out there! One large much-deserved hug to us all ….

Chris PS any questions? any of the above a bit confusing?? info@civic-pride.org.uk has all the answers…. well, some of ’em anyway

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