Gardening Tips

31st May 2016


Perennials are herbaceous hardy plants which die back in winter only to delight gardeners as they reappear the following spring. Herbaceous simply means that the plant has no woody stems above ground, and it may grow from either corms, tubers or rhizomes underground. They are usually planted in beds and...
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27th March 2016

The Gardeners Public Enemy Number 1!

Slugs and snails feed on a wide variety of plants, causing severe damage as they chew away on all parts: - roots, bulbs, tubers, buds, flowers and fruit. They are known collectively as garden molluscs. Known collectively as garden molluscs, they feed at night (or following rain showers). They're easily...
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15th March 2016

Pruning Rose Bushes in Springtime

Roses respond well to an early cut in March, it improves their flowering potential for the summer whilst giving a better shaped plant.   The removal of dead or diseased wood and crossed stems increases growth and vigour. (more…)
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